9 Eye-Catching Beard Ideas for the Modern Man

The beard is facial hair that shows character and attitude. It leaves an impression of toughness and wisdom. Once you decide to grow a beard, you have to maintain that level of dedication to keep your beard in style. Many beard ideas online can help you decide on what bearded look best suits you. Just be confident in the beard style you’re wearing and you can make ladies swoon when you walk by.

Modern beard ideas suggest many potential rough and rugged looks for men. Women usually find bearded men very sexual and stimulating. So, if you’re bent on growing and maintaining a beard, better take down notes and bookmark concepts as you read on.

How to Trim a Beard and Goatee

Whether you prefer to grow a full beard or a goatee, keep in mind the following pointers. These will help you improve and maintain your manly facial hair:

  1. Buy a reliable, high quality beard trimmer.
  2. Give your beard or goatee a good wash and dry it thoroughly.
  3. Assess your beard or goatee by using a clear mirror. Do this to make sure that you spot the areas that need trimming.
  4. Shave the areas carefully.
  5. Trim your mustache. Just comb your mustache downwards and trim carefully, so that the hair won’t cover your mouth. Also pay attention to the outer mustache edges. Trim it according to your personal preference and taste.
  6. With a razor trimmer, trim the facial hair on each side of your chin evenly.
  7. Look at the area you’re trimming, with the use of a mirror. Adjust the trimming when needed.
  8. Comb down the beard or goatee downwards and trim the hairs with uneven lengths. Take note of the style you want.
  9. Moisten your face and comb downward and check if you have missed any area.

Do You Want to Grow a Goatee without a Mustache?

Facial hair adds significantly to any wardrobe or hairstyle that you want. Men with goatees have always been known to exhibit sexual virility, knowledge, masculinity, and wisdom. Yet, other people think of men as primitive, unclean, and strange, whenever they see goatees. Growing a goatee without a mustache can make or break your looks.

Traditionally, a goatee is a patch of hair growth just below you lower lip until your entire chin area. Many mustache-less goatee styles are gaining popularity. Below are some of them and what they can say about you:

  1. Traditional Goatee (No Mustache)

In this goatee, your goatee’s edges are left vertical or rounded. This goatee style shows that you are a man with traditional style.

  1. Balbo Goatee (No Mustache)

This is done to form an inverted “T”, resembling a ship’s anchor. Balbo looks good on men with square or round-shaped faces, If you have this goatee, then you are sending a message that you’re an outdoor, rugged person.

  1. Chin Strap Goatee (No Mustache)

The chin strap goatee involves a thin line of hair from one of your sideburns to the other. The line of hair goes through the chin line. This goatee style reflects your dramatic side.

  1. Soul Patch Goatee (No Mustache)

This style is the smallest goatee ever created. It is also known as Mouche or the Imperial. The Soul Patch is often seen just below the lip, without a mustache. It makes you look artistic, creative, energetic, and youthful.

  1. Tailback Goatee (No Mustache)

Also known as the Hollywoodian, the tailback goatee is created from a full beard. You just shave the beard down, to produce a straight cut that stretches horizontally from each of the corners of your mouth. It signals people to give you the prestige and the respect you deserve.

Do You Want a Beard Neckline?

Some men like trimming their beard neckline too high, up to their jaw line. You should try your best to avoid this move because it shows people that your beard is already too small to fit your face.

Take note that you do not need to trim your beard into a beard neckline. It is much better to grow it naturally. Just don’t allow it to reach your chest hair (If you have any) or you will look like a transforming werewolf.

Top Beard Ideas to Consider

Below are some head-turning beard ideas that you just might want to try at some point:

1. The Age Gracefully Look – Pulled off  George Clooney

One of the best men who can always get away with a beard and a mustache is George Clooney. If being a worldwide super-famous actor, producer, writer and director wasn’t enough.

