5 Best Haircut Styles for Boys in 2016

5 Best Haircut Styles for Boys in 2016

Having a baby boy, especially as a first born, is one of the things parents are so thankful for. Well, every parent is thankful whether the newborn is a boy or a gal but it just seems like it’s sweeter with a baby boy as first since boys are expected to act as manly and as brotherly as they could, so the mom then would feel safer having another man to keep and save her. But that’s not always the case.

However, since moms are moms, they tend to get so excited for little boys that they can’t help but dress them as young adults and almost the same with their dads. It’s a golden rule for moms to make their kids as smart and handsome looking as possible – from the clothes and shoes they wear to their crowning glories, their hair.

Yep. Not only men get to have stylish haircuts, parents especially mothers, sometimes would want “daddy haircut copies” for their little ones to make them look incredibly cute and charming. Of course, who wouldn’t want an adorable looking kid walking beside you hand in hand? Almost no one.

We can’t blame mothers, or fathers, as the case may be. Boys have the right to look stunning even at a young age. So for moms out there who are guilty of these tendencies, it’s just normal. That’s what you call love so don’t feel guilty much about it.

And in case you’re a mom who’s really looking into the best haircut for your young boy, here are a few haircut styles which are very hot this 2016 for your cute little jumbo.

5 Best Haircut Styles for Boys in 2016

  • Side swept haircut for boys

Remember when Justin Bieber used to be cute? This cut gives your boy an adorable and sweet look like that young Justin we all adore. It can easily be achieved by cutting through the natural division of the hair and brushing it through the sides. Simple as that!

  • Cute Mohawk

Even if your little boy does not have long locks, you may still achieve this trendy hairstyle by applying some hair product on top. It will always give your son that cutest, rebellish, naughty little guy look that we saw on TVs.

  • Cute Hipster Haircut for boys

This haircut is so in these days not only for adults but for your son, too, who wants to be in style. It is done by shaving the sides of the head leaving the top untouched. You may use child-friendly hair products to make it look soft and clean. Remember, though, to be cautious when you style your son’s hair this way and on your own. Safety first before style.

  • Fringe curly boy hair cut

This is perfect if your kid doesn’t want a long hair cut. This style gives texture and layering to your son’s hair. Trim some of the hair to achieve the layering then use your hands to shake the hair following the natural division to it and will fall nicely. Push all the hair in front then the bangs on the side and get ready to be swooned over by that angelic look.

  • Classy clean cut

This will always suit all boys of all ages. It will never go out of style and very easy to manage. Your son can easily style his own hair by applying little amount of hair product by letting the ends of the hair point anywhere. That’s a perfect example of kids being carefree.

With those 5 do’s for your little bums, we hope you’ll have an idea for that next barber appointment.

Wardrobe Essentials: The Versatile White Shirt

Wardrobe Essentials: The Versatile White Shirt

The white shirt is the ultimate classic item of clothing in a man’s wardrobe. Suffice to say that a luxurious white shirt is a must-have for every man. It’s a staple for everything from special occasion wear, to day-to-day business wear.

White shirts came to be regarded as the formal attire, when in time gone by, the very fact that you could wear a “white collar” meant that you were a successful businessman—or perhaps even a sophisticated aristocrat. Times have changed but the white shirt has not just stayed the course, it has gone on to become the ultimate classic.

Why a White Shirt?

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! The white shirt has the ability to confer sophistication and elegance on the person that wears it.  Think about some of the best dressed men you know. Often, you’ll see find that their preferred dress shirt is almost always plain white.

1. Elegance

There truly is nothing in elegance that beats a freshly starched bright white cotton shirt. It show that you care about your appearance it—and it also shows that you can afford to!

2. Versatility

A white shirt combines with every coloured suit or pants you might have in your wardrobe. It works with formal lounge suits, a sport coat and dress pants, as well as being the best companion for a pair of summer cotton khaki pants.

3. Contrast

A smart wrist watch is to a man’s wardrobe what wrist and neck jewellery combined are for a woman! A white shirt allows you to do is to draw attention to your wrist watch—or any other accessories you prefer—while it serves as a powerful and elegant contrast to other colors and textures.

It’s easy to see why a white shirt doesn’t limit your sartorial choices, it gives you more.

Celebrities Wearing White Shirts

As you’ve learned, you can wear a white shirt many different ways. To see just how much of a classic and how versatile the white shirt really is, you have see Dean Martin rock the white shirt with a sport coat and a white pocket square on his 1960 album cover of  “This Time I’m Swingin’!”.

this time im swinging

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/This_Time_I’m_Swingin‘!

More recently, with a lesson in how to rock a suit with a white shirt,  here is David Cameron addressing the United Nations.

David Cameron

Source: http://gadebate.un.org/67/united-kingdom-great-britain-and-northern-ireland

We have all tried the Blue Jeans and White dress shirt combination! Tom Cruise to Harrison Ford, actors in Hollywood have all worn that look with great success. This is a sort of counter-culture look, which is at the same time acceptably serious business casual. While that does sound like an oxymoron, the ability of the white shirt to straddle the formal, casual divide is unmatched by any other shirt that you could have in your wardrobe.

Choosing a Fabric

Your choice of fabric weave in the white shirt you wear can help further subtly define the look that you want to convey.

Oxford Weave

The oxford weave is just a bit heavier and textured, it’s also very American.  This is your choice of shirt if the look that you want to present is just short of the complete formal.

Poplin or Broadcloth

The Poplin or Broadcloth weave is a plain flat weave fabric, and this is the fabric for the shirt that would represent the most sophisticated end of the white shirt spectrum.

One more thing. White shirts with non-iron finishes need to be avoided like the plague. They not only look cheap, they are in fact cheap. The crush on a superb white pure cotton fabric shirt is rightly known as the “expensive crush”!

