Top 7 Best Band Saws Reviewed

Top 7 Best Band Saws Reviewed

A band saw is one of the craftman’s best tools. It comes in various designs to serve different cutting needs, and choosing the best one can be overwhelming. This guide will help you find the best band saws out there. The product reviews below highlight the key features and components that make them stand out from the rest.

Top 7 Best Band Saws

Jet JWBS-10OS 10-Inch Band Saw with Stand

This Jet band saw offers professional-grade cutting without taking too much space on your work area. This 10-inch band saw is perfect for those who want a less bulky, but functional tool. It features a quick-release blade tension, an extra large cast iron tilting table, upper and lower ball bearing blade guides, and an LED work light. It guarantees precision and convenience without the hefty size.

This tool has a compact structure, but is capable of providing impressive results. It has 110 volts of power, and a size of 67.5×0.25×0.25. Furthermore, this band saw can handle even the toughest cutting jobs. If you find your project too difficult for this small band saw, then you are mistaken. Customers praise its proficient cutting power and its smart design. Created using the most durable materials, this Jet band saw can get your job done.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO 14-Inch Deluxe Pro Band Saw

This 14-inch Jet band saw is designed to accommodate woodworkers who always face the most tedious jobs. It no longer requires a riser block as it comes with a large cast iron frame for improved performance and power. In addition, this saw has a high tension spring feature and other innovative technologies that guarantee a productive day.

This saw is designed to provide the most features and help improve a cutter’s job performance. It has a cutting depth of 90 inches, a blade size of 93-105×1/8-3/8, and over 12 different cutting angles. There is also a 12-inch built-in re-saw that takes on larger wooden pieces, as well as a dual-speed poly-V-belt drive system. With such features, you will see that this Jet band saw can deliver.

Rikon 10-305 10-inch Band SawWith Fence

The Rikon 10-inch band saw works great as a full-size cutting tool without the bulky body. Craftsmen, especially those with limited space, will benefit from this tool because of its compact design and its professional-grade features. The unit includes a large cast iron cutting table, a 1/3 horsepower induction motor, edge-facing thrust bearings, and a 4-5/8 cutting capacity. These features were added to make your cutting experience precise and easy.

Rikon also offers an optional stand for improved functionality, while the paddle switch allows for enhanced safety. This 10-inch band saw delivers high-quality cutting performance for a budget-friendly price. Its durable construction ensures that you will be able to use it for several years, and its design lets you operate it with ease.

Grizzly G0555LX

This band saw is known for its easy and quick assembly process. It only needs some alignment and minimal tweaks, and you are ready to start working on your project. The unit is made of high-quality cast iron wheels for a smooth run and a clean cutting job.

One of its best features would be its cast iron frame that offers plenty of advantages. This material is known for its strength and rigidity, minimizing the frame’s vibration for a precise and smooth cutting experience. The only possible downside would be the body’s weight. It is a little heavier than many of the others models on the list because of its cast iron construction, but this should not be a big deal.

SKIL 3386-01 9-inch

This tool is capable of handling light to medium cutting jobs. It is the perfect band saw for cutting irregular shapes, and tearing lumber into slim sheets. Ripping through various wooden materials will be easier with this band saw because of its 6-TPI blade. The rack and table are adjustable to match the woodworker’s height. Furthermore, this SKIL band saw has LED lighting to illuminate the whole bench, allowing the user to work with ease.

The adjustable Rip Fence is added to serve as a guide in doing straight cuts. When cutting in crosses and curvers, the miter gauge can be useful. The dust port is included to keep your workplace clean, which you can attach to a vacuum horse. With so many good features to offer, this SKIL band saw is definitely worth a shot.

Dewalt DWM120K 5-inch

The Dewalt five-inch portable band saw promises ease-of-use and quality performance, thanks to its impressive motor with 120 volts of power. It allows you to work at your desired speed, as well, ranging between 350-100sfm. The casing, controls, and motor are all made of high-quality materials to make the band saw last for years. There is an integrated hook that allows you to hang the unit when not in use.

The hardened cutting blade can cut through even the toughest material. Its blade tracking system makes work more convenient, while the blade change lever and blade rollers allow for quick changing. Best of all, the LED light illuminates your area, maintaining work efficiency even in poor lighting conditions.

Powertec BS900 9-inch Band Saw

The Powertec BS900 is known for its safety and power. It is made from steel and aluminum die casting to ensure durability. Its hardened blade is equipped with an adjustable guard for quick replacement. The whole package comes with a working bench with a tilting pinion and an adjustable rack.

With a 1/2-horsepower motor, this band saw can cut through wooden pieces, regardless of hardness. It even has a blade lever that makes it easier for you to make adjustments or simply prevent an emergency. Overall, the Powertec BS900 will work best for people who want flexibility, performance, and durability in one.


A band saw is an essential tool for woodworkers. There are so many things that it can do to make cutting jobs easier and more convenient. Manufacturers designed today’s band saw with durability, safety, and precision in mind.

