Best Crossfit Clothing

Your guide to choose your crossfit equipment packages

Lately, CrossFit has become a very popular fitness program. Men are increasingly concerned about their appearance and manly skills, so this sport is a great idea to start with. You may have a general idea of what it implies, but if you are thinking of becoming a CrossFitter, you will need to know more about this sport and how to get the best equipment. This article will give you a general overview of what CrossFit is and will offer you some advice so that you can choose wisely what clothing and equipment you will need for your workouts.

crossfitFirstly, you will learn that CrossFit is a fitness program that has proved to be very useful for everyone. Thanks to the different workouts that you can do either at a gym together with others or at home by yourself, you will find in this sport a great way to improve your physical condition. Exercises aim to be varied, intense and functional, so that they can prepare you for any physical contingency that you may encounter in your daily life.

Secondly, it is perfectly understandable that it is hard to decide what clothing is best for your purposes. Therefore, this article will try to guide you through the different pieces of CrossFit clothing you will need to achieve great performance while working out. Starting with t-shirts, this will cover shorts, gloves and other accessories men like to wear while doing their workouts.

Last but not least, equipment is really important for achieving great results with your workout. This article will cover the basic CrossFit equipment you do not want to miss. You may buy them individually or choose to get a CrossFit equipment package. Anyways, this article will surely help you decide what you should purchase.

Introduction to Crossfit

CrossFit is a very popular fitness program that many people around the world start to join every day. Its purpose is to help the CrossFitter get fit and prepare them to face successfully any physical event they might encounter. This is done by working on all the different fitness domains.

The way CrossFitters achieve the amazing results this fitness program has in store for them is through workouts. They offer a varied range of functional movements that are to be performed at high intensity. You can choose to follow the official Workout of the Day, known as WOD, or follow your own exercises.

One of the good points about CrossFit is that anybody can practice it. Age and physical condition are not a reason not to follow a CrossFit workout. Everybody can do the exercises; they will only need to adjust the intensity to what their condition allows them to do. Many CrossFitters of all ages and under several different conditions have proved that this program can be followed at your own pace.

Practicing CrossFit is another alternative to conventional gyms. Whereas traditional gyms are more suitable for those who have knowledge about what they are doing and know what exercises to perform during their workout, CrossFit offers a great environment in which people work out together and learn about what is best to reach their purposes. Moreover, no CrossFitter who joins a workout group will feel lost, because most CrossFit gyms offer courses that prepare you before you are ready to join a real CrossFit workout session with other fellows.

Crossfit Clothing

New CrossFitters may come from other sports, thus having some clothing that they could use for their CrossFit WODs. However, it should be noted that not all clothing is appropriate for this sport. Although you could just wear any t-shirts, ­shorts, shoes or gloves, it is highly recommended to find pieces of clothing with features that will help improve performance.t-shirt

This section will guide you through some good quality CrossFit t-shirts all men should try, explaining why they are suitable for your CrossFit WODs. The same is done with shorts, as there are some models that you should not miss for their quality. Gloves are also an important piece of clothing that can come in handy for CrossFit. They are not left behind in this article either.

The hardest thing to choose from is usually shoes. Many people may think they can just wear their running shoes during their CrossFit WODs. They are forgetting that CrossFit is a much more comprehensive fitness program that will require more than just some average running shoes. This article covers the best models of CrossFit shoes available on the market for men.

Even though they are not absolutely necessary, there are many accessories that many men who practice CrossFit include in their outfit while working out. They are not just fashion additions, but also extra protection in some cases or a little help for improving your performance. They are not meant for every CrossFitter, but depending on your likes and the exercises you usually do, some of them might become a must-have. Read more.

Crossfit Equipment

CrossFit is well known for having workouts for which not many pieces of equipment are necessary. Even though the amount of gear that CrossFitters use is low, there are some must-haves for a good CrossFit workout. Knowing what options there are available on the market is important to purchase the products that best fit our needs.

kettlebellsFor those willing to do their WODs at home, there are some basic pieces of equipment that should be part of their personal gym. Barbells and weights are necessary for starters. Squat stands are advisable as a place to keep them when you are done. Medicine balls, kettlebells and jump ropes are also used quite often. Other more complex pieces of equipment that tend to appear on every CrossFit gym.

A good option for getting your gym ready is purchasing CrossFit equipment packages. There are many packages available on the market. Some of them offer the basic equipment whereas others can make your house a great CrossFit gym. Differing in prices and quality, analyzing all the possibilities will ensure that you get what you really need and can afford. Many brands have great offers, and some of them can guarantee the quality of their packages.

Some of the equipment worth purchasing is not included in CrossFit equipment packages. Therefore, machines such as glute ham developers or rowers should be found separately. GHD usually differ in height, padding and other specific features. Rowers, however, do not only have differences in their characteristics, but there are also different kinds of rowing machines. Read more.

Introduction to Crossfit

CrossFit: a fitness program

Everybody seems pumped about this new sport called CrossFit. But do you really know what it is about? Are you wondering why so many people are joining this trend? Check out this video for a first look into this fitness program:

CrossFit has been used as a strength and conditioning program by many police academies and tactical operation teams, champion martial artists or professional athletes all around the world. However, this comprehensive fitness program has proved to be useful for everyone.