If you don’t already have a white dress shirt in your wardrobe, what are you waiting? The white shirt is one item in your wardrobe that you can fall in love with again and again!

This was a Guest Article – Fazle A Naqvi is an apparel industry veteran and the founder of Artvictus. ArtVictus is an online dress shirt store that allows men to become style co-creaters and design their own dress shirts exactly the way they want them. To read more by Fazle, visit blog.artvictus.com.

Dressing For Success: Style Tips For Dressing in Business Attire

Dressing For Success: Style Tips For Dressing in Business Attire

Business meetings are one of those occasions wherein you need to dress accordingly. Many believe that the way you carry yourself is a reflection of how much you respect your client or boss. This is why it is essential that you make it a point to look your best at all times. So for men who wish to update their closets to accommodate the appropriate attire for business meetings, here are some tips, courtesy of Steve Davenport, from corporate clothing provider Promotions-R-Us.com.au:

Keep It Simple:

One of the first things when updating your wardrobe would be to get the basics. You do not need too many articles of clothing in order to look good. Just get a pair or two of good fitting slacks, a pair of jeans, a pair of chinos or khakis and a few polo shirts that fit well.

Keep It Neutral:

Get all your clothes in neutral colors to start with. Stay away from loud colors and prints as it is hard to mix and match those. By getting clothes in neutral colors, it will be easier for you to find good combinations. Make sure to also get clothes that are season specific, such as warm colored sweaters for the fall. If you want to be taken seriously, it would be best to wear outfits in dark colors as this connotes authority.

It’s All About The Fit:

One of the biggest no-nos when buying clothes is buying ill-fitting clothes. Nothing screams sloppy like a shirt that is obviously two sizes too big for you. Make sure to fit your clothes before buying them and make sure that they fit well. Be sure that you are comfortable in the clothes you wear as any discomfort you feel will reflect in the way you carry your clothes.

Don’t Ignore The Footwear:

Some of the best things you can invest in for your wardrobe would be footwear. Take your pick from oxfords, derbies, brogues or loafers. They are all smart looking and will definitely make your outfit look sharp.

Traditional Suits:

If you are to wear a suit, it is best to opt for a more traditional looking suit. Get those in dark shades of black, blue and gray. Solid prints or those in pinstripe would be best. Veer away from patterns and plaids unless that material would be for your ties or shirts. But if you want to be safe, get long-sleeved shirts with collars. Make sure to get those in black, blue, white/off-white and solid pastel shades.

Always remember that your outfit says a lot about you. So always make it a point to put a lot of care into what you wear. That way you will leave a good impression on anyone who meets you.

Top 10 Male Models with Tattoos and Beards

Top 10 Male Models with Tattoos and Beards

I love beards and I love tattoos. Now how about adding the two together all packaged up with male model looks.

Below is a list of my top 10 male models for 2015 who are sporting a variety of beards styles and are inked somewhere on their body (face, chest, hand, sleeves etc…) I’d recommend you follow them on instagram to keep up with all their amazing photos.

1. Ricki Hall

Shot from my latest collection with @PandCo – Dolls N' Devils collection out now at www.pand.co

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2. Chris Millington

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3. Billy Huxley

Off duty x

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4. Luke Ditella

@rhythm & @rhythm_usa.

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5. Levi Stocke

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6. Chris Perceval

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7. Josh Mario John

Shot for @ruckusapparel by @lanedorsey Rings by @fourspeed_ Beard by @apothecary87

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8. Mateus Verdelho

Pronto pra guerra, eu nasci pronto!

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9. Carlos Costa

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10. Dimitris Alexandrou

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9 Eye-Catching Beard Ideas for the Modern Man

9 Eye-Catching Beard Ideas for the Modern Man

The beard is facial hair that shows character and attitude. It leaves an impression of toughness and wisdom. Once you decide to grow a beard, you have to maintain that level of dedication to keep your beard in style. Many beard ideas online can help you decide on what bearded look best suits you. Just be confident in the beard style you’re wearing and you can make ladies swoon when you walk by.

Modern beard ideas suggest many potential rough and rugged looks for men. Women usually find bearded men very sexual and stimulating. So, if you’re bent on growing and maintaining a beard, better take down notes and bookmark concepts as you read on.

How to Trim a Beard and Goatee

Whether you prefer to grow a full beard or a goatee, keep in mind the following pointers. These will help you improve and maintain your manly facial hair:

  1. Buy a reliable, high quality beard trimmer.
  2. Give your beard or goatee a good wash and dry it thoroughly.
  3. Assess your beard or goatee by using a clear mirror. Do this to make sure that you spot the areas that need trimming.
  4. Shave the areas carefully.
  5. Trim your mustache. Just comb your mustache downwards and trim carefully, so that the hair won’t cover your mouth. Also pay attention to the outer mustache edges. Trim it according to your personal preference and taste.
  6. With a razor trimmer, trim the facial hair on each side of your chin evenly.
  7. Look at the area you’re trimming, with the use of a mirror. Adjust the trimming when needed.
  8. Comb down the beard or goatee downwards and trim the hairs with uneven lengths. Take note of the style you want.
  9. Moisten your face and comb downward and check if you have missed any area.

Do You Want to Grow a Goatee without a Mustache?

Facial hair adds significantly to any wardrobe or hairstyle that you want. Men with goatees have always been known to exhibit sexual virility, knowledge, masculinity, and wisdom. Yet, other people think of men as primitive, unclean, and strange, whenever they see goatees. Growing a goatee without a mustache can make or break your looks.

Traditionally, a goatee is a patch of hair growth just below you lower lip until your entire chin area. Many mustache-less goatee styles are gaining popularity. Below are some of them and what they can say about you:

  1. Traditional Goatee (No Mustache)

In this goatee, your goatee’s edges are left vertical or rounded. This goatee style shows that you are a man with traditional style.

