Top 8 Best Chainsaws Reviewed

There are many different brands and types of chainsaws for consumers to select from but the real problem lies on the kind of job it would be used for. But with the valuable information we have gathered below, you just might find what you are looking for.

The Top Chainsaws 2016

8. Husqvarna 460 Rancher

The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is a robust all-around item ideal for jobs that require a heavy-duty chainsaw that works perfectly with a 20” guide bar.  It has an X-torque engine that provides high performance value professional chainsaw operators are looking to have. With an ergonomically-designed body, handling and control is very convenient.

Users like its highly accessible side-mounted chain tensioner and the forged 3-piece crankshaft that can take on tough jobs. It is easy to transport and powered by gas so you don’t need to worry about recharging whenever batteries wear down.

The air filter of this CARB compliant equipment is simple and it features easy to maintain quick release system. It also features air injection, Smart Start Technology, low vibrations, and a combined choke/stop control. The item carries a 2-year warranty extendable to 4 years if you register the product online and buy 3 Husqvarna 32-oz pre-mix fuel.

7. Poulan Pro PP5020AV

This 20” Poulan Pro is a 50-cc gas-powered tool known to many users as a good kind of chainsaw. Starting this tool is effortless with its pull start system. It has less vibration that allows for a less stressful operation even though you use it for long durations. The engine is more durable compared to some models that have few CCs to its motor. It has an easy-access air filter and spark plug that needs no tools.

This chainsaw also features an aluminium professional inch style clutch covering, a dual post, purge and spring assist; as well as a locking screwdriver-wrench combo holder. With a carrying case, this chainsaw is ideal for those who use a chainsaw on a regular basis.

6. WORX WG303.1

The well-engineered electric powered WORX WG303.1 belongs to the most popular chainsaw category. It works best for light to medium projects like felling small trees and cutting firewood. This chainsaw is a good product that brings you great value for your money. It features a 15.5-amp electric motor, a 16-inch bar and chain, patented tool-free tension system that helps avoid over-tightening, and a built-in chain brake.

It lubricates automatically with its built-in oil reservoir fitted with a level indicator. With a rubberized handle, it allows for safe and comfortable grip. It is equipped with a less-kickback 3/8-inch chain for a much improved cutting performance. This model is not good for heavy-duty purposes but with an ability to strike a balance between features and price, this is a good tool for homeowners.

5. Black & Decker LCS1020

This no-fuss battery-operated Black & Decker model creates a major impact among light-duty chainsaws in the market. It is perfect for trimming down small trees or plants and cutting some vegetation around the yard. Users find it very handy in felling small trees, cutting up wood of 5”, firewood, and other small home projects. However, hardwoods may prove to be challenging for this type of chainsaw.

The LCS1020 uses 20v MAX Lithium battery, has a translucent oil window convenient for users, and weights 7.2 lbs. It uses a 10-inch OREGON low-kickback bar and chain that allows for quick, smooth cutting which is lubricated by its own oiling system. Its tool-less tensioning feature makes way for easy and fast adjustments. With the convenience and compact design, users would love to purchase this item.

4. Husqvarna 450

Considered as the overall darling from the list of chainsaws, this 50.2 cc Husqvarna model is powered by gas and has an 18-inch bar and chain. This tool caters to big cutting jobs and best to use for medium to heavy-duty tasks such as felling trees of up to 24-inches thick, and also ideal for cutting firewood. However, it is not a good tool when it comes to limbing or pruning because of its weight.

This chainsaw is easy to start due to its air purge system and has low-vibration system that reduces user fatigue. Its centrifugal air cleaning technology enhances motor life and its featured quick-release air filter make way for easy replacement and maintenance. With a forged 3-piece crankshaft, durability and long lasting tool is expected by those who want to purchase this product.

3. Remington RM5118R Rodeo

The Remington Rodeo is considered by many as the best gas-operated chainsaw on the low-priced category. Its great value can be seen through its features that include 51-cc motor, anti-vibration handles, Quick-start system, and an 18-inch bar and chain fitted with low kickback chain and huge gripping spikes. Able to tackle medium to heavy-duty softwood or hardwood cutting jobs, this tool can fell 24-inch trees but is not good to use for pruning or limbing due to its heavy weight.

With a 2-year limited warranty, this equipment is ideal for off-season storage and easy to transport. It has an automatic oiler for consistent bar and chain lubrication even when the tool is in operation.

2. GreenWorks 80V Chainsaw

The GreenWorks 80v chainsaw is the best battery chainsaw sold today. It features an 18-inch bar and chain, an 80v Lithium battery and weighs 13.7 lbs. Its maximum power is like that of a 45cc gas operated chainsaw with the power to fell 16-inch wide trees. Alongside with the power it provides, it is convenient to use. It has the capacity to cut 150+ with its steel bucking spikes and robust metal wrap on the handle. Chain tensioning tool

For safety, it has electronic chain brake and armed with chain tensioning system. Its automatic oiling system keeps the chain lubricated at all times. It requires less maintenance against other brands and emits no fumes, no gas; and most of all, it can stand even the coldest weather condition.

1. Oregon PowerNow CS250

Oregon PowerNow chainsaw is built with excellent quality materials and armed with several features people look to having in chainsaws. It can handle light to medium cutting categories like felling trees of 10-inch diameter, small to medium projects, cutting wood; but not for felling large trees or bigger projects. If you want it to perform heavy duty tasks, you have to buy extra batteries to make it last longer.

This tool is super convenient as it is cordless. You don’t need to bother yourself with gas-oil mixing or warm up as well. It features a powerful 14-inch bar length and a 2350 rpm no-load chain. It uses a 2.4 Ah battery pack meant for long time use. Another special feature is its built-in chain sharpening lever that can sharpen the chainsaw in seconds.


To get the best chainsaw, ask yourself if you like to get a gas-powered or battery-run chainsaw. Focus on features like the type of chain, bar, handle, and tensioning system. You can also look at the length of warranty, maintenance procedures, and that’s when you compare prices.

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