Its aim is to offer a full-body workout combining different elements that help prepare the body for any physical contingency that may occur. If you are willing to excel in all the different fitness domains, you should definitely try CrossFit. A CrossFit program is based on the ten fundamental elements of fitness:

  1. Cardiovascular and respiratory endurance
  2. Strength
  3. Coordination
  4. Power
  5. Agility
  6. Balance
  7. Speed
  8. Flexibility
  9. Stamina
  10. Accuracy

Through different workout sessions, CrossFit’s objective is to improve the performance in all of those areas without specializing in any of them in particular. In other words, CrossFit’s specialty is not specializing. This way, results will be visible in different aspects, from sports to everyday activities.

CrossFit workouts

Since it attempts to optimize physical competence in all the fitness domains, a CrossFit workout includes a wide range of exercises. The official definition of CrossFit, as described in their official website, is ‘constantly varied, functional movement, performed at high intensity’. Let’s explain these aspects in more detail:

  • Constantly varied movements

Change your workout! Routine is the enemy if you really wish to be prepared for what may come unexpectedly, and to be ready to perform successfully at multiple, diverse and randomized physical challenges. Therefore, CrossFit exercises should be done in as many different combinations as possible. No routine shall be performed more than once a week. The more you change, the faster you will see the results of your efforts!

  • Functional movements

CrossFit wants to prepare you for real life. Therefore, all CrossFit exercises are based on everyday life activities. Squatting, deadlifting, pulling yourself up… they are all activities that our body is meant to do. The effectiveness of using these movements is much higher than that of other made-up exercises that shall only be performed with equipment you may find at gyms.

  • High-intensity movements

If you follow a CrossFit program, forget about bringing a magazine to read while doing your workout. CrossFit exercises are supposed to be intense; you should try to make the greatest effort in every movement. This way, the harder you work, the faster you will get fit, and the faster you will be ready to face any physical contingency that may occur. Work diligently and you will soon find yourself running farther or lifting more weight.

During a CrossFit workout you will usually have first a warm-up, followed by the Workout of the Day, known as WOD and some exercises to cool down. The CrossFit official website offers the free WOD, which always follow the abovementioned features that define what CrossFit is.

CrossFit exercises

The best way to know about the exercises that comprise a WOD is to go yourself and try it out. However, it is advisable to have a look at what kind of exercises exist and even look at some demos before trying them. The following are some of the most common CrossFit exercises you may find in a CrossFit workout.

  • Air squat
  • Back roll to support on rings
  • Box jump
  • Deadlift
  • Dumbell snatch
  • Front squat
  • Hang power clean
  • Hang squat clean
  • Hollow rock
  • Kettlebell swing
  • Knees to elbows
  • L pull-up
  • Muscle up
  • Overhead squat
  • Power clean
  • Push jerk
  • Push press
  • Snatch
  • Split jerk
  • Squat clean
  • Sumo deadlift highpull
  • Thruster
  • Turkish getup
  • Walking lounge
  • Wall ball
  • Windshield wipers

Learn more about these moves here.

CrossFitt: am I suitable?

Of course you are! CrossFit has been designed for everyone. The greatest advantage of this fitness program is how easy it is for the workout session to be adapted to anyone who wants to give it a try. Are you worried because of your physical condition? Do you doubt you should try CrossFit because your age is not appropriate? Stop worrying! Kids, teenagers, adults, elders, overweight, sedentary, pathological… regardless of your physical condition and age you are suitable for CrossFit.

This sport has been proved successful with all kinds of population thanks to the possibility of scaling the different exercises to any age and physical condition. Workout sessions can be carried out by everyone. You will only need to adapt the effort level and intensity at which your body can work. Try it out, and you will be surprised by how fast your condition improves!

Still doubting that CrossFit is good for you? Have a look at what these people who have tried it have to say:

If you are still not convinced, try reading some of these testimonials.

CrossFit vs. conventional gyms

You probably know how a conventional gym works. When you first walk into one, you find a wide range of machines, which may be used at your will. You may also join some classes, which often consist on repeated isolated movements and aerobic sessions.

The combination of the exercises offered in classes and the use of the machines that welcome you in every gym are a great way to become fit. However, conventional gyms do not offer you the information you need to obtain the best results. If you follow the CrossFit program you will find balance between functional movements and high intensity or anaerobic cardio. This is essential to achieve fitness results.

Moreover, when exercising in a conventional gym the workout environment is pretty different from the one you will find if you join a CrossFit workout. Whereas in a conventional gym you just go at your own pace and do the exercises as you please, the CrossFit program is based on a team workout sessions. All participants start warming up together, work on skills together and perform the workout of the day (WOD) together. This environment provides everyone with encouragement from their fellow mates.

Every CrossFit gyms, which are often referred to as the ‘box’, offer workout sessions anywhere between three to five times a week. Prior to joining CrossFit workouts, it is necessary to take some time to learn the basics. Therefore, most CrossFit gyms offer what is called an ‘on ramp’ course. More information is given to the people who participate in CrossFit workouts than that given to those exercising at a conventional gym, where coaches are not so involved in every individual’s workout.


Crossfit Clothing

Once you have made up your mind and decided to join a CrossFit program, you will need to get ready to start with your workouts. First of all, you should know what to wear. In this article you will find information about the best CrossFit clothing available at the market, from t-shirts or shorts to gloves or shoes.

What Crossfit Clothing Do You Need?

