Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Review

Many people are enchanted by the flavor and tender texture of smoked meat. This prompts them to buy smokers to have the chance to enjoy and prepare their own recipes at the convenience of their own home. People who rave about the smokers made by Masterbuilt range from newbie BBQ enthusiasts who have just gotten started with smoking food to adept and experienced smokers who are moving from gas or charcoal to electric smokers for convenience.


The 40 inch Masterbuilt Electric Smoker appears to be a small personal refrigerator or wine cooler because of its height but it is packed with features that will surely help you in preparing smoked food the perfect way. You can be sure that all these features work together to provide a simple smoking experience that produces a great tasting food.

If you are looking to purchase an electric smoker, the feature that you should take seriously is its capability to maintain its temperature internally. This allows the unit to retain the temperature set by the user as he leaves the meat to cook inside and just wait for it to get cooked – its that easy. What makes a great electric smoker able to retain internal temperature well is good insulation and seamless temperature control to avoid drying or undercooking the meat. This feature is inherent in the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 inch which has great insulation ensuring that very minimal heat is leaked from the window or the door. This feature does not only secure the heat inside of the unit, but it also keeps the cold temperature out which renders it useful during winter.


One catchy thing about this smoker is the glass door at its front. It makes it easy to view the meat being cooked without the need to open the door. Most beginners in smoking make the rookie mistake of opening the door too soon letting the heat and smoke that built up inside.

It can accommodate up to 35 lbs of food that is enough to provide a party consisting of 20 to 30 people. The 4 trays are easy to remove and to adjust to accommodate different size and shapes of food to be cooked. For those who just love accessibility, they’ll be glad to know that the unit comes with a remote control. The remote lets you know through the meat probe thermometer the temperature inside the unit and control the heat settings. It can provide commands to the smoker from as far as 100 feet. Apart from this, the unit has digital controls located on top of the unit. Here you will find the complete temperature setting and control presented through a big and bright display. There same controls can also be found in the remote. Temperature setting seem to sound very technical and complicated the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 inch is actually easy to learn and manage even without the use of the manual.

The main advantage that a smoker brings is the idea that you can just set and leave it to cook. Though you need to replace the wood chips every 2 to 2 and half hours, it is still far easier compared to charcoal and gas smokers. You can just insert wood chips through its loader mechanism at the lower right side of the unit. This saves time and energy compared to  ones which need to be opened and loaded through the front door.

Once you’re finished for the day, remove the drip pan from the smoker and push it away with its rear wheels by tilting it slightly backwards and moving it towards storage.

Though some may have doubts due to its short warranty period, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker is still a worthwhile investment however you look at it. The features it provides at its price is unmatched by competitors and it suits the beginners nicely as they achieve the results they have dreamed of from an electric smoker. Its elegant stainless steel outer cabinet is built to impress and will surely make an impact on your kitchen or lawn party.  In general, the Masterbuilt Electric Smoker 40 inch is a worthy electric smoker for all levels of cooking experience and the ease that it provides combined with its features would guarantee a tasteful food every time.

Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 Reviews

Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 Reviews

The Bowflex Treadclimber TC5000 resulted from combining the traditional treadmill with an elliptical. This product may seem look like a treadmill except for the footboard that is divided into two, with each moving opposite directions like up on one and down on the other. This action is similar to the hydraulic motion just like the elliptical.

The speed range of this treadclimber is a good 0.7 – 4 mph and with 12 resistance levels, it is the ideal fitness exercise equipment for many. The Bowflex TC5000 has a total of 8 electronic functions that includes counting total steps, total calorie count, and calorie count per minute; speed, time, distance, and a climb indicator. It also features a built-in wireless heart rate monitor to provide feedback on how you are performing during a specific workout program. This motivates you to do well on the next level.

This treadclimber measures 46” x 30” x 55.25” and weighs 185 lbs. and comes with several warranties. It covers 5 year for the motor, 3 years for electronics and other parts, and 2 year for hydraulics. Now, that makes some sense why you should buy this even though it tends to fall on the expensive side. However, you can avail of lower priced refurbished equipment which is what others are doing to obtain good value for less.

What’s positive

This treadclimber provides you with fast results like that of high impact cardio workouts using actual low-impact workouts anytime of the day which is best for those who have a medical condition.

It has a safe design that allows for convenience while working on your muscles and with its electronic functionalities and LED display that allows you to see even in dim light, you can never go wrong. It is built with wide footboards for safe and comfortable strides.

This efficient equipment is a bit smaller compared to the traditional treadmills or elliptical machines so if you worry about space where you can place it, stop thinking about it. Other functionalities that draw positive remarks from users are:

  • Quick start feature which remembers your last resistance settings and weight
  • Console provides easy access to magazines or water bottles
  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Climb indicator displays at every 100 feet of descent
  • Strong and durable commercial-grade motor can last for years

What’s not good

What users don’t like in this equipment is assembly time. It takes some time before you can assemble this machine so some people who bought this type of equipment gets frustrated at first. You need to ask help from a friend in order to get things right and fast.

It is quite heavy and hard to move around if you are one who always redesigns the way your living room or bedroom most of the time. This requires you to have strength in doing so. The noise is another thing. Just like treadmills, users hear some noise coming from parts that move while the treadclimber is at work. Nonetheless, a silicon spray can solve the problem these moving parts create.

Lastly, you have to move mountains in order to make a purchase. It is really expensive compared to buying an elliptical or a treadmill that’s why some people are in doubt as to which they want to buy.


While drawbacks to this equipment are just minor, other issues would present themselves as a result of constant use. Nevertheless, the functions it has and the positive results it provides make it one of the most likable machines around. If you are really bent on purchasing one, never think about the price; just think about the health benefits.


Benefits of Cardiovascular Exercise

Cardiovascular exercise is a type of physical activity that requires continuous movements to elevate your heart rate and sustain it for a certain period of time. There are many reasons why you should do cardio workouts regularly, aside from weight loss. Regular cardio exercise results in improved blood circulation, better heart health, regulated blood sugar levels, increased energy levels, more muscle mass, happier mood, and more. It basically helps improve your quality of life.