He still has time to rock some seriously stylish facial hair. Aging gracefully with it.

how to trim a beard and goatee like Clooney

How to Achieve the George Clooney Look

The good news is, achieving the George Clooney beard isn’t difficult. The bad news is, you aren’t going to instantly become as attractive as him. But nethertheless, this is how you can replicate this facial hair:

      • Depending on the speed that your facial hair grows, allow your whole beard to grow out around 1cm.
      • Shave your neck with a razor as close to the skin as you can.
      • Follow your own jaw-line, taking care of all the hair under your jaw.
      • Tidy up the edges across your cheeks to form a straight line.
      • Use a beard comb to keep all the hair looking sharp.
      • For ongoing maintenance use a beard trimmer to keep the hair at around 1cm.

You Can Achieve This Look with the Phillips Norelco 3500 Beard Trimmer

With a huge 20 built in length settings, there is a lot of versatility with this model.

You can deliver precise lines and angles, to achieving almost any beard is possible.

It has rounded tips for a skin friendly shave, you will not experience skin burn like you would with a cheaper model.

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2. The Ruggedly Handsome Look – Effortlessly Carried off by Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is the perfect model for this look. Known as an even furrier looking character as a werewolf in True Blood, I think he looks better with this 2-3 day shadow.

You can achieve this, too, if you trim every 2-5 days. Take note that you have to fade that hair on your neck to give a natural look.

Joe Manganiello fade beard neckline

How to Achieve the Joe Manganiello Look

Joe Mangeniello has that classic rugged model look, and it’s pretty easy to do as well. There isn’t a lot of maintenance involved, and it relies on having that day after look. Here is how you can pull off the same look:

  • Starting with a blank canvas, allow a few days growth.
  • Shave a goatee in, some faint chin straps are optional as sometimes this look carries those.
  • Keep the sideboards, as illustrated in the picture above.
  • Give your neck a clean and close shave.
  • Allow 2-3 day shadow on the rest of your face, and pull off that rugged look.

3. The Cool Look – With Henrik Lundqvist

A decorated ice hockey player, Henrik Lundquist clearly puts some thought into his beard.

This beard style gives anyone a rakish, confident look. Just don’t forget to trim slightly with a trusty beard trimmer, I can’t promise you it will improve your ice hockey skills. But it’ll give you a more stylish edge.

how to trim a beard and goatee like Lundqvist

How to Achieve the Henrik Lundqvist Look

The Henrik Lundqvist illustrated in the picture above is another low maintenance beard. Which is great for those of us in a hurry, or not into spending longer in front of the mirror than their other halves. Here is how you can achieve this look:

  • Starting with a clean shaven face, allow a few days growth.
  • Use a razor to keep the edges clean, shave the collar line, the cheek lines and any other stray hairs.
  • Now just simply use a good beard trimmer to maintain the length of the hair.
  • No more shaving rash, nicks and cuts, and you’re good all year round.

4. The Sporty Look – Play it Like LeBron

This new bearded look for LeBron James has a clean neck line and even consistency. It really highlights his jaw line, making it more chiseled.

Granted, no one can match LeBron on the court for skills and finesse. But with a bream grooming kit, a sharp jaw line, and some hair growth like his. You can pull this off and be the envy of your friends.

LeBron James clean beard neckline

How to Achieve the LeBron James Look

LeBron James has one of the most famous beards to don a man’s face. With men all over the world envious of his trim, here is how you can achieve the same look. This has to come with the disclaimer that not everyone can pull it off however. You need a good thick, coarse facial hair.

  • Start with a clean shaven face and allow a few days growth.
  • Get yourself some good quality edging beard trimmers.
  • Craft your desired shape out just like LeBron.
  • Take your time, it’s not easy to do and mistakes can set you back days.
  • Keep the clean shaven areas close to the face, and trim the beard daily.

5. The Full Beard Look

This is a classic look for men. It gives you credibility, masculinity, power, and age. When you see a man with a full beard, it’s really hard not to trust him.