Before purchasing your CrossFit clothing you should have a clear overview of what you will need. Here you have a quick guide on what CrossFit clothing is needed for CrossFit. You may add other accessories which may come in handy, but these are the must-haves!

  • T-shirt: even though many men like to work out shirtless, that is not the best option. Find a good CrossFit t-shirt and you may even forget you are wearing it while you follow your routine.
  • Shorts: check the length and other features to find the best shorts for your Make sure they will not prevent you from moving and try to find some shorts that feel comfortable.
  • Shoes: you may have some running shoes at home, but they will be no good for your CrossFit workout. There are many different options at the market, check them and find the one that best suits the CrossFit program you will be following. Make sure your feet are comfortable and the shoes offer you the performance you need.
  • Gloves: using the right gloves will be very useful while working out since they will be offering protection and enhancing performance. Make sure you get a good pair of CrossFit gloves for pull ups, rope-climbing and many other CrossFit exercises.

How to choose the right CrossFit apparel

Your attire can affect your performance while you follow your WOD. If you are just starting, you may be overwhelmed by the multiple options that are on the market. Here we show you some aspects you should take into account before deciding which clothing to buy.

  • Temperature

First of all, think about the location where you will be working out. Are you working out outdoors during the winter season? Then you should go for long sleeve shirts and tights. For the summer season and for working out indoors, the most appropriate choice would be short sleeve shirts and shorts.

The most important thing to take into account is that you should maintain your body temperature in normal. While working out, your body temperature will rise, and the CrossFit clothing that you are wearing should not be the reason that it rises, nor should it increase the already high temperature. When your skin is able to breathe, it helps cool down. Check that the material which your clothing is made of allows your skin to breathe and you are good to go!

Do not forget that you should cover your skin after you work out in order to avoid illness. A blanket would be very useful.

  • Circulation

CrossFit workouts will cause your stamina to increase, so your body will become stronger. In the meantime, your workout may lead to some circulatory concerns such as swelling or soreness. Therefore, it is advisable to check whether the clothing you are considering to purchase includes any kind of compression that reduces swelling and helps manage this issue. The prize may be higher, but the investment will be worth it, especially if you have circulatory problems.

  • Sweat

If you are doing your WOD you will end up sweating. Double-check what you are doing if you do not sweat, because that shows you are not performing your exercises correctly! Since sweating is an issue, your clothing should be able to handle it. What you should aim for is clothing which avoids sticking to the body but maintains the shape at the same time. Choose CrossFit clothing made from wicking materials so that you can stay drier to prevent problems derived from moving in wet clothing. Not everyone sweats as much as others, so choose the materials that will work best for the amount you usually sweat.

  • Durability

The main purpose of CrossFit workouts is to move your body. Therefore, your clothing should match your actions and be strong enough to resist all those movements. Stretches, rips and splits are a common problem among those who follow CrossFit programs. Do not forget this when you purchase your clothing, and look for sturdy materials and double stitching. You may need to spend more than you expected, but your clothing will last longer this way.

3 Brands of Crossfit T-Shirts For Men You Should Try

Have a look at this table comparing the advantages and disadvantages of three brands that offer CrossFit t-shirts. Read more about them below. Keep in mind what you are looking for and decide whether they are made for you.

Reebok CrossFitGreat qualityComfortable and flexible materialsPricey
ReDefine:FitLightweight materialGreat qualityGood breathabilitySizing difference
Compete Every DayGood brandHigh qualityAmazing fitVersatileHeavier materialNot outstanding breathability

Reebok CrossFit

When talking about CrossFit clothing, Reebok cannot be left out. It is the main partner with CrossFit. Constantly launching new products, Reebok is one of the athletes’ favorite worldwide. This is one brand you should be trying if you are looking for flexible and comfortable CrossFit clothing. If you are willing to spend some money on your CrossFit apparel, you might want to take a look at the stylish t-shirts that Reebok has to offer.


If you are one of those guys who cannot stand wearing a t-shirt during your workout, then you should definitely try ReDefine:Fit shirts. Their lightweight material will make you forget you are wearing a t-shirt­ while you exercise. Together with the high quality of the stitching, print and shirt in general, these CrossFit t-shirts offer amazing functionality. Many CrossFitters would choose it as their favorite for their WOD. It may not be the most appropriate t-shirt to wear also outside of your CrossFit workout, but it serves its purpose perfectly.

Compete Every Day

Compete Every Day, a.k.a. CED, is not only a great brand regarding CrossFit clothing, but also a good brand overall. Their products offer high quality and amazing fit. These shirts are very versatile and thus may be used not only while working out, but also at any point in your everyday life. They are not as light some CrossFit t-shirts offered by other brands, but they will be a great purchase if you are thinking of using them on a daily basis and not only during your WOD.

The Top 5 Crossfit Shorts for Men

If you are going to follow a CrossFit program you need some shorts appropriate for all the intense exercise you will be doing. You should look for durable, lightweight shorts made of breathable fabric. Remember they should fit firmly in place, but at the same time they should be able to move with you while you work out. Check this selection of CrossFit shorts that are popular among CrossFitters because they serve for the purposes they are needed for. You may find those shorts that fit you best here!