Main Points to Consider

If you are planning to follow a workout program, you will want to set up your cardio exercises. There are some points that you should keep in mind. The first one is to ensure that you love what you will be doing. You can even choose a cardio workout that you can do with friends. Another important point is to focus on making exercise a habit, placing full commitment on improving your overall fitness.

Getting Started

You can begin your exercise program by following these simple steps:

1. Choose a cardio activity: Find an activity that you will really like or find comfortably hard to do. As mentioned earlier, a cardio workout involves continuous movements that elevate your heart rate. Activities that can help you achieve this include brisk walking, jogging, running, rowing, and biking. You can also engage in sports, such as tennis, basketball, and swimming. If you hate cardio, you can increase your moving time, like cleaning the house, strolling the mall, and more.

2. Determine how often you want to workout: It is ideal to do moderate cardio activity for 30 to 60 minutes most days of the week. However, some people would say that they are too busy to exercise often. You can start slowly by working out once or twice a week for at least 30 minutes, and then increase the frequency as you get to figure out your schedule. If you only have 10 minutes a day for exercise, then make the most out of it.

3. Schedule your exercise: Mark your workout days on the calendar as you would in any appointment. You need to treat it like it is an important activity that you cannot miss, like a meeting with your boss or a visit to your doctor’s clinic.

4. Prepare in advance: Whether you are busy or not, it is advisable to prepare the things you need for your workout in advance. You will probably need comfortable workout clothes, shoes, snacks, water, music player, heart rate monitor, and others. Skipping this step will increase the likelihood of cancelling your workout for the day.

5. Monitor your performance: If you are not competing in any sport, then you will only need to workout at moderate intensity. You can easily determine this by staying below your target heart rate, but not too low. It may feel like you are working hard at first, but you will eventually get used to it. It is recommended to wear a heart rate monitor to see if you are doing well before, during, and after each session.

6. Workout within your fitness level: If doing 30 minutes of continuous cardio workout is not physically possible yet, then you can do five or 10 minutes. You can slowly add more time on your session as you improve. This is true especially for people who have been sedentary their whole life.

7. Evaluate yourself each week: Take note of any improvements and difficulties that you encounter, so you can deal with them right away. You can consult a professional trainer or a doctor to help you address some issues.


These are the steps that you need to follow to get started with your cardio exercises. It is important to listen to your body before, during, and after your workouts. If you feel any unusual discomfort, then stop right away.

Best Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

Best Spotting Scope for Target Shooting

If you are at a shooting range and aiming not just on your target but to show off with your fellow shooters, then, what you need is an excellent spotting scope. The scope must be able to function efficiently at long distance ranges and should be clear enough to see the holes on the paper. If you can find this scope, then, your dual goals are met.

There are some spotting scopes below we think can meet your requirements so take a closer look as you might find just what you need. Remember, there are qualities like navigation, clarity, ease and price that you have to think about before picking something for your shooting weekend.

Leupold SX-1 Ventana 111360

For quick navigation, we suggest this spotting scope for you. It is one of the best in the market with a well-sized 80mm objective lens and a wide 20-60x magnification capability. It features Leupold’s Multicoat 4 treated optics constructed ruggedly for water, fog and shock resistance. This scope is 4.6 lbs light and measures 18.6” long.

The scope has twistable eye cups which you can either twist down or up for better viewing most especially for people who wear eyeglasses. The lens is retractable and comes handy when shooting under the glaring sun. Its exclusive nitrogen fill process adds to the scope’s quality performance as well as durability.

The scope’s focus knob adjusts smoothly but since it is bigger in size, you would need a sturdy tripod to keep it stable to maintain a perfect shot even in windy conditions.

Alpen Rainier 851ED-P Spotting Scope with Straight Eyepiece

This Alpen Rainier spotting scope is fog-proofed waterproofed for convenience and easy visibility. It features BAK4 high index SHR metallic prisms, ED, HD, and the UBX Fully multi-coated optics. This 20-60×86 zoom eyepiece won the Editor’s Choice Award during the Outdoor Life Magazine’s Gear Test and highly applauded by many long range shooters. With a wide 80mm lens, it powers very shooter down the range. Its high definition glass provides users with crisply detailed target and outstanding visual clarity.

The objective lens it uses is not that huge but it allows ample amount of light that makes you see even in dimmer conditions. Since this is a full-sized spotting scope, you need to use a strong and stable tripod for support. With excellent ED and HD glass, it is one of the best buys but somehow, it is expensive.

Redfield Rampage 67600 Target Shooting Spotting Scope Kit

With a 60mm objective lens and magnification of a maximum 20-60x, the Redfield Rampage is tops. It has a ruggedly engineered construction but very light at 5 lbs. This full-sized spotting scope for target shooting measures a good 16 inches and features fully multi-coated optics which allows for brightness protection and very crisp images. Like other good types of scopes, it is water and fog proof and comes with a table-top tripod, a case strap, and a lens cover.

Eye cups are twistable depending on users’ preference but some complained that the eye relief is short enough to accommodate use of safety glasses or goggles. Many shooters observed that the tripod held up in a stable manner. However, some say that upon maximum magnification, there’s a slight change of image seen.

BARSKA Blackhawk AD11114 Spotting Scope Kit

This 18-36×50 spotting scope is fitted with a green lens and comes with a tripod and a case which is very convenient when used at shooting ranges out of town. It is fully fogproof and waterproof to maintain target even during difficult climate conditions. This full-size scope has multi-coated optics that provides you with excellent light transmission. It has a rubber coated housing that protects it from shock and other untoward exposure from accidental dropping. Measuring 17.5” in length and weighing a lightweight 3 lbs, this is a perfect item for those who frequent the range.

Its lighter weight enables you to use other compact tripods aside from its accompanying tripod. This scope can focus well on 23 feet and gets a perfect view of 137 feet; a versatile feature that makes it among the best in its category. The only negative comment about it lies on the fact that the front lens cover does not fit properly, which is a very minimal issue for target shooters.