If you find band saw shopping a daunting task, the product reviews above can help make your purchasing decision easier. These models were chosen based on customer reviews and their features to help you narrow down your search. Whether you use it for professional or personal use, a good quality band saw can definitely get your job done with ease and precision.

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A Gentlemans Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette

A Gentlemans Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette

A Gentlemans Guide to Fine Dining Etiquette

Fine dining restaurants provide a dining experience a notch above a regular restaurant. Some of the touches you can expect include; higher quality food and a more varied menu, being escorted to your table, receiving a more attentive service, and some welcome personal touches.

As such, there is a higher ‘code’ of etiquette that comes with dining at a fine dining establishment. You can be forgiven for not being fully aware of how to behave it you’re new to fine dining. Such restaurants do not come with a set of etiquette rules at the door, it’s more so something that’s learned over time.

This article is kindly going to take you through some of the more important do’s and dont’s. So you can dine like a pro, and not worry about embarrassing yourself, or your guests.

Remember Your Table Manners

Fine dining restaurants are going to treat you very well. So be respectful and remember your table manners. Don’t rest your elbows on the table, hold a good posture in your chair, excuse yourself if you need to leave the table, and so on.

Let Your Guests Order First

If you are the host and have arranged the meal you should let your guests order first. It’s normal for the waiter or waitress to approach you if they see you are the host. But pass to your left and allow people to order clockwise ending on you.

Turn off Your Phone

Phones in restaurants are becoming increasingly annoying. Turn off your phone before you sit for the evening. I’m sure those important business calls can wait until you’ve eaten and left the restaurant. Placing your phone on the table is an even bigger faux pas, just don’t do it.

Dress Smart

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to dress smart. If you’re going to a fine dining restaurant put in that effort. Dig out that dinner jacket and make sure your shirt is well ironed. Never wear trainers, training gear, etc.

Don’t Take Food from Other People’s Plates

No matter how tempting someone else’s food looks, don’t reach over and take something from their plate. If you are with someone you’re very comfortable with you can pass some food on a smaller plate to them to try.

Don’t Shout to Get a Waiters Attention

If you need to gain the attention of a waiter wait until you can make eye contact. Waiters are attentive people, it’s their job. So they will be on the lookout for patrons to serve and help. Never shout to get their attention, it’s rude and distracting to the other diners.

Use Your Napkins

Napkins are placed on the table to be used. When your first course is brought out place the napkin in your lap. Use the napkin to wipe food from the corners of your mouth if necessary, and place it tidily next to your plate at the end of the meal.

Don’t Disturb Other Diners

A restaurant is a shared space, but that doesn’t mean the table next to you want to hear your stories and listen to you laugh. Keeping laughing to a reasonable volume, no matter how funny the jokes are. Likewise, keep your volume to an acceptable level.


With all of these etiquette rules and the basic restaurant manners you would take with you to any restaurant, you will fit right in and look like a seasoned fine diner. Dining at upmarket restaurants is incredibly enjoyable, make sure you do your part to make it as enjoyable for everyone else as possible.

This article was a guest post kindly submitted by A website dedicated to bringing you honest, luxury hotel and restaurant reviews from all over the globe.

Keep Calm & Stag On: Our Checklist for a Hassle Free Stag Weekend (+ bonus tip)

Keep Calm & Stag On: Our Checklist for a Hassle Free Stag Weekend (+ bonus tip)

Calling all best men: keep your mate’s stag do from going off the rails by following this simple checklist. Have you thought about accommodation? What about the activities? What outfits should you wear? Drinking games? Strippers? There’s a lot to think about… Get sorted now with this expert checklist.

Getting on the guest list: the carnage crew

  • Who’s made the cut: Find out from the groom who he expects on his stag, and whether there is anyone he just can’t do without. He will probably include people from work, his childhood, his family and various other mates. Get their names down.
  • Get in touch: Get their contact details (maybe try the wife-to-be) and start making inroads with them early on. Send out a friendly email or maybe a group Facebook message? Getting in touch early on means you can set the tone and deal with any potential troublemakers.
  • Save the date: If you need to sort out dates with a few of the guys, then Doodle is a great tool to help you manage scheduling. Doodle allows people to easily tell you when they are free. Pick a date that suits, and make people lock it down early on to avoid any disappointments.
  • Respect the fam: Be respectful of the older generations if they are getting involved with the stag. They’ll probably be happy to take a back seat (or join in), but your groom probably won’t thank you if you anger his future father-in-law on day one.

