5 Best Haircut Styles for Boys in 2016

Having a baby boy, especially as a first born, is one of the things parents are so thankful for. Well, every parent is thankful whether the newborn is a boy or a gal but it just seems like it’s sweeter with a baby boy as first since boys are expected to act as manly and as brotherly as they could, so the mom then would feel safer having another man to keep and save her. But that’s not always the case.

However, since moms are moms, they tend to get so excited for little boys that they can’t help but dress them as young adults and almost the same with their dads. It’s a golden rule for moms to make their kids as smart and handsome looking as possible – from the clothes and shoes they wear to their crowning glories, their hair.

Yep. Not only men get to have stylish haircuts, parents especially mothers, sometimes would want “daddy haircut copies” for their little ones to make them look incredibly cute and charming. Of course, who wouldn’t want an adorable looking kid walking beside you hand in hand? Almost no one.

We can’t blame mothers, or fathers, as the case may be. Boys have the right to look stunning even at a young age. So for moms out there who are guilty of these tendencies, it’s just normal. That’s what you call love so don’t feel guilty much about it.

And in case you’re a mom who’s really looking into the best haircut for your young boy, here are a few haircut styles which are very hot this 2016 for your cute little jumbo.

5 Best Haircut Styles for Boys in 2016

  • Side swept haircut for boys

Remember when Justin Bieber used to be cute? This cut gives your boy an adorable and sweet look like that young Justin we all adore. It can easily be achieved by cutting through the natural division of the hair and brushing it through the sides. Simple as that!

  • Cute Mohawk

Even if your little boy does not have long locks, you may still achieve this trendy hairstyle by applying some hair product on top. It will always give your son that cutest, rebellish, naughty little guy look that we saw on TVs.

  • Cute Hipster Haircut for boys

This haircut is so in these days not only for adults but for your son, too, who wants to be in style. It is done by shaving the sides of the head leaving the top untouched. You may use child-friendly hair products to make it look soft and clean. Remember, though, to be cautious when you style your son’s hair this way and on your own. Safety first before style.

  • Fringe curly boy hair cut

This is perfect if your kid doesn’t want a long hair cut. This style gives texture and layering to your son’s hair. Trim some of the hair to achieve the layering then use your hands to shake the hair following the natural division to it and will fall nicely. Push all the hair in front then the bangs on the side and get ready to be swooned over by that angelic look.

  • Classy clean cut

This will always suit all boys of all ages. It will never go out of style and very easy to manage. Your son can easily style his own hair by applying little amount of hair product by letting the ends of the hair point anywhere. That’s a perfect example of kids being carefree.

With those 5 do’s for your little bums, we hope you’ll have an idea for that next barber appointment.

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