Konus 7122 20x-60x100mm Spotting Scope with Case

The Konus has the right illumination, clarity, sharpness and most of all—exit pupil and eye relief shooters are all looking for. It has a 20-60×100 zoom magnification capacity and comes with a camera adaptor and a carrying case perfect for weekends at a shooting range resort. You can have a perfect field view at 1000 meters with this 18.8” spotting scope which is highly preferred by many shooters.

Loss of illumination during maximum magnification is imminent with some scopes but with the Konus, it comes barely noticeable. There is no need to position your eye farther from the exit pupil if you are wearing glasses because you can still have a clear view of your target. Some users claim that they have experienced slight rainbow-ish discoloration at 60x magnification but this can be due to winter or autumn sunlight or late afternoon sun but this is not really a problem. Take note: This does not come with a tripod if you’re looking to have one.


From these spotting scopes, pretty sure, you have found one that fits your requirement and so, we bid you good luck on your next shooting at the range.

Top 10 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards Reviewed

Top 10 Best Stand Up Paddle Boards Reviewed

The best stand up paddle board will let you move out onto the water and enjoy amazing sights, as well as get a good workout. This fun activity is basically part surfing and part kayaking. If you have been bitten by the stand-up paddling bug, then you should purchase the best paddle board. It is important to first know some of the basic information that you need to note, before going through the list of the top stand up paddle boards today.

Important Things to Note

You need to invest in a good stand up paddle board if you have decided to fully commit yourself to this type of fun. The main specs that you will want to focus on are the length, width, construction, and weight. You will notice that all of these features affect one another. If your board is longer and wide, then it can handle more weight. Whether inflatable or solid in construction, this factor will also affect the amount of weight it could accommodate.

These paddle boards are also made of a broad range of materials, with the most basic being solid and inflatable. You have to blow up an inflatable board before getting started, while the solid stand up board can be made of various materials. Solid boards usually have a foam interior wrapped in fibreglass. Other boards are incorporated with bamboo or any other rigid materials for added durability. However, the main advantages of having an inflatable board include easy transport and storage, as well as its generally cheaper cost.

Types of Stand Up Paddle Boards

There are many types of stand up paddle boards. It is necessary to first identify which type of stand up paddle board you are going to use. There are basically four types of paddle boards: touring or racing, flat, yoga, and surf.

Flat Water Paddle Boards

Flat water paddle boards are perfect for beginners. These boards offer ample stability, so you can spend more time on the board and less in the water. This is the ideal board if you are new to the sport.

Racing or Touring Paddle Boards

Racing or touring paddle boards are slimmer and longer. The main difference between this type of paddle board and a flat water board is the price. This is because racing or touring boards are made of lighter materials, and have some customizations like a displaced hull. These customizable features will allow you to slice through the water easily. The goal for its design is to reduce drag and increase speed, but without sacrificing volume.

Surf Paddle Boards

This type of stand up paddle board allows you to use it for both surfing and paddling. Its design helps you cut through different wave conditions smoothly. If you are a fan of surfing, then this type could be your best bet.

Yoga Paddle Boards

Yoga paddle boards are similar to flat water boards. These boards are normally wide in structure, like a yoga mat. They also feature a full-length traction pad for a great yoga session outdoors.

Best Standup Paddleboards 2016

By now, you should have thought about the type of board you will look for. Here are some of the best stand up paddle boards that you should consider:

Solstice Bali Stand-Up Paddle Board

This all-around or flat water inflatable paddle board is perfect for beginners who are not yet willing to shell out so much money. With a length of 10’8, this paddle board stretches out into a solid structure once blown up to 15 PSI. It is important to note, however, that this board is not ideal in choppy water conditions or for surfing. This model is great for cruising around a body of water. The package comes with a pump, so you can get started with the pumping right away.

Tower Adventurer 9’10”

If you are looking for an all-around paddle board that is highly durable and can handle more weight, then this could be your best option. This inflatable paddle board is made of military-grade PVC, meaning the entire structure is durable enough to withstand long term usage. Its manufacturer claims that it can carry up to 350 pounds. Best of all, it comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, making it a bang for your buck.

Keeper Sports Stand Up Paddle Board Set

This all-around solid stand up paddle board set boasts of high-quality construction. It is made of high-density EPS with three wooden stringers for reinforcement. Such setup guarantees the durability of this paddle board.

What’s amazing about  this model is that it is one of the cheaper products on this list, yet it has one of the most durable constructions. If you want a total package for your stand up paddle board, then this one is a must-have. It is a nice paddle board overall at a reasonable price.

Naish Nalu 10’10 GS

This all-around solid stand up paddling board is perfect for beginners who are already willing to invest in a nice paddle board. With a length of 10 feet, 10 inches, this Naish paddle board is one of the more expensive choices on the list. It does, however, make a pretty nice board for beginners.

Its structure is more stable, which makes staying on top easier. This board is also made of fiberglass, EPS foam, and wood for increased stability. Overall, this model is perfect for tandem paddling, a fun activity that you should try.


This Naish solid surfing board is a popular choice among avid surfers. It has the ability to cut through various water conditions, making this a worthy investment. With a length of 9 feet 10 inches, this paddle board is not ideal for people who have never tried surfing. If you are a newbie surfer who wants a surfing paddle board, but is fine with this model’s narrow structure, then this could be your best option. It is, however, one of the more expensive models on the list, coming with a price tag of more than $1,000.

Naish Mana Air

If you find cruising around the bay fun, but want to move up to the next level, then this all-around inflatable yoga paddle board could be your pick. This will allow you to do yoga comfortably, thanks to the extra cushion. With a length of 10 to 11 feet, this paddle board moves smoothly on the water. Smaller riders can go for the 10 feet version, while those who are taller can go for the 11 feet 6 inches version.

Tower Xplorer 14”

This inflatable racing stand up paddle board is one of the fastest inflatable boards on the list. However, it does not compare to the lightweight solid boards used by the pros. This impressive inflatable SUP works well, as long as you use a high-end pump.

BIC Ace-TEC Wing

This solid racing stand up paddle board is sort of a hybrid. Its length is not sufficient to be considered as a true racing board, but it also no longer fits the all-around category. This paddle board is perfect for fitness paddling. If you are into amateur races, then this is good enough. You cannot, however, use it in the pro circuit.