No money left in the kitty: avoid finance fails

  • Pay up, or else: Make sure you ask people to contribute in advance for things like hotels and activity deposits if needed. Give people a rough idea of budgets so there’s no nasty surprises. It’s no fun being a debt collector, but just be firm and diplomatic with it.
  • Do a kitty: Instead of rounds (and the inevitable dodger who goes to the loo when it’s his turn) just have a drinks kitty. Much simpler and means that everyone will order what they want.
  • Stag goes free: Often the stag will go for free, so factor that into your budgeting. Just ask everyone to chip in and spread the cost that way.
  • Rich man’s world: Some people will have more money than others. Try to go for a happy medium and don’t alienate the ones with less. If someone wants to do something a bit more expensive that others can’t afford, they may have to contribute more.
  • Get in the experts: It’s not always true that you will save money by doing things yourself, as stag companies sometimes have endorsement deals with local businesses.

Keep it secret, keep it safe: surprise me

  • Facebook blunders: Keep any social media activity before the event to a minimum, or make it private, as you don’t want to ruin any surprises. In the ideal world the stag would have no idea where he’s going or what he’s doing! Make sure the other guys understand this.
  • Make it special: This is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to organise something special for your mate, so along with the inevitable pranks and gags, try to include something he’d really enjoy. Is there anything he’s always talked about wanting to do?

Logistical mare: accommodation and transport

  • Hotel or hostel: Think carefully about the hotel, as it can have a big impact on you weekend. Whether you go luxury or budget, think carefully about the distances to/from the pubs and clubs. You don’t want to save money on the hotel only to shell out on taxis.
  • Taxi money: If you will be shelling out on taxis, pool money together so you don’t have to mess around with coins at the end of a heavy night.
  • Stags on tour: Sometimes places will want to know if you are stags. Just give them a heads friendly heads up if they do, or ask them if they have any house rules that might get in the way of your fun.

Breaking the ice: stag activities

  • Getting the party lubricated: How are you going to get Nigel from accounts to chat to Dan from squash? Try some classic drinking games to get you started. Drinking alcohol will probably be a big feature of the weekend, but drinking games make it more fun.
  • Stag stunts: Stag stunts can sometimes be epic, or go horribly wrong. Just make sure you are not breaking any laws and you’ll be fine.
  • Try something different: There are loads of great stag weekend activities for you to try, from clay pigeon shooting to parkour and paintballing. Think outside the box and mix up traditional stag activities with something a bit different.
  • Nightlife nightmares: Get on the guest-list, as many places won’t let you walk in off the street if you’re a stag do. It also means you won’t be wandering aimlessly from place to place. If you want to go to a gentlemen’s club, book a table in advance so you’re guaranteed entrance.

Borat to bow-ties: attire

  • T-shirts: Novelty t-shirts have become pretty standard, and though they might seem old-hat, it’s a great way for people to get to know each other and will make a nice memento years down the line. (Just wash the beer stains out first.)
  • Fancy dress: There are so many brilliant options for stag fancy dress, so use your imagination. You can go down the inevitable stag humiliation route by putting the stag in a Borat mankini (now banned in Newquay) or dressing him up as a woman. Another recent trend has been for morph suits which actually started out as a student joke between friends!
  • Go classy: What about nice, sharp suits or even black tie? You don’t have to dress up in fancy dress if you don’t want to. A sharp 007 look with gadgets and props is a classy alternative.

Man down: safety

  • Don’t leave the stag behind: The most important rule for the stag weekend is: don’t let the stag down by leaving him stranded. Sure, you can scare him a bit, but it’s your responsibility to make sure he gets back in one piece. If you’re shaving off eyebrows, make sure there’s time for them to grow back in time- don’t ruin the wedding photos.

Manage expectations

This is our biggest tip for planning the stag: manage expectations! What does the groom expect? What about others? Get a feel for people’s expectations, but make sure that the focus always stays on the groom (and you!). You can’t always keep everyone onside, but you can avoid rifts by giving everyone a realistic idea of what to expect. Disappointment breeds discontent, so don’t promise stuff you can’t deliver.

Image credit:

Hi, I’m Joseph O’Brien, and I am a curious freelance writer who has a strong interest in business (and all things manly of course). You’ll find me writing about a lot of different things, including brilliant stag weekends in the UK!  Find out more about me and my writing on my blog & get in touch if you want to work together on a project.

Mitre Saw Buying Guide | The Best Tool For Cutting Stuff Up

Mitre Saw Buying Guide | The Best Tool For Cutting Stuff Up

If you’re planning to pursue carpentry, perhaps flexing a bit of muscle around the shed, or if you like chopping stuff up with really clean cuts, chances are, one of the most important tools you should own in your workshop is a mitre saw.

For all professional carpenters, the mitre saw was designed to cut at a wide array of angles, that’s why it’s a must-have.

Have you ever cut a perfect 45 degree cut with a hand saw? Didn’t think so. You need a specialized tool for that. Like a mitre saw.

But then again, it’s essential to note that you should not resort to impulsive buying and purchasing that first model you saw. As you’d expect, there are in fact various models of mitre saws, so what should you be looking for when buying a good mitre saw?

Mitre Saw Buying Guide

If you’re seriously considering carpentry, a good quality mitre saw makes a brilliant long-term investment. You should know what to look for as some of these features would be easily seen upon your close inspection like its design, ergonomics, versatility and design.