  1. Balbo Goatee (No Mustache)

This is done to form an inverted “T”, resembling a ship’s anchor. Balbo looks good on men with square or round-shaped faces, If you have this goatee, then you are sending a message that you’re an outdoor, rugged person.

  1. Chin Strap Goatee (No Mustache)

The chin strap goatee involves a thin line of hair from one of your sideburns to the other. The line of hair goes through the chin line. This goatee style reflects your dramatic side.

  1. Soul Patch Goatee (No Mustache)

This style is the smallest goatee ever created. It is also known as Mouche or the Imperial. The Soul Patch is often seen just below the lip, without a mustache. It makes you look artistic, creative, energetic, and youthful.

  1. Tailback Goatee (No Mustache)

Also known as the Hollywoodian, the tailback goatee is created from a full beard. You just shave the beard down, to produce a straight cut that stretches horizontally from each of the corners of your mouth. It signals people to give you the prestige and the respect you deserve.

Do You Want a Beard Neckline?

Some men like trimming their beard neckline too high, up to their jaw line. You should try your best to avoid this move because it shows people that your beard is already too small to fit your face.

Take note that you do not need to trim your beard into a beard neckline. It is much better to grow it naturally. Just don’t allow it to reach your chest hair (If you have any) or you will look like a transforming werewolf.

Top Beard Ideas to Consider

Below are some head-turning beard ideas that you just might want to try at some point:

1. The Age Gracefully Look – Pulled off  George Clooney

One of the best men who can always get away with a beard and a mustache is George Clooney. If being a worldwide super-famous actor, producer, writer and director wasn’t enough.

He still has time to rock some seriously stylish facial hair. Aging gracefully with it.

how to trim a beard and goatee like Clooney

How to Achieve the George Clooney Look

The good news is, achieving the George Clooney beard isn’t difficult. The bad news is, you aren’t going to instantly become as attractive as him. But nethertheless, this is how you can replicate this facial hair:

      • Depending on the speed that your facial hair grows, allow your whole beard to grow out around 1cm.
      • Shave your neck with a razor as close to the skin as you can.
      • Follow your own jaw-line, taking care of all the hair under your jaw.
      • Tidy up the edges across your cheeks to form a straight line.
      • Use a beard comb to keep all the hair looking sharp.
      • For ongoing maintenance use a beard trimmer to keep the hair at around 1cm.

You Can Achieve This Look with the Phillips Norelco 3500 Beard Trimmer

With a huge 20 built in length settings, there is a lot of versatility with this model.

You can deliver precise lines and angles, to achieving almost any beard is possible.

It has rounded tips for a skin friendly shave, you will not experience skin burn like you would with a cheaper model.

Check Amazon for the latest price and pick up one up for yourself here.

2. The Ruggedly Handsome Look – Effortlessly Carried off by Joe Manganiello

Joe Manganiello is the perfect model for this look. Known as an even furrier looking character as a werewolf in True Blood, I think he looks better with this 2-3 day shadow.

You can achieve this, too, if you trim every 2-5 days. Take note that you have to fade that hair on your neck to give a natural look.

Joe Manganiello fade beard neckline

How to Achieve the Joe Manganiello Look

Joe Mangeniello has that classic rugged model look, and it’s pretty easy to do as well. There isn’t a lot of maintenance involved, and it relies on having that day after look. Here is how you can pull off the same look:

  • Starting with a blank canvas, allow a few days growth.
  • Shave a goatee in, some faint chin straps are optional as sometimes this look carries those.
  • Keep the sideboards, as illustrated in the picture above.
  • Give your neck a clean and close shave.
  • Allow 2-3 day shadow on the rest of your face, and pull off that rugged look.

3. The Cool Look – With Henrik Lundqvist

A decorated ice hockey player, Henrik Lundquist clearly puts some thought into his beard.

This beard style gives anyone a rakish, confident look. Just don’t forget to trim slightly with a trusty beard trimmer, I can’t promise you it will improve your ice hockey skills. But it’ll give you a more stylish edge.

how to trim a beard and goatee like Lundqvist

How to Achieve the Henrik Lundqvist Look

The Henrik Lundqvist illustrated in the picture above is another low maintenance beard. Which is great for those of us in a hurry, or not into spending longer in front of the mirror than their other halves. Here is how you can achieve this look:

  • Starting with a clean shaven face, allow a few days growth.
  • Use a razor to keep the edges clean, shave the collar line, the cheek lines and any other stray hairs.
  • Now just simply use a good beard trimmer to maintain the length of the hair.
  • No more shaving rash, nicks and cuts, and you’re good all year round.

4. The Sporty Look – Play it Like LeBron

This new bearded look for LeBron James has a clean neck line and even consistency. It really highlights his jaw line, making it more chiseled.

Granted, no one can match LeBron on the court for skills and finesse. But with a bream grooming kit, a sharp jaw line, and some hair growth like his. You can pull this off and be the envy of your friends.

LeBron James clean beard neckline

How to Achieve the LeBron James Look

LeBron James has one of the most famous beards to don a man’s face. With men all over the world envious of his trim, here is how you can achieve the same look. This has to come with the disclaimer that not everyone can pull it off however. You need a good thick, coarse facial hair.

  • Start with a clean shaven face and allow a few days growth.
  • Get yourself some good quality edging beard trimmers.
  • Craft your desired shape out just like LeBron.
  • Take your time, it’s not easy to do and mistakes can set you back days.
  • Keep the clean shaven areas close to the face, and trim the beard daily.

5. The Full Beard Look

This is a classic look for men. It gives you credibility, masculinity, power, and age. When you see a man with a full beard, it’s really hard not to trust him.