Chelan Air

This 12 feet 6 inches inflatable Chelan Air paddle board that can exceed your standards in a paddle board’s tracking and stiffness. This racing board has the right piercing attributes, with a stiff underfoot. The set includes a high pressure Bravo hand pump, easy-loading coffin-style bag, and a three-piece fibreglass paddle. When inflated to 17 PSI, the Chelan Air will not give you that cheap mattress feel that other inflatables give.

Surftech Saber

The Saber is one of the most well-rounded stand up paddle boards today. Though a little heavy at 35 pounds, this fast paddle board excels in so many ways, from the flat to choppy waters. It is no speedster, but it moves smoothly with ample glide and deck space. This model is also very stable, thanks to its width of 31 inches and thickness of 4.8 inches. As for its construction, the Saber appears like a sandwich, coming with a foam core and many layers of epoxy, fibreglass, and wood for added durability. You will definitely have so much fun with this one, especially with its nineties look.

Bottom Line

The best stand-up paddle board is designed to last for a long time. The latest models are made of many different types of materials, but the most common is the EPS foam core. Carbon fiber, figreglass, and plastic are also now available on the market. So which type of board should you choose? The beginners will usually want an all-around board at first because of its affordability and durability. These boards, however, can be a bit heavy.

If you want to improve your performance, then the touring or racing boards could be your best bet. Some people look for convenience and durability in one. Inflatables can meet such requirements as they are surprisingly durable and versatile. They are also easy to transport at store. Whatever your preferences may be, it is important to take time in reading this article, compare each model, before finally making a purchasing decision.

Things to Consider Before Buying Athletic Shoes

Things to Consider Before Buying Athletic Shoes

Working out doesn’t necessarily mean transforming into a bodybuilder or enrolling in circuit training classes. Often, this term involves simple bodyweight exercises or, what Smart Beard describes as, “Freeletics – bodyweight at its best.”

Walking and running are amongst the most natural forms of exercise. Nowadays, sports companies have invested millions in developing ideal technologies that not only provide stability and traction, but also comfort. From Reebok’s old-school pumps to Nike’s contemporary Presto design, running shoes have come a long way when it comes to its style and intent.

Fashion website, Lyst points out how easy it is for anyone to fall in love with brightly colored kicks without truly understanding the purpose and use of them. One of their blog posts entitled, “You Can Wear These Sneakers to the Gym (And Still Look Great)” shows simple running shoes that have better functionality and more up-to-date design. In short, a lot of today’s athletic footwear are even stylish enough to complete a casual outfit.

An Introduction to Choosing and Wearing the Right Shoes

With these brand new innovations in design and use, there are still questions lingering the minds of men who are looking to buy a pair of running shoes. For starters, WebMD suggests you shouldn’t make shoes multitask. This means: separate casual footwear from basic athletic ones, as the former tend to have stiffer soles, while the latter lean toward a more flexible, well-cushioned style. In addition, it’ll save these types of footwear from the wear and tear of everyday use.

Different Running Shoe Categories

It’s also vital to know to differentiate running shoe categories. There are road running shoes, which are specifically intended for the occasional ventures on irregular surface areas and/or pavements. For more outdoor pursuits such as off-road trails with mud, rocks, and other obstacles, choose trail running shoes reinforced with added stability, solid traction, and underfoot protection should be worn. Lastly, a typical pair of cross-training shoes are designed for regular gym workouts, CrossFit WODs, and anything in between.

Running Mechanics and its Respective Shoe Features

Gentlemen should also check the soles and determine the wear pattern to understand their specific running mechanics. Pronation is the most common of all, as it shows a more centered style of running that starts on a small portion of the heel and flows naturally onto the ball of the foot. Overpronation, on the other hand, features wear patterns on the inside edges of the feet, thus requiring proper stability and motion control footwear. Furthermore, supination is the opposite of overpronation, as it focuses on the outer edge of the shoe, requiring men to wear to invest in a pair with added flexibility and cushioning.

Fit Tips

The most basic advice when choosing a pair is to know whether or not the brand requires half-size – sometimes even full-size – larger or smaller. It’s also advisable to try on shoes during the latter part of the day, as the feet typically swell a little by then. Additionally, men should look for a thumbnail’s length of extra space in the toe box to properly embrace the feet and allow it to move without rubbing too much. Last, but not the least, take into account aftermarket footbeds or insoles and add half- or full-size larger when needed.


7 Best Fishing Waders For 2016

7 Best Fishing Waders For 2016

Waders have been very helpful to fishermen. In the past, they had no choice but to step into the body of water to fish and get wet. Thanks to technological advances, waders have become an alternative to wearing a pair of pants and boots. The first generation of waders, however, are poorly-fitted, heavy, and not water resistant. Modern waders now come in various styles, materials, and sizes to make fishing more convenient.

If this is your first time to look for the best fishing waders, then here are some models that you can check. These product reviews will help you decide which wader fits your fishing needs.

Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders

The Orvis Silver Sonic Guide Waders has all the necessary features that you will need in any waders. It has spacious hand-warming pockets and a waterproof storage pocket. The company claims that its Sonic Guide waders are built to last longer than most waders. In addition, this model is abrasion- and puncture resistant. Most customers find the fit exceptional. With so many features to offer, the Silver Sonic Guide can definitely compete with the other popular brands.

Patagonia Men’s Rio Gallego’s Zip-Front Waders

The Patagonia Rio Gallegos waders delivers the perfect fit. It is form-fitting, but not tight. The booties are automatically-shaped, as well, for added comfort. The internal straps allow you to quickly drop the waders down when Mother Nature calls. Such design also provides an easy way to convert this waders into a pair of pants, which is good for long walks or during warm days. The Rio Gallegos has more extra features to offer for added versatility, making it stand out among other models.

Simms Headwaters Stockingfoot Waders

The Simms Headwater Waders helps you shift easily from a full waders to a pair of wading pants, thanks to its roll-down feature. It has a more snug fit, but still remains breathable to wear. The Headwater also has other features to offer, other than the convertible design. You will find a draw cinch on the top portion, and a pocket on the side that can fit a small mobile phone or your fishing license. With a reasonable price tag, as well as effective and versatile features, it is no wonder why this model made it into this list.