Reebok’s Lightweight Print Shorts

These Reebok shorts are made of lightweight antimicrobial material, Reebok’s PlayDry fabric. They are roomy thanks to the inbuilt gusset, but they keep a well-fitting design. Besides, the material is extremely flexible, so you will not be restricted while doing squats of jumps. Keep dry and cool with these well-ventilated shorts.

Rogue Fight Shorts

rogue-fight-shorts-web-h1_1These shorts from the Rogue Fitness collection are durable and comfortable. They will allow you a wide range of moves. Besides, no pockets will get in your way, and their Velcro closure will add to the comfort. Since they are 100% polyester, they dry out wick and do not hold odor. They are definitely worth for those who follow tough CrossFit workouts.

UN92’s MC11 Men’s CrossFit Shorts

These versatile shorts for WOD are very useful for all sports. They are made of 4 way polyester, which is a durable and quick drying fabric. They are simple and practical, since they offer great flexibility and comfort. It is also extremely breathable. The only feature that may take you aback is the length of the shorts, they are shorter than others and not all CrossFitters feel comfortable with all lengths.

Jaco Hybrid Training Shorts

hybrid_training_short_black_front_1500x1500These shorts are perfect for any sport which requires a great range of movement, including CrossFit workouts. Their 4 way fabric controls moisture, providing total comfort and mobility. The waist is pretty fit thanks to its tightening system. These shorts offer breathability, comfort and less sweat in a casual looking fashion. You may also benefit from the pocket.

Epic MMA Gear

These cheap CrossFit shorts are good basic all-rounder training shorts. They offer good mobility and a great fit thanks to their Velcro waist. If you are the kind of CrossFitter who carries his essentials, you will find the inside pocket very useful. Best bit about these shorts is that you can customize your design, so they can fit your t-shirt and shoes for a perfect look while working out.

How to Choose the Appropriate Crossfit Shoes

Just like when you buy CrossFit apparel, if you are going to purchase CrossFit shoes, you need to make sure that they will adapt to your needs. Here we offer you three aspects you should consider before purchasing any shoes.

  • Comfort

If the shoes you are wearing hurt your feet, it does not matter how many other good characteristics they have, because they will not suit you. Most CrossFit shoes are already designed to be comfortable, but every person has a different kind of feet, so not all shoes will work for everyone.

  • Durability

Before investing in CrossFit shoes you should make sure that they are what you really need. It is worth investing in a high quality shoe which will help your performance, but do not waste your money if you are not thinking on continuing with CrossFit.

  • Weight

You should look for light shoes because you want to avoid being weighed down by heavy shoes. Keep in mind that shoes with less breathability will start weighing more once sweat appears.

The 5 Best Crossfit Shoes for Men

In the following table you will find the 5 best options of CrossFit shoes for men. Keep reading and you will find a description of each pair which explains their features in detail. Read carefully and it may help you find the best shoes for you. Keep in mind that unless you try them on, you cannot be completely sure they are what you are looking for or that they fit you.

Reebok Nano 4.04 mmFabric and syntheticRubber
Inov-8 F-lite 2406mmMesh and SyntheticRubber
Reebok Nano 3.04 mmFabric and syntheticRubber
New Balance MX20v34 mmSyntheticSynthetic
Vibram FiveFingers0 mmMesh UpperNylonRubber


Reebok Nano 4.0

For those who practice this sport, the newest Reebok CrossFit Nano, the 4.0 version is a must-have! This pair of shoes will improve your performance and comfort while you do CrossFit. If you wish to feel supported and strong regardless of the activity you are doing, this is the best choice. The latest evolution of the Nano training shoe combines performance, durability and comfort. These are the main characteristics that should make you consider purchasing these shoes:M45391_01

  • Duracage protective upper: together with its enhance toe-wrap you will always feel that your feet are completely protected during your WOD practice.
  • RopePro protection wrap found along the outer and inner midsole of the
  • 4 mm heel-to-toe drop: this will allow you to enjoy better stability and control, reaching an optimal balance.
  • Opean weave mesh upper: your feet will keep feeling fresh and energized throughout your whole CrossFit workout.
  • Multi-surface outsole: achieve more grip, traction, balance and stability thanks to this improved outsole.
  • Forefoot and heel pods: they provide cushioning and shock absorption for added flexibility and comfort.

Most users have found these versatile shoes to be extremely comfortable, durable and perfect for their CrossFit workouts. Make sure you find the right size and you will be making a good decision if you go for these shoes.

Inov-8 F-lite 240

Inov-8 is popular among those who practice CrossFit. This fresh product, the F-Lite 240 has proved to be a favorite among CrossFitters. Improvements and modifications regarding the prior version have been made, and are truly welcome among most CrossFitters. Keep reading to learn about the updates that the previous version of this Inov-8 shoe has received, and about all the features that will make you decide to purchase these shoes.

  • Injected EVA midsole: this improves cushioning while maintaining the same low profile.
  • Rope Tec: this new version offers protection around the mid foot, ideal if you want to do CrossFit rope work.
  • Lightweight and breathable: these shoes provide a unique sense of contact with all surfaces, from ground to the ropes.
  • Durability: these shoes have been designed to put up with a wide variety of movements of your feet.

These pair of shoes offer cushioning, durability and everything you need for your WOD. Double check sizes before purchasing, because they might run a bit large.

Reebok Nano 3.0

Reebok brought these shoes into the world for CrossFit. They have been designed to serve for anyone practicing this fitness program, providing the perfect combination of forefoot cushioning and heel stabilization. Check out the outstanding features of this shoe.