Full-bearded men are very attractive to women ages 30 and above. Don’t be fooled by the unkempt look on most men, it takes a little TLC to keep it in top shape.

grow a full beard like brian wilson

How to Achieve the Full Beard Look

The full beard look is one of the most popular looks right now. It’s not as simple as just leaving your face along for a few months mind, you’ll need to keep that bushy beard groomed. Here is how you can grow a beard to make others stop and stare:

  • Allow you beard to grow how nature takes its course for a few weeks.
  • Once you have some beard to work with, you can start to keep it looking full and shiny.
  • Use beard oils to keep it nourished and full-looking.
  • Trim the stray edges as per your own taste. The cheek lines, and neck line should be trimmed.
  • Comb it to keep it in order, and keep an eye for any crumbs getting caught up in it!

6. The Confident Look – Represented by Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s beard and mustache shape his face well, even if the hair on his head is not that cooperative and hot looking all the time.

He oozes confidence. The way he carries himself, the way he talks, and the way he performs on screen. So this beard is appropriate for him, and may also be so for you.

Russell Brand how to trim a beard and goatee like him

How to Achieve the Confident Look

Admittedly, to pull off a confident beard, it needs a confident platform. So if you’re the confident type, this is going to be the perfect marriage. It’s not difficult to do, but lends itself to those with the softer facial hair:

  • Allow your facial hair to grow out for a week or so.
  • Add some defined shape by shaving the neck, and trimming the cheek lines.
  • Put some work into the chin strap if you have a fuller look than Russell Brand.
  • Use a trimmer every few days, don’t over the do the maintenance as it works better slightly rough around the edges.

7. The Mustache-Goatee Look – With Kanye West

Dark-skinned men always look good in this look. It is their facial hairstyle of choice. This beard idea lets women know that they are controlled, conscientious, masculine, and strong.

While Kanye Wests’ music and attitude isn’t to everyone’s taste, you have to give him some style points for rocking the mustache-goatee look perfectly.

kanye west goatee with mustache

How to Achieve the Mustache-Goatee Look

It always seems like nothing is good enough for Kanye West. Apparently either the tash’, or the chin beard wasn’t either. Hence why he pulls off both at the same time, and its set quite the trend. Here is how you can follow said trend:

  • Get your best razor or electric shaver to hand, you’ll need a close shave for this one.
  • Shave the face, leaving the mustache and chin beard as seen in the picture.
  • This look is at its sharpest the day you close shave, so do this as often as you comfortably can.
  • Keep the chin beard and mustache trimmed to the desired length with beard trimmers.

8. The Playboy Look – Sung by Adam Levine

This scruffy look is sexy to most women. Females will give you second looks with this facial hairstyle. Just look at Adam Levine. Any guy has to keep a close eye on his girlfriend if you sport this look.

Make sure you shave the hair right under your Adam’s apple. You don’t need to be able to sing as well as Adam to get the chicks, just pull of the beard as well.

adam levine beard idea

How to Achieve the Playboy Look

The good news for us guys is that women like this look. Ok, maybe more so attached to Adam Levine, but we can all try it too. It’s easy to do, based on the fact that it’s mostly just unshaven, scruffy and lacking grooming. Here is how you can do this:

  • Let your facial hair grow untamed.
  • Don’t overdo the scruffy, trim up any stray hairs.
  • Trim every few days and enjoy the lack of maintenance.

9. The Clean Shaven Stubbled Look – By Jake Gyllenhall

This look is not intimidating to women. It looks good in both older and younger men. It gives you a neat and rough look at the same time.

Jake Gyllenhall can do no wrong when it comes to his career it seems. So backing the same beard as him can’t be a bad option. This is an easy, quick facial hair look. Definitely worth a trail, see how it goes.

jake gyllenhaal shaven stubbled look

How to Achieve the Clean Shaven Stubbled Look

This is a look for the beginners and facial hair conscious alike. It’s kind of an introduction to having some stubble, and seeing how it’s received by those around you. It’s quick, easy, and looks great – here’s how you can achieve it:

  • Get a clean and close shave all over.
  • Leave your face a couple of days and rock the stubble look. Simple as that.
  • Trim down the neck every day to keep the stubble to the face.
  • Repeat every couple of days.

These beard ideas have been tested and tried to get the attention of women. If you want to transform yourself with a mustache and a beard, go for it! Facial hair is sexy when you know what you’re doing.

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