Attention Men. Manly men, ideally men who don’t wear tights.  This blog has a mission of epic proportion. I want your face, to match the “man fur” that grows from deep inside you.  After perusing  a few of our articles your beard will start to shimmer and your lady friends will want to tug at it like their life depends on it.

men in tights beard

 Why your beard needs me and dreams of me at night…

Some might call it a misfortune, but I would call it an unforeseen gift. I started growing facial hair from the tender age of 12.

Sure, some of the kids made fun of me on the playground, but even at the time I knew they would one day envy me. For I had the ability and skills to grow a beard unlike any early teenager you have ever laid eyes on.

In short, this means I have a lot more experience then the average 29 year old when it comes to grooming your face. To date, I’ve done it all Long beards, short beards, hipster beards, just about every type of mustache you can think of (well, I’ve never had a Hitler mustache , that’s just not cool!), and I still journey forward in my quest of perfect beard-dom.

How to get the right beard skills young beard-awan and not go broke

I’ve had quite a bit of experience growing my facial hair, after all I have been doing it since the age of 12.  In this blog I’ll discuss the “how tos” and the tools you need to get your face lookin’ beard-iful.

Fear Not – Our Skills are not only limited to Beards

Aside from keep our faces lookin’ hairy and hot, we like to keep up on the latest fashion trends. Ideally, modern or cool products that match our beards 😉

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Beard on my friends. Beard On.

beard on


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