Full-bearded men are very attractive to women ages 30 and above. Don’t be fooled by the unkempt look on most men, it takes a little TLC to keep it in top shape.

grow a full beard like brian wilson

How to Achieve the Full Beard Look

The full beard look is one of the most popular looks right now. It’s not as simple as just leaving your face along for a few months mind, you’ll need to keep that bushy beard groomed. Here is how you can grow a beard to make others stop and stare:

  • Allow you beard to grow how nature takes its course for a few weeks.
  • Once you have some beard to work with, you can start to keep it looking full and shiny.
  • Use beard oils to keep it nourished and full-looking.
  • Trim the stray edges as per your own taste. The cheek lines, and neck line should be trimmed.
  • Comb it to keep it in order, and keep an eye for any crumbs getting caught up in it!

6. The Confident Look – Represented by Russell Brand

Russell Brand’s beard and mustache shape his face well, even if the hair on his head is not that cooperative and hot looking all the time.

He oozes confidence. The way he carries himself, the way he talks, and the way he performs on screen. So this beard is appropriate for him, and may also be so for you.

Russell Brand how to trim a beard and goatee like him

How to Achieve the Confident Look

Admittedly, to pull off a confident beard, it needs a confident platform. So if you’re the confident type, this is going to be the perfect marriage. It’s not difficult to do, but lends itself to those with the softer facial hair:

  • Allow your facial hair to grow out for a week or so.
  • Add some defined shape by shaving the neck, and trimming the cheek lines.
  • Put some work into the chin strap if you have a fuller look than Russell Brand.
  • Use a trimmer every few days, don’t over the do the maintenance as it works better slightly rough around the edges.

7. The Mustache-Goatee Look – With Kanye West

Dark-skinned men always look good in this look. It is their facial hairstyle of choice. This beard idea lets women know that they are controlled, conscientious, masculine, and strong.

While Kanye Wests’ music and attitude isn’t to everyone’s taste, you have to give him some style points for rocking the mustache-goatee look perfectly.

kanye west goatee with mustache

How to Achieve the Mustache-Goatee Look

It always seems like nothing is good enough for Kanye West. Apparently either the tash’, or the chin beard wasn’t either. Hence why he pulls off both at the same time, and its set quite the trend. Here is how you can follow said trend:

  • Get your best razor or electric shaver to hand, you’ll need a close shave for this one.
  • Shave the face, leaving the mustache and chin beard as seen in the picture.
  • This look is at its sharpest the day you close shave, so do this as often as you comfortably can.
  • Keep the chin beard and mustache trimmed to the desired length with beard trimmers.

8. The Playboy Look – Sung by Adam Levine

This scruffy look is sexy to most women. Females will give you second looks with this facial hairstyle. Just look at Adam Levine. Any guy has to keep a close eye on his girlfriend if you sport this look.

Make sure you shave the hair right under your Adam’s apple. You don’t need to be able to sing as well as Adam to get the chicks, just pull of the beard as well.

adam levine beard idea

How to Achieve the Playboy Look

The good news for us guys is that women like this look. Ok, maybe more so attached to Adam Levine, but we can all try it too. It’s easy to do, based on the fact that it’s mostly just unshaven, scruffy and lacking grooming. Here is how you can do this:

  • Let your facial hair grow untamed.
  • Don’t overdo the scruffy, trim up any stray hairs.
  • Trim every few days and enjoy the lack of maintenance.

9. The Clean Shaven Stubbled Look – By Jake Gyllenhall

This look is not intimidating to women. It looks good in both older and younger men. It gives you a neat and rough look at the same time.

Jake Gyllenhall can do no wrong when it comes to his career it seems. So backing the same beard as him can’t be a bad option. This is an easy, quick facial hair look. Definitely worth a trail, see how it goes.

jake gyllenhaal shaven stubbled look

How to Achieve the Clean Shaven Stubbled Look

This is a look for the beginners and facial hair conscious alike. It’s kind of an introduction to having some stubble, and seeing how it’s received by those around you. It’s quick, easy, and looks great – here’s how you can achieve it:

  • Get a clean and close shave all over.
  • Leave your face a couple of days and rock the stubble look. Simple as that.
  • Trim down the neck every day to keep the stubble to the face.
  • Repeat every couple of days.

These beard ideas have been tested and tried to get the attention of women. If you want to transform yourself with a mustache and a beard, go for it! Facial hair is sexy when you know what you’re doing.

The Simple Man’s Guide to Mens Fashion

The Simple Man’s Guide to Mens Fashion

How to Improve Your Sense of Men’s Fashion

As you watch your wife or girlfriend choose her outfit for the day, you’re always thoroughly impressed that she knows what pieces match each other. Browsing through a mens fashion blog for inspiration is a smart idea to get you started on better clothing. The mens fashion blog can show you what the latest trends are, but also act as a springboard for your own unique sense of style.

When you’re picking out your clothes in the morning, you should also think about where you’re going for the day and what cool clothes for men fit into that vibe. For example, what to wear in Vegas is much different from what to wear at the office. Look at trendy blogs to see what to wear in Vegas, and check out the latest fashion magazines from high-end stores to see how you can make your work threads, and outfits for formal events, more in-line with current fashion statements.

Don’t be afraid to create your own concept of cool clothes for men. A mens fashion blog does not have to dictate everything from your tie to your shoes; instead, it can inspire you to check out a new pattern or to add a new color into your wardrobe. Staying true to yourself is really the most important element. Adding one unique piece to a style that you saw on a mens fashion blog can help you to stand out while still showing that you have a strong sense of style.

You can ask other people too. If you have a friend who always looks dapper no matter the occasion, ask him for some advice. If you’ve passed a shop day after day with great clothes in the windows but never stopped in, take a turn through the doors and speak to a sales associate for advice on styles that flatter your body.

Cocktail attire – everything men need to know

cocktail attire for menOn the face of it, cocktail attire for men is pretty simple. Wear dark-hued, but not black suits (the midnight blue tuxedo or dinner jacket is a popular choice,) along with reasonable socks and ties of virtually any variety, and a pair of Oxfords or brogues. Within these seemingly simple cocktail attire guidelines, however, is enough wiggle room to either impress your fellow party-goers with fashion savvy, or completely embarrass yourself in front of others. That’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to brief questions in cocktail attire, what to wear, and why.