Compound sliding mitre saws are normally the best options if you’re a regular user since these mitre saws make it effortless to perform a wider cutting range. There are also some mitre saws which also come with a lots of extras in order to provide easy to use maintenance for a vast number of projects.

However, some details that can be less noticeable during that initial inspection. Things to consider such as:

  • How durable it is for the user?
  • Is it even easy to set up or assemble
  • Warranty – look for 12 months minimum
  • Does it have a double clamp to grip wood and free your hands up when cutting?
  • Weight – you’ll often want to move your saw around. The lighter the better for this
  • Dust collection/extraction system – really is a mus-have
  • Power — 1200W+ is ideal
  • Cutting depth – 60mm is fairly standard
  • Light – a useful feature is an integrated light to enable clear viewing when outside light is dim
  • Laser – perfect for seeing exactly where the blade is coming down

Now, you got a couple of ways to answer these important queries: a) you need to find out the answers for yourself, and b) to discover what the long time users feedback about a certain brand of mitre saw. is a perfect palce to head for an idea of user experience with any given product. Just check out the average user ratings and written reviews as they’re the best indicator of product quality.

Recommended Models:

Metabo KGS 216– typically priced at almost $600, this mitre saw is very flexible as it comes with numerous add-ons you need to purchase separately for some other models. It is highly enhanced for outdoor purposes and is fantastic for both semi-professionals and those DIYers as well.

Evolution Rage 3+. By far one of the best alternatives for DIYers, this mitre saw normally costs $400, enables users to create the most precise of cuts. It cuts through wood, plastic and metal. The best part about it is that, it comes with a 3-year warranty as compared to some other low range mitre saw models.

Summing Up

Like I said at the top, if you’re the kind of guy that likes to cut stuff up, or if you are genuinely in need of a saw to cut straight edges and quickly, a mitre saw is a perfect addition to your power tool collection.

3 Tools that A Man Should Know How To Use

3 Tools that A Man Should Know How To Use

3 Tools that A Man Should Know How To Use

As a man, society expects certain things from you. From being the family breadwinner, to taking the lead in dating. The most important expectation a man should fulfill is to be able to fix things around the house.

Of course you could use external service, like calling a plumber when your water pipe breaks. However, a manly man is not dependent on outsiders. Instead, they roll up their sleeves and learn basic skills to take care of their own home. It’s reassuring to know the next time when your bedroom light falls off in the middle of the night, you know how to put it back up.

To assist you in your basic fixing tasks, I have hand-selected the most 3 basic tools that every man should know how to use; A pocket knife, a cordless drill and a hammer.

Pocket Knife

A pocket knife is a tool that you should always have close to hand. There are many situations where having a pocket knife will save you a lot of trouble:

Opening stuff

Spare yourself from the grumbling of your wife when opening boxes, packages, and other enclosed items.

Camping Essential

Never go camping without a pocket knife. You could use this for cutting brushwood for the fire or popping those beer bottle caps off. The tweezers can be used to remove a nauseating splinter.


Although it wasn’t designed to be a weapon, it could be your last resort to protect yourself from an attacker at night – should the worst case scenario happen.

Cordless Drill

As the cordless drill operates on rechargeable batteries, you need not worry about the cord getting in your way. It is one of the most flexible DIY tools and will save you time in completing tasks. Here are my favorite uses of the cordless drill:

Using it as a screwdriver

Aside from drilling you can use this handy tool as a screwdriver. A little attachment and assembling of a screw bit and you can quickly drive those screws and bolts and accomplish the task in a jiffy.

Drill holes

Obviously you know this is the primary use for a drill. A bit of understanding on the type of drill bits might help. There are three types used on different surfaces: for metal, for wood, and for concrete. They come in different sizes depending on the size of your hole. Using a wrong bit will cause breakage. Always use goggles to protect your eyes too, safety can never be overlooked.


There are hole saw bits of various sizes for cutting a perfect round circle. Your cordless drill can be used for producing the hole in your door for a knob, cutting the hole for drains and sink faucets.


With the air nailers driving nails, hammers are not used as often to whack nails anymore. However, this does not mean that carpenters shying away from their useful hammers.

The hammer is still indispensable for numerous tasks. From driving your nails, fitting parts, forging metal and breaking things apart. Over the years, I still use my trusted hammer. Here are some of the feats that it help me accomplish:

Splitting Plumber

Use a claw hammer to split wood or chop off excess board edges.

Tool for measurement

I and my buddies are very imaginative when it comes to tight fixes. We make use of what tools are available. In the absence of a tape measure we use the hammer’s length to make rough measurements.

Gizmo for destruction

This is my favorite use of the hammer. Whenever there is a demolition job, I plow through wood, use the claw to rip off corner beads and anything that needs destruction.


As a grown up man, you should be comfortable using the above tools for around-the-house tasks. For most tasks, these 3 tools should be enough. Do remember to always be expanding your skills and knowledge with tools and ways to fix things. A toolbox kitted out with a good range of tools will make your life easier, and help you take pride of place as the ‘man’ of the house.