Redington Sonicdry Fly Waders

Redington Sonicdry Fly Waders features a waterproof laminate that is breathable and comfortable. Its manufacturer claims that this technology can get and release the moisture. This means the fabric dries up to five times faster than any other waders. You no longer have to worry about staying wet and cold.

The two inner mesh pockets have enough space to accommodate your personal items or several fly boxes. There are also fleece-lined slits on the sides to hide and warm your hands. They are also deep enough to hold some of your small items. The external mesh pocket on the chest and the zipper pocket add to its versatility.

Redington Crosswater Waders

The Crosswater Waders are made of durable water-repellent polyester fabric. It has a flip-out pocket, high-density neoprene boots, belt loops, and a built-in gravel guards. Unlike the other models on the list, this one does not have hand warmers or storage options. The Crosswater performs impressively in the water as the material keeps you protected from getting wet and cold.

Hodgman Mackenzie Nylon/PVC Chest Wader with Cleated Soles

The Hodgeman Mackenzie wader is simple and lightweight, perfect for various outdoor and fishing needs. Made of PVC and nylon, this model features cleated soles and a water-repellent fabric. You can stay out there for several hours without worrying about getting wet. Its two-ply PVC and nylon cover is seam-sealed and taped, and lighter than the traditional rubber waders.

The H-strap suspenders, on the other hand, can be adjusted, with side-release buckles for a quick on and off. The cleated soles are 25 percent more durable than rubber booties. They also flex to help prevent chaffing, and offer a sure grip if you are walking through slippery or muddy grounds.

Waterfowl Wading Systems Max-4 Neoprene Stockingfoot Wader

The Waterfowl Wading Systems Max-4 Neoprene Stockingfoot Waders are great for hunting and fishing. They feature a combined neoprene and nylon fabric, totaling 3.5 millimeters in thickness. This combined material is durable enough to prevent tears and rips, but is sleek enough to keep you comfortable, even during the warmer days. The waders also have adjustable H-strap suspenders with a gravel guard and easy-link buckles. On the front, you will enjoy a large pocket that has a hand-warmer, where you can place your small fishing gears or other personal items.

Summing Up

Technology has made it easier for fishermen to go out into the water comfortably. They no longer have to wear non-breathable waders. Take time in reading these product reviews, so you can determine which one of them is best suited for your fishing or outdoor needs.

The 7 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200

The 7 Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200

If you are searching for the best laptop for gaming, then, you should look for gaming laptops that have high processing power which you can own just below $1200. Devices belonging to this category have larger screen displays and storage capacity. Features you should be looking for are:

  • 15 -17” screen display
  • 2.4 GHz – 3.2 GHz speed Core i7 processor
  • 750 GB – 1000 GB hard drive
  • 12 GB – 16 GB RAM
  • Excellent gaming graphics card

Take a look at this compilation of good quality gaming laptops according to gaming specs, customer reviews, as well as prices:

Best Gaming Laptops Under $1200

Samsung NP900X5L-K02US Notebook 9

Samsung’s Notebook 9 has a 15” screen and Intel Core i7 2.5 GHz processor. RAM is 8GB DDR3 and has a hard drive of 256 GB SSD. Its operating system is Windows 10 and weighs 2.84 lbs. Featuring shared graphics, this device’s battery can last to a maximum of 12 hours. Sold at $1, 1197.98, it is a blend of a compact laptop in elegant design with a wider screen which you can impress your friends with. With very convenient features that enhances the look and value, notebook gaming experience is not far behind.

MSI GE72 Apache Pro-003

This aluminum black gaming laptop has a 17.3″ Full HD eDP Non Reflection 1920 x 1080 screen and sold just below $1200 and possesses a high quality processor of 6th generation Intel Mobile Core i7-6700HQ. It has a RAM capacity of 16 GB DDR4 and a hard drive that can accommodate date of up to 1 TB (7200rpm). The screen is a wide 17.3” and weighs 14.4 lbs. With a Windows 10 operating system, it uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M graphics, a 6-cell lithium-ion battery, and carries a 2-year limited warranty.

ASUS G751JL 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

Paying $1,098.99 for this amazing gaming laptop is not so bad. With a 2.5 GHz Intel Core i7-470HQ processor, 16 GB RAM, and 1TB hard drive capacity, this device can do wonders on your gaming challenges. It has a 17.3” IPS FHD matte display featuring a built-in G-sync hardware. Weighing a moderate 8.4 lbs, it utilizes NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965m with 2GB DDR5 VRAM and operates using Windows 10. This model uses a long lasting 8-cell 6000 mAh battery.

Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition

The Acer Aspire V17 Nitro Black Edition VN7-792G-797V Notebook features high level specifications that fits every gamer in town. It is powered by a 6th Generation Intel Core i7-6700HQ Processor at 2.6GHz and enhanced by Turbo Boost Technology to a maximum of 3.5GHz. Its operating system is Windows 10 and has a 17.3″ Full HD (1920 x 1080) widescreen LED-backlit IPS display for maximum gaming experience. It uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M with 4 GB GDDR5 VRAM, a 16GB DDR4 Memory, and a host of other features stashed inside this powerful device. This sells just a bit over the $1200 mark but you can get lucky with promos sometimes.

MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004

The 15.6″ MSI GE62 Apache Pro-004 gaming laptop hits not only your budget with its price tag of $1,066.03 but your gaming requirements as well. It has an Intel Core i7-6700HQ processor backed by a 16 GB RAM and a 1 TB hard drive. Lightweight at 5.29 lbs, it works using Windows 10, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M graphics and a 6-cell lithium-ion battery. This laptop has a Full HD eDP wide view angle 1920 x1080 screen and uses steel series full-color backlight with Anti Ghost key plus silver lining multi-touch 4 Dynaudio Tech speakers and a woofer for ultimate gaming experience.