  • Anti-friction lining: this prevents hot-spots and rubbing. If you want to wear your shoes without wearing socks, you are good to go!
  • Rearfoot: soles are dense and crush-resistant, which provides stability and impact protection
  • Lightweight: they are not the lightest in the market, but they are light enough.
  • Midsole: includes rope guards which prevent it from being damaged during climbs
  • 4 mm heel-to-toe drop: your feet will be in a more-or-less natural position while enjoying cushioning for high-impact exercises.

These shoes are definitely worth trying for those doing CrossFit programs. They have been especially designed for all CrossFit exercises and offer great durability, performance and support. Consider getting these shoes unless you are more of the running type.

New Balance MX20v3

17634_mens-new-balance-mx20v3_119_detailNew Balance offers a great option for those who follow CrossFit programs. The New Balance Minimus 20v3 are one of the best shoes that have been designed for this kind of workouts. These minimalist shoes provide a stable platform. Here you have the main features that will make you want them:

  • 4 mm heel-to-toe drop: it will support you during lifts.
  • Vibram outsole: it provides maximum surface contact and multi-directional traction, ideal for rope climbs.
  • Antimicrobial treatment: this reduces odor.
  • Welded seams: there is no stitching to rub and they might be worn with or without socks. Do as you please.

If you are looking for a pair of shoes for your indoor workouts, or even for mid-distance running, the New Balance Minimus 20v3 are a perfect fit for you. Make sure that you are looking for a minimalist shoe, and give it a try. It will not disappoint you!

Vibram FiveFingers

All models of the Vibram FiveFinger shoes are designed for fitness and/or running. These shoes have been manufactured to provide protection from hazards on the ground while allowing the feet to move and respond naturally. This is quite different from other shoes which offer extra protection and cushioning. Keep reading about the features of these unique shoes.

  • No heel-to-toe drop: if you are looking for something that offers you a barefoot feel, these shoes are the most appropriate ones.
  • Five toe slots: each of your toes has its own compartment.
  • Vibram sole: it has the ability to grip any surface you may be working out These shoes will not let you slip or lose your footing.

If you are willing to take some time to get used to them, these shoes will replicate the feel and posture of being barefoot, which is why so many CrossFitters have them as their personal favorite.

Crossfit Gloves for Men That Will Improve Your Performance

While you follow a CrossFit workout you may find it handy to wear gloves. They should not only bear the high intensity workouts but also shield your hand against calluses or palm burns. Bear all this in mind when choosing your CrossFit gloves. Before purchasing any gloves, check the following:

  • Does it sustain the grip at all times?
  • Can it absorb heat and sweat?
  • Can I afford it?

If all three answers are positive, then you just found yourself a good pair of CrossFit gloves. Here we give you an overview on some of the best gloves available at the market. Do not forget the three key questions, judge for yourself and get equipped.

First of all, let’s have a look at what Reebok has to offer regarding CrossFit gloves.

Reebok Men’s Fitness GlovesThese may not have been designed as CrossFit gloves, but they definitely meet the expectations of any CrossFitter looking for durable, breathable, light gloves. Affordable for all pockets, these gloves may not be sturdy enough for tough WODs, but they could make a great start in the CrossFit world!
Reebok VR6000 GlovesThese CrossFit gloves give good performance for everyday WOD, but are not designed for the avid CrossFitter. However, it offers nice features. One is the seamless palm technology which, through cabretta leather, makes it breathable and repellant to moisture. You may also expect protection to some extent, but keep reading for an upgraded version from the same brand!
Reebok CrossFit GlovesOnce you are past the beginner phase in CrossFit you may want to look for better gloves specifically designed for CrossFit. Whereas the Reebok Fitness Gloves are not suitable for all kinds of grips, and the VR600 CrossFit Gloves are lacking in protection, these Reebok CrossFit Gloves perform nicely for more grips. They also feel comfortable during WOD and deliver great protection


Even though Reebok has proved to be one of the most popular brands in the market, when it comes to CrossFit gloves, there are many other options that you can have a look at. Check some of the most popular among CrossFitters below.

StrongerRx – RTG GlovesThese gloves have been designed especially for CrossFit. They combine comfort, style, value and durability. If you are using them for lifts, you will enjoy its great cushioning. When doing pull ups, you will find their grip better than others’. Besides, answering our second question, these gloves offer nice breathability. Choose among the three available colors, try them on a demanding WOD and you will understand why these CrossFit gloves are so popular among CrossFitters.
Mechanix Wear MGV-55-009 Original Vent GloveThese gloves have not been built specifically for CrossFit but for hardcore construction activities. It does, however, work well for CrossFit. These gloves are comfortable, washable and do not get stinky. The biggest downside is that they lack the proper grip for many exercises.
Under Armour Men’s UA Nitro Football GlovesYou might be surprised by knowing that a pair of football gloves can be popular among CrossFitters, but the technology used by Under Armour seems to fit perfectly with what you would expect of a pair of CrossFit gloves. Protection is guaranteed with these gloves and performs extremely well for lifts thanks to its padding.
Bionic GlovesIf you are a man looking for protection for your hands and fingers during your CrossFit workouts, then these gloves might be of your interest. Their palm, fingers and thumbs are padded to avoid blisters and calluses. On the other hand, it must be noted that excessive sweat can make the glove slippery on the inside, thus making the grip less comfortable.