This was a guest post kindly submitted by Jimmy from, where he reviews and blogs about all kinds of tools and their uses.


Life Lessons to Take Away from the Game of Poker

Life Lessons to Take Away from the Game of Poker

Ah, the game of poker – a battle of intellectual, psychological, daring, and manly personalities. You might see poker as a weekend activity to be played around the kitchen table with your buddies over a few beer, but I see it chock full of lessons to apply to every other aspect of your life. Strap yourself in for my top lessons that you can learn from the game of poker

Mental Fortitude

Poker is a game that has ups and downs. You might win a hand and lose the next, and you need to be mentally strong to refocus on your current set of cards. This applies to life in the same sense – you need to be emotionally stable and do your best to not make rash decisions.

Know When to Be Bold

Sometimes at the table you know the guy across from you has exhibited behavior that allows you to put him on a certain range of hands from. You’re confident you have a decent read and are going to make the play. In life you can take the easy and less risky route, or you can take the risky plays as they come with some foresight – it’s up to you. Either way, identifying a situation where taking a risk could pay off can benefit you on the tables and in life.

Identify Your Weaknesses

Maybe you’re playing too many hands, maybe you raise too often, maybe you fold too much. These are all potential weaknesses that you might not notice if you don’t take a closer look at your game and performance. The same applies to the non-poker world – take time at the end of each day, or once a week to reflect on your current situation. Are you doing the right things? Is there anything you could improve on? Patch up your leaks like you would in the game of poker and improve yourself!

Use the Resources Available to You

For online games specifically, there are a ton of poker training sites, analysis software, and communities in which you can utilize to become a better player. The same goes for the real world – why not use every bit of information and help available to you? Often times people enjoy helping others so seek out mentors, groups, and spend your time learning rather than watching TV. Time is your biggest resource so use it wisely and use it to develop your skillset.

Manage Your Finances

Playing at the casino with $200 in chips it probably wouldn’t make sense to play any games with blinds bigger than $1 or $2. You need to manage your stack size and available funds to keep you in the game and be able to deal with variance (winning and losing). The same applies to day to day finances. You need to be on top of your expenses if you want to be successful. Cut costs where you can and set yourself up for the future.

How to Deal with Failure

You might lose a hand you played poorly, or you might lose a hand you were supposed to win statistically like losing pocket aces against pocket kings. How will you deal with this situation and deal with the variance? The same thing can be said about failing in life. Are you equipped to deal with a strike of bad luck? Losing your job? These things can happen and you need to be prepared mentally to operate with the hand that is dealt to you.

Keep in mind that losing is essential for long term success. You need to lose that hand now to make the right decision the next 10 times. You need to lose that job to open your eyes to new markets and successes. Failures are only true failures if you don’t learn from them, other than that you must embrace it and realize it happens to everyone.

The advice all stems from the game of poker but certainly has showcased its application to your life outside of the game. I hope you can internalize some of these tips and use them to develop yourself further.

How Writing Skills Can Turn You into an Alpha Male

How Writing Skills Can Turn You into an Alpha Male

Twenty years ago, you would be surprised to see women interested in men who read and write. The term manly was used for a muscular guy obsessed with mechanics and DIY projects around his house.

Well, the muscles may remain, but the interests have shifted towards intellect. The lack of education and communication skills does not make you an alpha any longer.

Let’s take a look at the blogosphere for a moment. If you thought it was all about women showing their daily outfits or talking about cosmetics, you were wrong.

Conduct an online research and you’ll come across blogs of men with serious knowledge and skills, as well as those that benefit from the commercial side of blogging.

All these bloggers are attracting attention with their ability to convey a clear message through their posts.

Why Should Men Possess Writing Skills?

When a man writes a powerful business report, press release, or presentation, the respect he gains in the working environment is immediately boosted. If we take a look at a list of the most famous writers in history, it will be safe to say that men win in this category.

However, when we leave actual writers aside, we face different statistics: an average woman has a better natural ability to express herself through writing than an average man. You always tried to be better than average, didn’t you?

Let’s examine the features of a real man: he is confident, masculine, positive, enthusiastic, and free-spirited. His life doesn’t lack love, sex, excitement, and adventure. All these characteristics can be expressed through writing!

You don’t have to write about your life (although that’s a nice way to gain some attraction); you can blog about an important interest you have, such as cars, cigars, hunting, travel, watches, fatherhood, or anything else that occupies your mind.

Improved writing skills will also help you promote your work. If you are offering products or services, the Internet is the best place to market them. However, if you limit this campaign to silly Facebook statuses that lack basic literacy, the reputation of your business and your own personality will suffer.

Of course, this post cannot be left without mentioning the alluring effect that words have over women. Today, texts and emails are an important part of the communication between partners. When you are trying to charm a nice lady you just met, writing a message with the right dose of humor and wit will land you a deal.