MSI GE72 Apache Pro-003 17.3″ Gaming Notebook

This gaming notebook sells at $1,188.21 but features many specs that gaming fans are in need of. It has Intel Mobile Core i7-6700HQ 6th generation for a processor, hard drive capacity of 1 TB, and RAM size of 16 GB ddr4. With a 17.3” screen display, it has Windows 10 multi-language operating system, graphics featuring NVIDIA Geforce GTX960M, 6-cell lithium-ion battery, and weighs around 14.4 lbs. Other features of MSI gaming laptops are also found in this device which has a 2-year limited warranty plus 1 year global warranty.

ASUS G751JL 17-Inch Gaming Laptop

This gaming laptop runs on Intel Core i7-470HQ at 2.6 GHz and has a RAM size of 16 GB plus hard drive capacity of 1 TB. For graphics, it uses NVIDIA GeForce GTX 965M with a 2GB DDR5 VRAM reserve. Operated using Windows 10, this laptop which sells at $1098.99 has an 8-cell 6000 mAh battery and weighs approximately 8.4 lbs. What makes it unique is the use of Intelligent Thermal Design that directs the heat away from the chassis. It has separate modules for both GPU and CPU and features game keys specially designed for gaming.


So, when looking for the best gaming laptop, you should take note that the processor should be readily available like Intel i5 or i7 over 2 to 3.5 GHz in speed. It should have a minimum of 8 GB RAM size. Graphics card used should be higher to get into real time fun. Storage must be over 500GB and a minimum of 7200 rpm due to the huge space and speed you need.
Laptops that are able to direct heat away from itself is best so you can take on games longer before it heats up. Look for those that have more than just 2 USB ports for your other external devices to plug in. Batteries are important for backup so get one that lasts forever if it can.

2016s 8 Best Fitness Trackers for Running

2016s 8 Best Fitness Trackers for Running

Why are people so immersed at the thought of buying fitness trackers these days? If you are one of them, how sure are you that what you like to buy contains what you need during a fitness activity?

A fitness tracker belongs to a genre of devices used to monitor and track fitness-related metrics like the distance you have walked or run, quality of sleep and (yes) your heartbeat; as well as your calorie consumption. Fitness trackers are built to include various requirements. You may want to use one to see how you have run, the number of steps you have taken or monitor your heartbeat while undergoing a fitness activity.

Each of these products has benefits of its own. However, not all of them have all it takes to be considered as the total fitness tracker. That is why it is important to know where you want to use the gadget for and how many features you require while performing an activity.

How To Find The Best Fitness Tracker

How to choose the best fitness tracking gadget


Most trackers are worn on the wrist while there are some that can be clipped on to your fitness outfit. Some, comfortable, and some are not. There are people who put design on top of everything but sometimes—looks can deceive. After a few days or weeks of using the gadget, regret happens. It should always be quality over design to be sure the tracker lasts for a longer time. Taking a look at the material and its entire construction gives you a hint of a unit’s longevity.


Some models that have LED display while others are screen-less. For the basic-loving individuals who do not like to be disturbed while they are out on their daily run, a screen-less proves to be the best tool that can monitor their performance. Nevertheless, some activity buffs just don’t like to miss out on anything at all that is why they choose LED-type units. Whether it is work or social media that they care about aside from fitness—they prefer the ones that have screens.

Data capacity

Data accommodation can hinder certain functions of a tracker. Some units advertise that they have this and that but in reality, they fail when it comes to using the app simultaneously. If you are savvy at looking at manuals, then, you may find yourself one that fits a variety of usage.


Heart tracking while on the move is one of the top requirements for several users. Those who highly favor types like this may be keen in knowing how their bodies react to a particular physical activity, or have certain medical issues. It does not stand alone, though—it goes with other features that you would like to have too like waterproof models or something that can be used in and out of water.

Versatility can also be seen in units installed with different apps like note-taking and GPS among others.

Warranty and price

Price is another aspect you have to consider and the warranty that goes with a single unit. These two are essential when finally deciding to buy. Features may be vital for your usage but can you afford to disregard the consequences after purchasing an expensive product that never mentioned about any warranty at all? You may well choose a unit that has a 30-day money back guarantee. Trackers are not big appliances so you must understand that a lifetime warranty is an impossible add-on.

After having had contemplated on this guide, it is now time for a short review of some of the leading trackers in the market today.

Best Fitness Tracker For Running 2016

  1. BodyMedia Link is a body monitoring armband which has an error rate of 9.3%. It can track fitness activity and calorie burn. It has Bluetooth capability that works well with BodyMedia iPhone and android apps which lets you see real-time data. You can also use it to work with Runkeeper, MyFitnessPal, and Sparkpeople among others. This unit looks more like a regular wristwatch and uses 1 Lithium ion battery. This is considered by many as a very comfortable tracker by many.
  1. Misfit Shine 2 is worn on your wrist or clipped on your clothes. It tracks calories, distance, steps taken and other activities like monitoring quality or length of sleep. This unit is 50 meters waterproof and capable of entering each activity by triple-tapping on the screen. It provides notifications, vibration alerts and fitted with 12 tri-colored LEDs. This minimalist and modular-designed unit is made of aircraft-grade aluminum that makes up for a durable gadget. Battery is replaceable and can last up to 6 months. Downside: Heart monitoring capacity.
  1. The Jawbone UP3 comes as the most stylish among tracking gadgets even though it does not feature a screen. This bracelet-looking gadget has a wireless sync feature and is also the most advanced due to its tri-axis accelerometer and sensors. Who wouldn’t want to own this unit that is capable of monitoring heart rate through its skin and ambient temperature sensors, not forgetting its bioimpedance sensors? It allows personalized guidance from its app—Smart Coach while Smart Alarm (another app) wakes once you reach your optimal sleep cycle.
  1. FitBit Charge HR seems to be most precise among wrist-worn devices. It is capable of measuring sleep metrics automatically while tracking your steps. You can use it up to 7 days for just a single charge and it is comfortable to use. The unit has a silent alarm, a caller ID, and a visual display that is small but receives a feedback as you go along; not to mention its integrated sensors. Its website and app make it easy for you to collect data. However, it is not waterproof.
  1. Garmin Vivosmart HR has a curved OLED display ideal for users who want a screened fitness tracking device. It tells you about floors climbed, intensity minutes and tracks activity and heart rate. This gadget is capable of sending smart notifications from your mobile device and allows you to call, send texts play music and games. Vivosmart HR has a black classy design that can double up as an accessory to your outfit or wardrobe if ever you wish to wear it for longer durations.
  1. Basis Peak contains 5 advanced sensors that work to monitor heart rate, perspiration, motion and skin temperature. Activity tracking is enabled by its BodyIQ technology that detects running, walking, sleeping and waking times, as well as bike rides. It uses an advanced sleep analysis app to capture REM, interruptions, toss and turns and sleep quality. It has a durable, sleek design that is lightweight and comfortable. Plus factors: Screen has Gorilla Glass 3TM for additional protection and straps are customized by soft silicone material.
  1. The Microsoft Band 2 fits wrists measuring 6.3” – 7.5”. It may look awful to some but it can perform various functions like continuous monitoring of heart rate, tracking of burned calories and measuring sleep quality. It is compatible with iPhone, Android and Windows Phone which allows you to view the calendar, receive and send emails, texts and calls, and most of all, it has an MP3 player. This unit is perfect to use when biking, golfing and running. It has a 1-year limited warranty.
  1. Moov Smart Multi-Purpose Fitness Coach 7 Tracker actively monitors your fitness activities, tendencies; provides advice on how to enhance workout while it tracks your progress and suggests fitness goals. It is powered by a 9-axis motion sensor and coaching is done in real-time. Its modular design allows you to wear it on your wrist or your ankle for precise data measurements. It runs using 1 Lithium battery and comes with a 1 year limited warranty. However, heart rate monitoring is not one of its features.