1. What is a Sharkskin Suit?

A popular choice for winter and fall parties, Sharkskin suits are soft woven fabric suits that vary highly in quality. Cheaper suits are universally made of imitation sharkskin or are mohair suit, while more expensive authentic sharkskin, typically from the 60’s or earlier, costs thousands of dollars for a single sharkskin suit. It is difficult, but not impossible, to find a sharkskin midnight blue tuxedo, but nigh-upon impossible to purchase an authentic sharkskin dinner jacket.

2. Should I choose French Cuffs?

The French cuff is a style of shirt cuff popular in Europe. French cuffs are much longer than traditional single cuffs, but are designed to fold back in on themselves. In general, you should only go for a French Cuff suit at less formal events. You’ll have to shop around a little, as most mainstream brands, such as Hugo Boss suits, don’t have French cuffs anymore. On the other hand, customizable suits from outlets such as My Suit will have whatever cuffs the customer requests.

3. Where Should I Buy?

Cocktail attire for men of all varieties, including the mohair suit and Hugo Boss suits, can be found at Suit Supply Outlet. What you cannot find at a physical Suit Supply Outlet you may find at My Suit online outlet, which provides highly customized suits for each individual.

How to accessorize men’s fashion with Hickey Freeman

What is the fastest way to look like you do not know the first thing about fashion? Wear the latest trends in sunglasses with an outdated or inappropriate outfit. So, here’s a quick guide to help you know when it is okay to wear your Rancourt shoes and Hickey Freeman sunglasses together.

Polarized vs Non Polarized

Polarized glasses reduce glare, but the polarization can also increase reflection, and it is important to keep this in mind when choosing your outfit. When you are considering polarized vs non polarized, think about whether you’re dressing formally or casually. A spread collar button down tends to coordinate better with non-polarized, but there are rare exceptions when a spread collar shirt will work with polarized sunglasses. If you have any doubts, just go casual.

trilby vs fedoraTrilby vs Fedora

Ah, the age old battle. A Hickey Freeman trilby vs fedora; which is right for you? These hat styles are very similar, so you can get away with wearing the same sunglasses with both. It is best to avoid aviators with either of these hats. The wayfarer style is recommended. And Rancourt loafers are always a good option to round up the look. Either polarized or non-polarized lenses are fine.

RRL and Indochino Review

RRL and Indochino review various styles, but mostly provide a nod to a classic, semi-formal style. Both wayfarer style and aviators would work well. Sporty styles can sometimes work, but avoid anything that appears too sporty, such as shield-style sunglasses. Non-polarized lenses are best.

Trunk Club Review

Trunk Club is a service that allows you to choose your style from a selection including clueless, confident and aficionado, so your accessories will also vary based on style. Polarized lenses work well with clueless and confident, and non-polarized lenses work with all styles. Be sure to do your own Trunk Club review before deciding on a style.


The Best Dressed Shirts Are Custom Made

best dress shirtsIf you’re looking for the best dress shirts for men, it might be time to stop looking at what’s available on the rack and start considering custom shirts. The best dress shirts are the ones that have been made specifically to fit your unique shape. If you’re still not convinced that custom shirts are for you, here are some reasons why custom and tailored-made options make for the best mens dress shirts.

Perfect For When You Want To Look Your Best

Custom dress shirts and custom made t shirts are perfect for those times when you want to look your absolute best. This is why they are popular options for grooms and best men. You don’t want to look at your wedding photos only to see that your shirts were ill-fitting on the big day. This is why custom made shirts make the best dress shirts for these special occasions.

Look Sharp At The Office

Any man who is looking to get ahead in the professional world understands how important it is to look sharp. If you’re looking for the best dress shirts for men to wear with your suit every day when you go into the office, investing in custom made options will ensure that you always look impressive and sharp.

Custom made t shirts and dress shirts might seem like quite the investment, but in the long run, they’ll pay for themselves. That’s because they are of a higher quality than their standard counterparts and will hold up through lots of washing and wearing. If you’re looking for the best mens dress shirts, you’d be wise to look into a custom option. Not only will these shirts fit you fantastically, but they will last for a very long time and help you to look sharp.

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Are Luxury Watch Brands the Best Value for Money?

The man who wants to be well dressed should know which good watch brands are the top watch brands for men. The best watch brands are those luxury watch brands offering the individual the most style and quality for the money invested. Luxury watch brands are a smart investment, because their value increases over time. Good watch brands that are the best watch brands for men also become heirloom pieces of jewelry passed down from one generation to the next.

Rolex is among the top watch brands that consistently rank among the top 10 watch brands available. Rolex is among the best watch brands for those who prefer a classic look, along with such features as dust-proofing and waterproofing. Patek Philippe is another of the top watch brands for a man that is sought after as an elegant timepiece. International Watch Co. (IWC) is another of the watches brands considered the best watch brands for men, featuring not only a moon phase display but also a perpetual calendar.

Among the most sought after watches brands for value is Omega, one of the watch brands worn by celebrities. Omega is among the top watch brands for those demanding a certified marine chronograph. One of the most popular watch brands is Breguet, among the top 10 watch brands featuring perfect accuracy.

Expensive Watches: Do They Improve Mens Attire?

Expensive watches have been featured in popular fashion magazines for years. Expensive watches have a solid track record when it comes to enhancing a man’s wardrobe. This is the main reason why many well-known fashion designers encourage their clients to wear the most expensive watches. They know that the most expensive watches will complement their client’s attire.

The most expensive watches for men can always be found in high-end jewelry stores around the globe. The most expensive watches for men come in many different styles. Manufacturers of expensive watch brands understand the importance of meeting the needs of men from all walks of life. It is imperative for one to be selective when it comes to evaluating expensive watch brands.