Don’t underestimate the power of words! Writing will help you make an impression, but will also turn you into a more complete person.

The Basic Rules of Writing Manly Posts

So, how should men write? Emotions are a great thing and you shouldn’t fight them, but you don’t want to write some pathetic poem about your unborn son. That’s a great way to scare women away.

You like the idea of writing and sharing your own work? Let’s see how you should polish out your style.

Be confident!

It doesn’t matter what you want to write about; you need to establish yourself as an expert. The more emotions you infuse into the text – the weaker you will appear. Be short, concise, cool-headed, sharp, and clear.

If you find the right approach, blogging and article writing can legitimize your expertise and make you an authority in the online world.

Make a difference

Let’s take an example: you decided to share your experience with women on a blog. Do you have something different to offer? The Internet is full of stories and information on any topic imaginable. If you don’t feel confident that you can be unique enough, don’t even bother publishing your work before you find your individual voice.

Be prepared: not everyone will like what you serve!

Freedom of speech is a peculiar thing: blog readers try hard to get noticed by getting into bitchy discussions even when they agree with the writer deep inside. Don’t get into this pitfall. When you feel like you should respond to a nasty comment, make sure you maintain proper level of expression. Luckily, those men who took the fights on the streets are history. A modern man is civilized and well-mannered.

Share your wisdom

Just as any other real man, you have talents, knowledge, and skills that others can benefit from. Write about them. You are allowed to be as creative as you want to, but there is one main requirement to follow: offer some value! Every blog post, email, article, or marketing post you write should enable the reader to learn something new.

Stop complaining!

You feel like you’re carrying the entire world on your shoulders? You got fired and you want to spread bitter energy all around you? You ended a serious relationship and you feel like crying? That’s sweet, but not manly enough!

Yes, the content you write should be honest. That doesn’t mean that people would love reading your complaints. Remember: you have a reputation to maintain.

This is a guest post by Tim White, diligent blogger and passionate writer for essay service essayhipster.

Understanding the Laws of Soccer

Understanding the Laws of Soccer

Understanding the Laws of Soccer

Although soccer is becoming more popular every year across the US, the casual fan is still a little unsure of some of the rules.

It may not be seen as a manly a sport, such as MMA, or American football are. But it’s certainly a gentleman’s sport with a high level of competition.

There are armies of passionate fans around the globe, and some seriously popular and eccentric star players.

When compared to the rules of other sports such as American football and basketball, soccer is actually quite simple to explain. There aren’t a lot of rules. However, understanding the game better will enhance your enjoyment.

Every season soccer’s governing body FIFA (International Federation of Association Football) publishes their ‘Laws of the Game’. This is an updated list of the general rules of the game.

There are 17 key laws that cover all the major aspects of soccer. Knowing these can help you hold your own in any rules disagreement with other soccer fans. Or help you understand why a play is happening. Either way, it’ll leave you sounding, and looking like a pro.

So if you need to brush up on the rules of the game, here is a breakdown of the FIFA’s 17 laws of the game.

1. Field of Play

This is an interest factor with professional soccer. There is some flexibility with the size of the pitch, even with the professional matches on the world level. The rules state that the pitch length is required to be between 100 and 130 yards. With the width being between 50 and 100 yards.

2. Soccer Ball

The law states that the circumference of the soccer ball being used cannot be greater than 28″, and no less than 27″. The ball is made from leather or other similar material. It cannot weigh more than 16 oz, or less than 14 oz at the kick-off of each match.

3. Number of Players

Each team are to field 11 players. With one player being the goalkeeper. Interestingly a match can start with less than 11 players, but not if a team only has 6 or fewer players.

4. Players’ Equipment

Players are equipped with a shirt, shorts, socks, shinpads, and soccer boots. Each team has their own color kit, and there is a reserve kit with a different color in the event they clash with the opposition. Players are not permitted to wear anything that can cause harm to others, like jewellery or extra padding.

5. Referee

There is always a referee on the field. The referee has full authority to command and enforce laws during the game. Their decisions are final, and must be adhered to by the players. There are two assistant referees, and a forth official. The referee is responsible for checking the player’s equipment, the ball, and watching the game activity closely.

6. Assistant Referee

There are two assistant referees in every match, one on either side of the field. They call offsides, throw-ins, and fouls. They use a flag to gain the attention of the referee, discussing and aiding the referee with decisions. Monitoring the goal and side lines, they flag when the ball goes out of play.

7. Match Duration

A professional soccer match is 90 minutes in duration, split into two 45 minutes halves. The half-time break is 15 minutes, and only the referee has the authority to change this. Time will be added to the end of the match to cover injuries, substitutions, and other stoppages at the discretion of the officials.

8. Start and Restart of Play

There are several instances that play will start, and be interrupted. These are:

– Starting a match.
– When a goal is scored.
– At the end and beginning of a half.
– When entering extra time.
– When the referee blows for a foul.