Fitness trackers, like many other gadgets may come overly advertised by manufacturing companies and may perform below standards. It is therefore imperative to learn about what each of them are made of so you can easily determine which among these gadgets deserves your hard-earned money.

5 Best Reels for Bass Fishing

5 Best Reels for Bass Fishing

Bass anglers of yore used to have a hard time finding the right reel to use for bass fishing. Selections were few and equipment available was too heavy for game fishermen to handle. These days, there is a huge line of options to choose from which made it easier for anybody to indulge in fishing for bass.

With the wide selection, people who are on this outdoor hobby are up to consider a few aspects like the size of the reel, its construction and gear ratio. Knowing how the reel performs and how it affects the sport, you will be on your way to a more productive weekend with your family and friends.

Best Reel For Bass Fishing

best bass fishing reel

Our 2016 Top Picks

  1. Shimano Curado 200i

Shimano is a low profile baitcaster and among the popular choices of bass fishing aficionados. It weighs 7.4 oz and, has a solid aluminum frame and side plates made of graphite that ensures solid grip. It maintains the new X-Ship technology that allows for precise gear alignment and management of heavy load.

This reel uses SVS Infinity Braking System for braking consistency and spool control. With a gear ratio of 6.3:1, this reel is found to be the best in its class. It sells from $144.99.

  1. Pflueger Patriarch

This model is best to use if there is a need to place your lures on precise target. Pflueger Patriarch is among the smoothest, most compact and lightest spinning reels available today.

This reel weighs around 6.10 – 7.3 oz. depending on which series type you choose.  It is constructed using a combination of light modern materials like aluminum skeletonized spool with the body & rotor made of magnesium so as not to sacrifice performance. Price tag for this reel starts from $175.30 – $251.49.

  1. Abu Garcia Ambassadeur C3 Round Reel

This reel is a leader in tried and tested, old fashioned round reels. It has 3 ball bearings made of stainless steel plus 1 roller bearing to enable smooth operation. It features the Carbon Matrix drag system for smoother drag performance and its bent compact handle and star provides for an ergonomic design.

The reel also has a synchronized level wind system that works to improve line lays and casting capability. It has a popular gear ratio of 5.3:1 and sells at $117.20.

  1. 13 Fishing Concept C

This reel has a beetle-wing side plate and uses an arrowhead casting technology. It features a 22 lb Bulldog drag and anti-corrosion bearings that makes the reel last for a longer time. Considered as a low profile baitcaster, this model tops the long list of ice fishing reels and specialty rods.

It has polished aluminum drag star and spoon and a pearl white finish which makes it look more attractive to buyers. Other great features are seen in its airfoil carbon side plates and aluminum frame that allows for more solid grip. The gear ratio of this equipment is 6.6:1 and sells at $235.44.

  1. KastKing Sharky II Waterproof Spinning Reel

This freshwater spinning reel can manage up to 41.5 lbs and leads saltwater attack from 6000 to 10000 sizes. It can be sued to catch different kinds of fishes and comes with a 10+1 high quality smooth ball bearings. Other features include: precision-engineered brass gears, carbon fiber drag washers, and computer-balanced rotor.

Spool and handle construction is made of aluminum which makes it lightweight and favorable for weekend fish hunts. It comes with a one-of-a-kind carbon fiber spool that adds more to its physical appearance. This highly durable spinning reel has an all-graphite corrosion-free body and sells from $40.98 and up.

Summing Up

Selecting from the many available products can be daunting and if you are not sure where to start looking, you will fail in your fishing endeavor. Chances are you will either be dissatisfied with your effort, or you will have to buy another reel which makes you spend more.

If you are searching for the best, take a look at what the equipment is made of, ask at forums how it performs, and look at the lasting capability of the reel. Also, don’t forget to look into the type of fish you want to catch as well as the weight you want your reel to manage.

7 Must-Have Items In Your Beard Grooming Kit

7 Must-Have Items In Your Beard Grooming Kit

You might think that growing a beard is simply a matter of throwing out your razor and waiting. After awhile, you’ll grow a big, manly beard, and women will be falling all over you. You’ll get that promotion at work. You’ll be fighting bears with nothing but your fists.

Unfortunately, that’s the ideal preached by many so-called manly men these days. There’s just one problem – it’s a load of rubbish.

If you’re serious about growing a beard, you need to be serious about making it look amazing, too. Otherwise, a beard is not a benefit, but a giant negative distraction that will have others questioning your attention to detail and grooming habits.