All the above options are full-finger gloves. You may also be interested in finding a good pair of half-finger CrossFit gloves. CrossFitters seem to be delighted with the performance of the Stronger X Half Fingers. Even though their grip is not the best you may find out there on the market, they offer good features such as:

  • Great breathability: forget about bad odors
  • Suitability for lifts
  • Good padding

The Most Popular Accessories for Men

If you already have your CrossFit apparel, your shoes and your gloves you are ready to start your Crossfit program. However, some extras may come in handy. CrossFitters have different taste and exercise differently. Therefore, not all accessories are made for everyone. We will now list the most popular among men. Have a look at them, try them and you may end up finding it impossible to follow your WOD without some of these items. Perhaps you will not find them useful, but it is worth trying.

Protect your Wrists!

There are two options, depending on whether you want to give your wrists an extra protection or you want to improve your performance while lifting.

  1. Wrist wraps: you may have had a wrist injury before starting with If that is the case or you are looking for added wrist support for exercises such as overhead and heavy lifts, you may want to have a look at wrist wraps. Look for durable, fit, versatile wraps that may adapt to the exercises you do in your WOD.
  2. Wrist straps: these are a good option for when you want to lift heavy weight but your grip is fatiguing. They prove to be extremely useful for deadlifts, but you may also find good use for other exercises such as weighted pull-ups.

Cover your feet!

Some CrossFit shoes may be used with or without socks, but you should definitely consider wearing some CrossFit socks. The most popular ones among CrossFitters are those knee high socks. They might be just a fashion, but they actually have several features that make them attractive and a great purchase. They

  • protect your shins from all kinds of CrossFit exercises and moves;
  • can serve as a shield between the ankles and the shoes;
  • tend to absorb some of the shock involved in some exercises;
  • reduce the friction between the feet and the shoes;
  • add more support to the calf muscles;
  • and they help the CrossFitter to keep their muscles warmed up.

If you are going to check out CrossFitt socks you may want to take into account that there is a kind of specialized type of knee high shocks called compression socks. They do more than just cover your foot. They can help you recover in between workouts and gain more power during them.


Whether you want them for your arms or your knees, sleeves are designed to protect the part of the body they are covering from injury or risk of damage. They also add compression. This system, which is the same as that of compression socks, encourages blood flow through the blood vessels, which equals a better recovery. Here you have two good options for sleeves

Arm sleeves
Swiftwick Compression Arm SleevesThey are made of the only Nobel Prize winning fiber, Olefin. This fiber retains very few moisture, which results in fast drying, lightweight, breathable, abrasion-resistant sleeves.
Reebok Men’s Crossfit Arm Compression SleeveThis product has been constructed to help with muscle stabilization during any workout. These sleeves feature a moisture management system that helps keep you cooler, dryer and more comfortable. With an anti-microbial substance, this sleeves feature flatlock stitching that reduces rub and irritation.


Knee Sleeves
Rehband 7751 Knee SleevesMany CrossFitters love to use these sleeves. Using them regularly can relieve pain and increase performance. They are one of the few sleeves on the market with a 3D-design that provides a high level of comfort.
Nike Closed Patella Knee SleeveThese knee sleeves have a compression fit that provides support. They are really lightweight and breathable thanks to their ventilated stretch construction.

Crossfit Equipment

The Basics You Will Need For Crossfit

If you are taking your CrossFit workouts seriously, but you cannot afford or do not want to join a gym, you can always get the equipment yourself and work out at home. Try making your own garage gym.

Thankfully, this sport uses a minimal amount of equipment, but is always good to have at least what is needed for starting with your WODs at home. The list below covers the top 10 equipment you will be using during your workouts at your own garage gym.

  1. Olympic Weightlifting Barbell

imagesThis is the number one must-have for your personal garage gym. You should choose the one that fits your own preference. The most popular among CrossFitters is a barbell without center knurl, but you may want to have it with center knurl. Here you have some features that you ought to find in a barbell.

  • It should not bend!
  • Olympic knurling. Do not look for power lift knurling.
  • Snap ring or end cap collar construction. Avoid those with a bolt in the end!
  1. Bumper Plates

You can always get metal ones, but CrossFitters prefer bumper plates simply because they bounce and cause less damage than traditional weights. You can find two different families of training bumpers:

  1. Recycled rubber bumpers with HD stainless steel inserts. They are the toughest bumper on the market.
  2. Rubber bumper with brass insert: the brass inserts do not last as long as the steel, but they are good all-round bumpers.
  3. Rings

descargaMany exercises will require you to use them. For example, ring dips, push-ups or muscle-ups. Find yourself a good set of rings and your performance in those exercises will improve. Different brands produce them with different materials. You may want to go for steel rings like Rogue’s. Your taste could tend more to the plastic material. If that is the case, the Elite rings from Tyler Hass have led the way.

  1. Medicine Ball

Medicine balls are used for wall balls as well as some core exercises. The most commonly used size for CrossFit is 20 lb. Check what Dynamax has to offer if you are thinking of buying one of those. However, for your own personal gym, it is more advisable to get lighter medicine balls for mixed use.