9. Ball going in and out of play

The ball has gone out of play when the following happens:

– When it crosses a line on the field parameter.
– When play is stopped by the referee.

The ball is in play otherwise, or when the following happens:

– It hits the frame of the goal and stays in play.
– It hits a corner flag and stays in play.
– It hits the referee or assistants and stays in play.

10. Scoring Goals

Goals are scored when the entire ball crosses the goal line fully. The goal is defined by the area between the frame of the goal. This is considering there has not been a foul called by the referee.

The winning team is the team with the most goals at the final whistle. Is the number of goals are equal, the match is declared a draw.

In some competitions a winner needs to be decided. The outcome can be decided on a number of factors, such as:

– Extra-time added.
– Penalty shootout.
– Away goals rule.

11. Offside Rule

The offside rule is confusing for new soccer fans. If a player is offside when they are played the ball, that person cannot be involved in the play.

Players are in an offside position when they are closer to the oppositions goal line that the last defending player and the soccer ball. This is applicably when they are in the oppositions half of the pitch.

12. Misconduct and Fouls

The referee has the authority to stop play for fouls and misconduct by players. Their decision is final during the match, disputes can be raised afterwards.

13. Free Kicks

Free kicks are awarded when fouls are called. They are either indirect or direct, and the ball must always be stationary when the kick is taken. The player taking the free kick cannot touch the ball again until another player has touched it.

14. Penalty Kicks

When a foul is committed in the marked goal area a penalty kick is awarded. Before the penalty kick is taken, the referee must make sure the following is in place.

– The nominated kicker is known.
– The ball is on the penalty spot.
– The goalkeeper is in position.
– All other on field players are outside of the penalty area.

15, 16 and 17. Throw Ins, Goal Kicks, and Corner Kicks

When the ball crosses the touchline and goes out of play, the referee calls a throw in. The team that did not play the ball out of play take a throw in.

When the ball crosses the goal line outside of the goal posts a goal kick or corner is awarded. The attacking team take a corner, while the defending team take a goal kick.

What is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?

What is MMA (Mixed Martial Arts)?

 What is MMA

MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world. For the last 20 or so years it’s been on a meteoric rise in popularity. It’s a 1 on 1, man vs man, pure form of competition. Where two fighters square off and fight until there is one winner. But what is MMA exactly?

It encompasses all the martial art disciplines you can think of, and the athletes use all their different skills to fight their opponent. The more common martial arts that have proven successful include; judo, muay thai, boxing, wrestling, karate, kick-boxing, and jiu-jitsu.

Traditional martial arts tournaments go back for hundreds of years. It’s in man’s DNA to challenge others to see who is the toughest. But restrictive one discipline martial arts tournaments were lacking something.

There were always questions about which style was best. Or if a certain style would beat another style. Before MMA was introduced, these barriers were never formally crossed.

In a typical MMA bout there are three 5 minute rounds in normal bouts, and five 5 minute rounds in championship bouts. Competitors get a minute rest in-between rounds, and can win by a variety of ways (discussed later).

Here are 9 must-know bits of information every MMA fan should be aware of:

MMA Is Not to Be Confused with the UFC

One of the confusing aspects of the sport of MMA to newbies is the difference between MMA and the UFC. The UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) is an organization that hosts MMA events.

 MMA is the sport. It just so happens that the UFC have such a dominance over the majority of top fighters that they are the most well-known name attached to the sport. There are several good organizations hosting fights however.

There Are Some Rules to Be Aware Of

A misconception among uneducated or new viewers is that there aren’t many rules. There are actually a lot of rules, all designed towards fighter safety. While it is a combat sport, and the goal is to damage your opponent. There needs to be safety measures.

To mention a few of the combat rules there are no groin shots, attacks to the spine or back of the head, or small digit manipulation. Some of the overall rules include not using the cage as a grip, wearing 4 oz gloves, listening to the referee’s commands. etc.

MMA fight

There Are Fouls

There is a governing body that sets rules and fouls. Some of the fouls include groin shots, eye pokes, and hitting the back of the head. Breaking any rules basically, and results in a 5 minute break for the opponent to recover. Along with a point being deducted if the referee so decides.

There Are Weight Classes

In the early days of MMA there were no weight classes. Then had some obvious disadvantages for the smaller fighters. As the sport has worked hard to become regulated and mainstream, weight classes were one of the first obvious changes to be made.

The current men’s weight classes in the UFC are:

Flyweight – up to 125 lbs.

Bantamweight – between 125 and 135 lbs.

Featherweight – between 135 and 145 lbs.

Lightweight – between 145 and 155 lbs.

Welterweight – between 155 and 170 lbs.

Middleweight – between 170 and 185 lbs.

Light Heavyweight – between 185 and 205 lbs.

Heavyweight – between 205 and 265 lbs.

The Fight Scoring System

MMA uses a similar scoring system to boxing, which is very much a point of contention with fans. It doesn’t work too well, and there are always other ideas being thrown around. However, for now it’s still the 10 point system, and a fight is judged by three ringside judges.