In order to give yourself a chance at the best beard possible, you need to invest in a beard grooming kit.

So, what goes into a great grooming kit for your facial hair? Glad you asked. Read on!

1. A Versatile Beard Trimmer

Unless you are one of the few men who can get away with a non-trimmed full beard, you are likely going to want to invest in a good quality beard trimmer.

Most men prefer a short or medium length beard, typically under 1 inch long, which is easily maintained by most clippers these days.

And even for guys who prefer length, many face shapes require that you trim and fade your beard in certain ways.

For example, you may want to give the appearance of a taller face, so you’d let your chin hairs grow longer, and start trimming as you got further up your face, basically fading the beard into your haircut.

The Philips Norelco QT4070 7300 is one of the best, and includes lots of length options, from 1 mm all the way up to 18 mm.

2. A Conditioning Beard Balm

When it comes to the actual grooming of your beard, this is an absolute must. If you do nothing else, put in some beard balm every day.

This is basically a concoction of essential oils, carrier oils, plus a mixture of things like shea butter and beeswax.

The oils work together to moisturize, condition, and nourish your beard. This helps the hairs remain strong and healthy, adding to their shine and generally non-frizzy appearance.

The beeswax helps to lock the moisture into the hair, which enhance the benefits of the oils. Plus, the wax gives you a really nice and natural ability to style your beard, which is great both for your ZZ Top style beard, and for the short business beard that suffers from fly-away hairs and frizz.

We prefer the Virtu Beard Balm from Liberty Premium Grooming Co.

3. A Conditioning Beard Oil

In some cases, this is interchangeable with the beard balm, but to ensure you’re covered in all eventualities, your beard kit should include both.

This can be useful for the first few days of beard growth, to help stop beard itch and beardruff, but is useful for conditioning any beard, if you do not want the styling ability a balm gives you.

In fact, if you’ve got a beard of decent length, you can apply this first, to ensure a nice coating over the entirety of your beard, and then apply a top coat of beard balm for the styling benefits.

Except for the butters and waxes, the ingredients will be very similar to beard balm, consisting of natural carrier oils and essential oils.

A lot of this depends on what scent you like, but Beardbrand makes a lot of good quality oils.

4. Mustache Wax

If you don’t currently use mustache wax, and you have any annoyance whatsoever when it comes to your mustache, you’ll thank me when you get some.

This is great for large mustaches especially, that need something to help them stay put, or at least stay out of your mouth.

Didn’t Spiderman’s uncle say that “with great mustache comes great responsibility”? Pretty sure that’s the quote. Or maybe it was Peter Griffin.

Don’t shirk your responsibility by leaving things to chance – get a mustache wax!

These are usually made with the same ingredients as a beard balm, but they’re much heavier on the wax component.

You’ll still get a nice nourishing condition, so you’re not neglecting your mustache hairs, but the wax will allow you to keep your mustache pointing in the direction you want it to.

Even for the “run of the mill” style mustaches, like what you’d image a “cop mustache” to look like, wax can help to keep everything looking very clean and trim. Without it, you can get a fly away here and there. With it, your ‘stache will be exactly where you want it to be.

Both Fisticuffs and Can You Handlebar produce nice mustache waxes. Don’t be afraid to experiment, try each one, and choose the one with the right amount of wax for your needs.

5. Beard Comb

Alright, time to step it up from the conditioning aspect of beard grooming.

One of the best decisions you can do is kick it up a notch with a comb and with our #6 item, a beard brush. They certainly work together, but let’s start with combs.

First of all, stop using drugstore plastic combs. They are killing your beard.

The way they’re made is typically through injection molding, which necessarily leaves each product with microscopic jagged edges, which can create friction and fray your hairs. Basically, combing becomes hazardous, not helpful!

Move immediately to a nice quality wooden comb, or our personal favorite, a comb made by Kent.

They’re made from solid pieces of high quality plastic, and they are HAND-CARVED. Each tooth is cut and sanded by a human to ensure there are no jagged edges.

Use your comb both to help you style, and to help you apply balm or oil. It will help distribute the oils and keep things looking pretty stylish.

6. Beard Brush

Like a comb, a brush will help you style and distribute oils.

Unlike a comb, it’s really good at getting all the hairs to stay in one place and go the same direction.

A comb has a certain amount of space between each tooth, obviously, but with a brush, the bristles are packed closer together. Therefore it’s going to grab a larger cross section of hairs and pull them all in the same direction with each stroke.

A full routine might include applying oil, combing it through your entire beard, applying balm, and then brushing it all through into your desired shape and style.

You absolutely must opt for a natural bristle brush, nothing plastic that will cause friction and harm the hairs.

Boar bristle is a great choice. We dig the beard brush by Liberty Premium Grooming Co. They guarantee it’s real boar bristle (lab tested), and it is a seriously manly tool.

7. Shears

You might think this is a luxury that you don’t really need.

Well, for some with very short beards, perhaps not.

But if you’ve got any length whatsoever, a trimmer is sometimes too much tool for the job.

In a lot of cases, you want to get in there a couple times a week, or even once per week, and literally trim individual hairs that are giving you trouble.

Between trims or cuts, you can take a few minutes at the mirror to trim away 10, maybe 20 hairs that are out of place, growing at a different pace to the others, sticking up the wrong way, etc.

This is one of the best ways to keep your beard looking tight and clean ALL the time, not just after a full on trim and grooming session.

It’s the little things that count, and keeping up with this sort of attention to detail doesn’t go unnoticed by your peers, bosses, and potential mates.

The Utopia Shears here come in 3 sizes so you can choose your preference. They’re a great value make a world of difference compared to using whatever random scissors you have lying around your house.

To Conclude…

A great beard doesn’t happen by accident.

It takes a man’s commitment to his appearance and grooming habits.

A large part of those grooming habits can be undertaken by the tools we recommend to make your beard grooming kit complete:

  1. Beard Trimmer
  2. Beard Balm
  3. Beard Oil
  4. Mustache Wax
  5. Beard Comb
  6. Beard Brush
  7. Shears

Get these tools and you’ll be lightyears ahead of most other bearded guys!