Here are several of the most expensive watch brands offered in the market today:

-Rolex GMT Master 2

-Bvlgari Diagono Chronograph

-Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Rubber Clad

-Hublot Big Bang Ferrari King Gold

Can the most expensive watch brands improve a man’s attire? Yes, expensive mens watches most certainly enhance a man’s wardrobe. It is one of the first accessories that catch the eye. This is why expensive mens watches will continue to retain their popularity.

The most expensive watches in the world will always be purchased by gentlemen who are interested in standing out. The most expensive watches in the world are thus carefully crafted for distinguished gentlemen from all walks of life.

For those of you who are married too you need to think about how your watch works with the wedding band. There are some awesome unique mens wedding rings on the market. And, seeing as a man’s watch and ring is usually on show on the same arm/hand, you need to think about matching looks.


watch brandsBest Watches at the Best Value for Money

The best watches don’t have to be the most expensive. Many brands such as Movado, Bulova, Citizen and more, offer exceptional quality for a fraction of the price of a Rolex or some of the more expensive brands.

Best Watches Under 200

One of the best watches under 200 dollars is made by Bulova.

Bulova features a superior Japanese quartz movement that is unmatched by any other brand. Many of their watches for men and women are priced under $200 and can withstand pressure of up to 99 feet.

Many of Bulova’s watches that are priced under $200 come with a stainless steel case and silver dial.

Best Watches Under 500

If you’re looking for a sports watch that you can use on a daily basis, one of the best watches under 500 dollars is made by Citizen.

The Citizen Eco Drive Perpetual watch is extremely popular among active individuals looking for a solid time piece with a well-made movement. Citizen features a perpetual calendar with a silver dial, making it the perfect watch for all types of occasions.

watch brandsBest Watches Under 1000

One of the lesser well-known brands but still one of the best watches under 1000 dollars is made by Movado.

Movado is famous for their use of Swiss movements. The Movado Swiss Chronograph, a black masterpiece from Switzerland, comes with a black polymer bracelet and the classic museum dial that this particular brand is well known for.

Movado also produces many watches that are perfect candidates for the best watch for 1000 dollars. If you’re looking for the best watch for 1000 dollars, many well-known brands offer quality time pieces for affordable prices. The best watches don’t have to be bought for thousands of dollars.


cool watchesMen need to know what cool watches to wear

As a central part of any man’s outfit, unique watches for men can make or break a look. A suit will look incomplete without a watch, while khakis and an oxford shirt can look brilliant with one. The key to the perfect “cool” watch is a mix of simplicity and well thought-out design. Think of classic cars when considering the right watch, for example: The sleek lines of a used Rolls Royce will often beat out a flashy new model of car year after year, regardless of advances in technology. Indeed, with watches, as with automobiles, the look is everything.

When considering unique watches to purchase to best convey their sense of style, however, buyers should be aware that the cost of a timepiece does not always translate into a sophisticated appearance. Indeed, diamond-encrusted, gold-plated watches can often communicate a sense of arrogance in their wearers and can ruin an otherwise stylish outfit.

expensive watchesThe Lowdown on the Cost of a Good Watch

Cool watches can be as inexpensive as a decent meal at a restaurant, or they can cost as much as a luxury vehicle. Most will be somewhere in between. Deciding which cool watches are worth buying will depend both on the buyer’s personal taste, and the message they want to send others about themselves. Whatever their decision, unique watches will always catch the admiration of others when coupled with nice clothing.

Cool Watches for Men: Luxury for Less with Timex

As cool watches for men go, sometimes thrift really is a virtue. Loved by both old money Harvard types at white shoe law firms, and recent college graduates looking to spruce up for their first big job interview, the Timex Weekender has been a classic watch for some time. With its simple but effective design, the Weekender can go well with both a high-end suit or a t-shirt and jeans.

Unique Mens Watches: The Big Leagues

While Rolex maintains its status as the premiere provider of unique watches for men, brands like Omega and Panerai have taken its place in many circles. Proving that unique mens watches don’t have to be flashy to be sophisticated, Panerai’s minimal but state-of-the-art design makes its brand one of the most sought after by the world’s jet set. And as unique watches go, Omega currently holds the honor of being the brand of James Bond, making the company a paragon of cool. Buyers should try the Panerai Radiomir or the Omega Speedmaster for world-class looks.

Whatever a buyer’s decision, a good-looking watch will not only set a person apart; it will convey a sense of good taste. That quality alone will justify the search for the perfect timepiece.


Best Shoes For Men

Don’t you just love the feeling of well-worn shoes? Your feet are so comfortable, it’s like you don’t even have them on. In contrast, recall the experience of new shoes. Your feet grumble and complain, moan and groan. It’s not customary to comfortably wear shoes right out of the box. However, there are shoes that will make your feet happy with the first stride. This article will present the best walking, hiking, basketball, running, skate, and anti-pronation shoes for flat feet.

walking shoes for menWalking Shoes

1. Rockport Men’s M7100 Pro Walker Walking Shoe
This Rockport is a textured lace-up, leather shoe, with a padded tongue and collar. Its cushioning insole and ventilation support long walks. It’s lightweight and has great traction. It’s available in black, white, and wheat. The Pro Walker is one of the best walking shoes for men.

2. Bostonian Men’s Ipswich Lace-Up
This Bostonian is a handsome, dressy walker, with “Flexlite” foam cushioning and removable insole. They’re made of leather and are very lightweight. The support they provide resolves problems with flat feet. Colors available are black and chestnut brown. This is one of the most comfortable walking shoes.

3. Propet Men’s Commuterlite Walking Shoe
Propet’s Commmuterlite is a walk in the park. Its rugged look testifies to its traction and durability. The shoe is great for negotiating ice and snow. It’s also classified as an A5500 diabetic shoe. Propet comfortably accommodates hard-to-fit feet, and is among the best walking shoes for men. It comes in black and dark bronco brown.