  1. Kettlebell

descarga (1)Most of WODs include kettlebell workouts, so you should absolutely think about getting one for yourself. Be careful about the weight you choose, but men usually get around 35 lb. Look for casting seam and check whether the bell is naked, baked painted or hammertone painted for a right feel.

  1. Squat Stand

Also known as squat rack, this piece of equipment will be very useful. Once you get past the stages when you only squat the bar, you will need something to hold the weight when you are done. Sometimes cheap options might be more appealing, but for this you should find good quality if you do not want to regret it later. Find yourself some sturdy squat stands! These are some of the brands that offer squat racks you may want to consider.

  • ProMaxima: these sturdy stands are independent and have no connection to the back. Their cups are covered with plastic, which protects the knurl.
  • Rogue: they have a system that was designed with the thought of eliminating all the knobs, pins and threads that wear out over time.
  • York FTS: this squat stand is low cost for its versatility. Unlike the Rogue model the threads wear out with heavy use, so you may experience pain while adjusting.
  1. Rower

descarga (2)If you do not want to miss out much on your WODs, make sure you get a rower. It might look as a huge investment, but it is extremely worth it. Here you have the different types of rowers you can find available at the market. Each of them offers something different, so try to find what is more appropriate for your needs and likes.

  • Piston resistance: those piston resistance rowers do not have the same smooth motion of other rowers. This could lessen the overall effectiveness of your workout, so they are not really suitable for CrossFitters.
  • Magnetic resistance: a magnetic machine offers a similar resistance to a piston rower, but they operate much more smoothly and quietly. Check the space you have because they tend to have a long main rail.
  • Air resistance: this is by far the most popular type of rower among CrossFitters. It is the closest simulation to rowing on water and their operation is very smooth. If you will not be bothered by the noise and can afford the price, this could be the best match for you.
  • Water resistance: they are a good simulation for actual rowing. You can customize the water resistance, but it is not as convenient as with other types of rowers. They are not as noisy as others, but they are heavier.
  1. Jump Rope

This piece of equipment will be pretty easy to store. You may hang them on a hook when you are done, or anywhere else within your own gym. Jump ropes are a great workout. Brands offering jump ropes usually give advice on the length you will need according to your height. You should find balance and symmetry between your body and your rope. Speed is also important when deciding which jump rope you should purchase, because not every rope is made designed for the same exercises. You may want to purchase more than one, or maybe look into some ropes that offer replacement cables for when they are worn out.

  1. GHD

Wondering what this stands for? Glute-Ham Developer! This is a great piece of equipment, useful for developing mechanics before introducing loads and speed. This is crucial in the beginning and can be used throughout all stages a CrossFitter goes through. Some other pieces of equipment are usually included in CrossFit equipment packages. However, if you want to purchase a GHD, you had better have a look at what is on the market by yourself, because packages tend not to include them.

  1. Pull-up Bar

These bars are used in most workouts. Some kind of bars can be hung on the door. They are not the best option, since they are dangerous, could damage your door and they do not let you perform a wide variety of pull-ups. Buy a quality bar and you will not regret it.

Crossfit Equipment Packages

If you have gone through all the equipment you will need for your CrossFit workouts and find it hard to choose among all the options, you may want to consider getting an equipment package and adding the extra pieces of equipment you may find useful for your WODs. See the tables below and compare what these packages have to offer.

Basic CrossFit Equipment Packages

NuEra’s The Basics”Barbell Bumper platesSpring collarsPull-up barAbMatGym chalk
Rep Fitness Bodyweight Level 1 WOD PackageWood ringsSpeed ropeAb trainerPull-up band
Fingesport Bronze Starter PackageBomba Olympic BarBumper platesSpring collarsKettlebellSpeed rope


Rogue SoCal Starter PackageBumper platesSpring collarsBarbellRingsMedicine Ball


Complete CrossFit Equipment Packages

Warrior CrossFit Equipment Package
  • Ohio Barbell with zinc shaft and zinc sleeves
  • Set of Rogue HG Collars
  • 320lb Rogue HG Bumper Set (pairs of 10, 25, 35 and four 45lbs bumpers) and 2.5lbs 5lbs metal plates
  • Two 35lbs Rogue Kettlebells
  • Two 53lbs Rogue Kettlebells
  • One 70lbs Rogue Kettlebell
  • Your choice of a Dynamax Ball of up to 20lbs
  • Your choice of a D-Ball up to 30lbs
  • Set of Rogue Rings
  • Rogue SR-3 Speed Rope
  • Climbing rope that measures at 20’x1.5’
  • Set of Rogue Parallettes
  • Abmat
Alpha CrossFit Equipment Packages
  • Ohio Bar
  • Set of Rogue HG Collars
  • 320lb Rogue HG Bumper Set – Same confirmation as the Warrior, with the exception of the steel plates
  • Two 35lbs Rogue Kettlebells
  • Two 53lbs Rogue Kettlebells
  • Set of Rogue Rings
  • Your choice of a Dynamax Ball of up to 20lbs
  • Climbing rope that measures at 20’x1.5’
  • Rogue SR-3 Speed Rope
  • Abmat
Bravo CrossFit Equipment Package
  • Ohio Bar
  • 230lb Rogue HG Bumper Set – Same confirmation as the Warrior, with the exception of the steel plates and you only get one set of 45lb bumpers
  • Set of Rogue HG Collars
  • One 35lbs Rogue Kettlebells
  • One 53lbs Rogue Kettlebells
  • Set of Rogue Rings
  • Your choice of a Dynamax Ball of up to 20lbs
  • Rogue SR-3 Speed Rope
  • Abmat


Still confused about which package would be best for you? Keep reading so you can learn about the advantages of each of these complete CrossFit equipment packages!

  • Warrior CrossFit Equipment Package

This package is one of the best options available on the market. Anything you may need is included in the set. Besides since it is under the brand Rogue, you can be sure that quality will be guaranteed. It might be a great investment at once, but if you are thinking of getting all these pieces of CrossFit equipment at some point, it is worth investing all at once.

  • Alpha CrossFit Equipment Packages

Less expensive than the Warrior package, this equipment package is a good choice to start your workouts at home. If you are looking for a package that will save you some money and some space, this will fit for sure. It lacks some pieces of equipment

  • Bravo CrossFit Equipment Package

This is just another package by Rogue. It does not offer as many pieces of equipment as the others and this is reflected on its cheaper price. You could consider purchasing this package as an addition to your gym if you already have some equipment at home and want to complete it. However, think twice if you are just starting because you may need to add more gear to this CrossFit equipment package.

3 Glute Ham Developers You Might Want to Purchase

7006-HIGHDs are rare to find in CrossFit equipment packages. You usually need to purchase them yourself if you really want to own one. If you are willing to develop the posterior chain, build strong glutes and promote core-to-extremity power, a GHD is a great tool. Check out this review on these three top glute ham developers to get an idea of what you may end up purchasing.

Rogue Abram Glute Ham Developer 2.0

This durable, stable and comfortable machine is at the top line for GHD machines. It offers you everything you want from a GHD. You know you will find quality when you find a Rogue product. The versatility of this machine is incredible, and it is extremely easy to use, so there is no doubt why it is one of the favorite among CrossFitters. It will last and get the job done. What else could you ask for?

York ST Commercial GHD

This option has its own appeal, since its features are different from other GHD such as the ones from Rogue. Since it is a commercial machine, it may be a bit pricey for you, but the investment is worth it. These are the main features that will make it worth purchasing:

  • Adjustments: height, shape, exercises of choice. Not many machines will let you make as many as this GHD. It provides 29 different angles and positions that you can put the padding in.
  • Added twin padding. Your hip will enjoy added support for GHD exercises.
  • Long sturdy base.
  • Two high-quality pads. They can be adjusted to various heights. This makes it comfortable for athletes of all sizes.

Fringesport OneFitWonder GHD

This glute ham developer is a good option for a personal garage gym. The brand that sells it is Fringesport, a very reputable company. Its target is the posterior chain and does a great job for CrossFitters willing to work on that area of their body. This GHD offers nice stability thanks to the anchor holes. It also a knee pad that makes mounting and dismounting quite easy. Another nice feature is its split roller pads with a nice channel that all men would be thankful for. With a 5-year-warranty, you will not get many products with this quality for the price of this glute ham developer.

Crossfit Rowers Options

Rowing is a big component of CrossFit workouts. Since it is an important part of your program, why not purchase a good rower to train with rowing exercises at your personal gym at home? CrossFitters consider heads down the Concept2 rowing machines the best option. Let’s have a look at some of the most popular Concept2 models and the different features they have.

ModelSuitable ForPerformance MonitorProsCons
DHomeGeneral usePM3CheapestEasy storageNon-adjustable heights
ECommercial applicationsPM4Great maneuverabilityEasy storageNon-adjustable heights
DynamicTraining for real water rowingPM3Closest to real water rowingAmazing stabilizationCannot be packed upBig size


As you can see, they all have their good things and their downsides. All models are on the high end of prices, so double check if they fit what you need, especially if you are thinking of purchasing a Dynamic model. You should be careful not only with your budget, but also the space for storage you have available! If money is not an issue, the best option for doing your exercises at home is Concept 2 Model D.

Is this the only brand that offers quality rowing machines for your CrossFit WODs? Of course not! Check out these two perfectly functional rower models from other brands that are great alternatives to the Concept 2 models. Pay special attention to the kind of rowers they are, because they might not be suitable for what you are looking for!

WaterRower Club Rower

Build quality and superior materials put this rowing machine up at the same level as the top rowing machine brands, such as the already discussed Concept 2. What makes it a good choice for workouts?

  • It has been made completely naturally.
  • It is one of the quietest rowers on the market.Wood absorbs most of the vibration and sound that comes from it while working out.
  • It is a water resistant rower. Ideal for CrossFit WOD
  • Includes a performance monitor, which consists of a large LCD screen very easy to read.
  • Excellent design. If your colleagues or friends happen to visit, it is always great to show off with a stylish rowing machine.

Stamina Air Rower

If your real burden is your budget, you may find this good quality rower a great opportunity for your CrossFit exercises. If you want it to get trained into rowing, then this is not what you are looking for. These are the features this rowing machine has to offer you:

  • It is an air resistance rower. As already stated, this would be enough for the aerobic exercises you will follow in your WOD. The ones who should look for something else are those wanting to train for real rowing.
  • It provides easy storage. It folds up into a compact size.
  • It has a sturdy feeling while rowing despite not weighting too much.
  • Its seat is comfortable for the price.
  • It has smooth action.
  • It is quieter than most air rowers available on the market.
  • It includes a basic but easy-to-use console.

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