Hiking ShoesHiking Shoes

1. Hi-Tec Men’s Flagstaff Waterproof Hiking Boot
Hi-Tec’s hiker is surprisingly stylish for mountaineering footwear. A moisture-wicking lining and waterproof exterior make for protective strides through streams. Every step is supported by a cushioning insole and Multi-Direction Traction outsole. They’re lightweight and comfortable, and come in brown and charcoal.

2. New Balance Men’s MO889 Outdoor Multisport Hiking Shoe
This New Balance hiking shoe is a force to be reckoned with, due to its aggressive Vibram sole and toe bumper. Its outer construction is brown suede, with a rip-stop nylon upper and neon orange logo. The low cut provides for ankle flexibility. New Balance specializes in accommodating wide widths. Hands down, this is one of the best hiking shoes.

3. Merrell Men’s Moab Mid Gore-Tex Hiking Boot
Merrell’s mid-top hiking boot features a Gore-Tex liner and Vibram sole. A unique “bellows tongue” prevents debris from entering the shoe. It’s both waterproof and breathable. An “air cushion” heel provides great shock absorption. They have a reputation for being comfortable right out of the box. Water is no match for these sluggers. They’re available in a wide variety of colors: brown, black, dark tan, dark earth, beluga, and walnut.

Basketball ShoesBasketball Shoes

1. Reebok Sublite Pro Rise Basketball Shoe
You’ll tell your opponents you mean business with this distinctive jumper. Reebok’s Pro Rise is a mid-top with mid-sole foam cushioning. It’s made of synthetic material with a sleek rubber outsole. Durable and lightweight, you’ll be doing slam-dunks in these. This Reebok is a great value for a great fit. The shoe is available in a rainbow of colors: navy blue, cardinal red, green, black, gray, and neon red.

2. Nike Mens Hyperdunk Low Basketball Shoes
Nike’s Hyperdunk has unique Lunarlon impact cushioning designed specifically for basketball. Its responsive cables tighten during quick moves and abrupt cuts. It has a unique glass-reinforced mid-foot. A foam-and-mesh upper provides breath-ability. With a reinforced traction pattern and pivot circle, you’ll baffle your opponents. It comes in crimson, gray, blue, and silver.

3. Ektio Men’s Breakaway Basketball Shoe
The doctor-invented Ektio is one of the best basketball shoes. It provides superior support with a velcro ankle cuff. You’ll have no need to wear sprain-preventing tape or braces. Anti-roll bumpers on the side enable you to securely zig-zag, pivot, and cut. A herringbone out-sole provides the ultimate in traction. If you have a tendency to sprain your ankles, this shoe is for you! Color insets are gray, turquoise, orange, and white. For serious stability, the Ektio is the way to go.

Running ShoesRunning Shoes

1. ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 20 Running Shoe
This runner is top-rated for cushioning, comfort, and stability. Special features include a multi-directional stretch mesh, stretch reinforcements, and a dual support system. Forefoot and rearfoot GEL cushioning offers superior protection against pounding. Reviews by customers who typically have foot, ankle, or knee pain while running report no pain with this shoe. Very lightweight, you’ll fly through the air with the greatest of ease with these. The ASIC is available in a wide range of colors, including green, silver, blue, and black.

2. Brooks Men’s Adrenaline GTS 14 Running Shoes
The Brooks Men’s Adrenaline is the Cadillac of a running shoe. Credit goes to its DNA Cushioning Technology, which physically adapts with each stride to deliver customized balance, cushioning, and stability. An exclusive feature is the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar that ensures pronation control for flat feet. A special rubber outsole compound extends the life of the bottom tread. It’s available in black, silver, green, and red.

3. Saucony Men’s Hurricane 16 Running Shoe
The Saucony Men’s Hurricane edges out the competition for the best running shoe. Trustworthy components of this shoe include Powergrid premium cushioning and Sauc-Fit support at the midfoot and heel. Other unique features include a reflective heel and medial post. The Hurricane is highly rated by runners for comfort and stability. Those with flat feet and plantar fasciitis will find this to be the answer to overpronation. It does double-duty as one of the most comfortable walking shoes. The Hurricane comes in black, silver, and orange.

Skateboard ShoesSkateboard Shoes

1. Globe Men’s Mahalo Skate Shoe
The Globe Mahalo is one of the best skate shoes. This respectable-looking shoe will have you boarding in style. It’s a low-cut shoe made with weather-impervious textile material. It comes in 14 colors, including sand, charcoal, brown, and black.

2. Emerica Men’s The Reynolds Skate Shoe
Emerica’s Reynolds is a leather, semi-high-top that renders both ankle support and ankle flexibility. Its “Cold Air Intake” mesh material protects feet against sweat. A foam midsole provides high-impact cushioning. A triangle tread features excellent traction. An internal support system promotes stability. Colors featured are dark navy, gray, and black.

3. DC Men’s Pure Se Action Sports Shoe
The DC means business when it comes to boarding. You’ll be well-protected during hard landings with a generously padded insole. A thick rubber midsole provides added shock absorption. Extra support is provided by cushioning at the tongue and collar. The DC equals Durable Comfort. A glow-in-the-dark colorway makes you highly visible in poor light. Ten colors are available, including black, gray, and gold.

Plantar Fasciitis Shoes For Flat FeetPlantar Fasciitis Shoes For Flat Feet

1. Orthaheel Men’s Walker
The Orthaheel Walker is one of the best shoes for flat feet. The motion-controlled footbed provides contoured arch support, and a deep heel cup aligns your stride. It features a podiatrist-designed removable orthotic. The midsole has a built-in .5″ elevation for a smooth transition from heel-strike to push-off.

2. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Mens Endurance Walking Shoes
Also among the best shoes for flat feet is the Vionic. It features Orthaheel supportive technology, and a podiatrist-developed orthotic insole. It’s so lightweight, people report it feels like they’re not even wearing shoes! Very stylish, it comes in black, gray, and white.

Shoe Care

Here are some suggestions for keeping your shoes in tip-top shape.

1. Polish leather shoes regularly to preserve moisture and maintain shine.

2. To clean nubuck and suede shoes, use a soft-bristled brush to gently lift away dirt.

3. Fabric shoes can be cleaned by hand or machine. Fill with crumpled newspaper afterward to help them keep their shape.

4. Rotating shoes will help them last longer with less wear.

So, there you have it – the best walking shoes, best hiking shoes, best basketball shoes, best skate shoes, and the best shoes for flat feet.


The Best Mens Running Shoes for Every Foot Type

If you’re looking for the best running shoes for men, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re in the market for thick-gelled, high-impact sneakers or just good running shoes for flat feet, here are a few brands you should know.

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Best Running Shoes for High Arches

High arches can be a painful problem in the wrong sneakers. Thankfully, brands like Adidas and New Balance have tackled the issue head-on with their Supernova Glide and New Balance 890v3, respectively. As two of the best running shoes for high arches, they come with cushioning units that are specifically designed to cradle the space between foot and shoe, giving you support and shock absorbency when you’re pounding the pavement.

Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

Men with flat feet have a problem with overpronation, which is what happens when the foot and ankle move awkwardly and distribute their weight unevenly. The best running shoes for flat feet compensate for overpronation through large cushions or extended midsoles. Look for something like the Asics GEL-Kayano or the Mizuno Wave Inspire.

best running shoes for menBest Minimalist Running Shoes

Are your running shoes damaging your feet? That’s what proponents of minimalist footwear say, and scientific studies back them up. If you’re looking for the best minimalist running shoes to reduce strain in your muscles, tendons and arches, consider making the switch to Vibrams or Merrells. Big-name brands are getting into the game as well, so if you’re a fan of Nike or New Balance, look for their Frees or Minimuses.

These are just a few of the best running shoes for men. It doesn’t matter if you’re an old hat at specialized footwear or a new buyer interested in running shoes for flat feet. From morning jogs to extreme triathlons, these brands will see you through to the finish line one step a time.


How to Care For Your Shoes

Shoes are obviously one of the most important pieces of fashion accessories we wear every single day, as they help transport us where we need to go with ease. That’s why it’s so important that we take care of our shoes, so that they’re left in top condition. Whether you’re wearing suede footwear or leather heels, there are cleaning methods readily available for you.

For starters, if you’re wondering how to clean suede shoes, you will need to employ a suede eraser, since you can’t use polish on these. The eraser will work to do away with any scuff marks that occur on the material over time. Then, once you’re done with that, grab a suede brush and rub it against the suede. This will bring back the fuzz of the leather.

What about those times, though, when your shoes get soaking wet? It doesn’t matter if you got caught in your magnanni shoes in the rain or stepped with your herring shoes into a huge bucket of water, there is a solution to this problem. Take your drenched shoes and place some newspaper inside of them. Then, dry the shoes away from any direct sources of heat. That’s because, in direct heat, the leather, especially the monk strap, can end up cracking. If that happens, there is no hope for those shoes and you’ll just have to toss them.

Of course when winter rolls around, we’ll have to deal with concrete full of salt. For those times when you have to walk through concrete full of salt with your double monk strap shoes, you’ll want to put together a home remedy. Take some vinegar and mix it with water. Then spray it sparingly onto your shoes and this will remove any salt stains.

Lastly, another way to keep your shoes in excellent condition is by polishing them. To do this, take your shoes and wipe them clean with a damp cloth. This will do away with any dirt or stains on the surface. Then, take your polish and start applying it generously to your shoes in a circular motion. It doesn’t matter how hard or soft you rub, but generally you’ll receive the best results the more you rub. Leave your shoes in a place where the polish can dry and then buff it down with a brush. This will leave your shoes, whether they are magnanni shoes with a monk strap or herring shoes,shining.

We rely on our shoes daily, so why not take proper care of them. By simply following the instructions mentioned above on how to clean suede shoes and other types of footwear like double monk strap shoes, you will be left with shoes you can proudly show off.


shoes for plantar fasciitisWhat shoes to wear if you have plantar fasciitis

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis, you need to wear high quality shoes with extra support for your heel, your foot’s arch and the mid-foot area. The plantar fascia section of the foot is a band of tissue that extends from your heel all the way to your foot’s “ball”. When these tissues along with connective tissues are stressed, they can tear or become inflamed and plantar fasciitis occurs.

Those who suffer from plantar fasciitis should be aware that their feet naturally tighten during the night when you are sleeping. When you take your initial steps each morning, you will likely create small tears in the tissues near the plantar fascia. So be sure to wear your best shoes for plantar fasciitis early in the morning. Keep your shoes for plantar fasciitis by your bedside along with a fresh pair of socks if that will help you remember to wear them instead of going barefoot or putting on a pair of slippers.

When selecting a pair of shoes for plantar fasciitis, the key is to choose ones that have the best possible arch support. This part of your foot is especially sensitive and harming it even more can agitate your plantar fasciitis. The best shoes for plantar fasciitis should have a stable, durable and well-made arch that will stand the test of time and be able to support your weight without breaking down. The best running shoes for plantar fasciitis will have a wide shock style heel base to absorb vibrations and provide ample support. The front part of the running shoes for plantar fasciitis must be equipped with plenty of cushioning.

If you’d like to make your best running shoes for plantar fasciitis reduce plantar fascia stress and feel even more comfortable, wear cushioning insoles. Many studies have shown how effective they are at relieving the pressure put on the foot’s plantar fascia. Also, running shoes for plantar fasciitis will benefit from heel cushions, pads and arch/foot supports as well.