The criteria includes octagon control, aggression, damage, and how close the fight was to ending. There isn’t a point deducted for a knockdown, but points get deducted for one sided rounds.

The Cage Is for Fighter Safety

On first glance, the cage can look like a hostile and dangerous way to keep the fighters inside. While in fact is adds to the safety of the fighters. Other promotions use a boxing ring, and fighters have fallen out of the ropes on several occasions.

Wrestling and grappling is an important part of MMA. So having a cage wall to keep fighters safely inside the fighting mat is essential. It’s also become synonymous with the UFC and MMA, so it wouldn’t be the same any other way.

MMA Fighters Are Some of the Most Skilled Professional Athletes

While a lot of sports want to claim to be the toughest, MMA is certainly a proving ground for the toughest, most skilled athletes in the world. MMA originated to test one martial art against another. There were always age old questions, such as “is karate better than tae kwon do?”

Well the argument was settled in the cage. Fast-forward to today and MMA athletes are trained in all disciplines, highly conditioned, and have a high fight-IQ. There are few, if any sports that can match the overall skillset and intensity of MMA.

There Are Lots of MMA Promotions

Like I mentioned earlier, the UFC have the monopoly of the MMA scene. But there are dozens of other promotions, and they are all enjoyable and put on good fights. If you search you will probably find some smaller shows that come to areas near your home if you want to experience a live event.

There is also an extensive amateur program. MMA is a legit and massively expanding sport, and if it carries on at the current rate it will be a household name within a few years. This is great for the sport, and the UFC. Viewership is growing and that means more money and incentive for the athletes.

Fights Can Be Finished in a Number of Ways

There are a few ways a bout can end. These include:


Technical knockout


Judges decision


Technical draw

No contest

In the UFC the most common way for a fight to end is by decision. Closely followed by a knockout, then submission.

5 Manly Jobs for the Alpha Male

5 Manly Jobs for the Alpha Male

So you probably think you have a pretty difficult job, right?

For most of us, our jobs get stressful from time to time. We can even come across problems that may seem unsolvable at first.

You probably go home and complain to the family or friends on occasion. You consider doing something different, having a change of pace.

Well that’s most of us who work in offices. Or maybe serve the public. Or, have to travel a lot. Get’s a little tough at times…

Well wait till you read these 10 manly jobs for the alpha male’s among us. It will help put that spreadsheet problem, or difficult customer into perspective.

If you think you have a tough time – think again.

5 Manly Jobs for the Alpha Male



Lumberjacks, also known as Logging workers, have a pretty tough job. In fact that’s an understatement, they have a very tough job.

They cut down trees and shift large pieces of lumber around. Often by using large industrial machinery, and by climbing up some trees and getting busy with a chainsaw.

They often have to endure all kinds of weather and unpleasant conditions outdoors. Not to mention there is a serious risk of injury.

So next time you have a rough day at the office, this is one job to be thankful that someone else is doing. And maybe you day hasn’t been so bad afterall.

Movie Stuntman

On first mention, being a movie stuntman seems like a fairly glamorous job. Sure you may get to meet some Hollywood stars. However there is a good chance you won’t, and it’s far from glamorous often.

The pros are; you will always have new and exciting challenges, the pay is decent, you get to do what you’ve trained for, and it’s a pretty good conversation starter.

The cons are; there is lots of waiting around on set, making mistakes can be costly to the production of the film, there is a serious risk of injury, it’s gets more difficult as you age.

So weighing up the pros and cons there is a balance. It’s a short window with the potential for lots of fun and some cool stories to tell people. One thing that’s for sure, it ain’t an easy job.

Boxing Sparring Partner

Boxing sparring partner

Ever wonder how professional boxers craft their skills? Sure they hit mitts, work the bag, and put a lot of road work in. But they also smack sparring partners around.

This has to be one of the toughest jobs out there. Think about it. You haven’t made it as a pro boxer. You’re not making a living from stepping in the ring and earning all those accolades, recognition, and glory.

Instead you’re travelling from gym to gym, helping a pro prepare for their next big fight. You still get paid, and you get to do what you love. But you’re going to take a beating each and every day.

Not many people start out wanting to be just a sparring partner. But you can end up as one, and I take my hat off to you if that’s what you do for a living. Tough job.


Bodyguards have been around for longer than records go back. People in a position of need, power, or wealth have always used people to protect them.

That’s no different today. Bodyguards are used to protect kings, priests, celebrities, and much more. But keeping an eye out for someone else’s safety isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Ok, it doesn’t sound that easy either does it. You need to be hyper-alert, have a keen eye for detail, a sixth sense for danger, and some serious self-defense skills.



Firefighters have a lot of responsibility, stress, and risk their lives when called into action. How many of us can say we risk our lives doing our day job?

It’s one of those jobs where in an ideal world a firefighter would never be called on. But they need to be ready 24/7 incase they are called on.

The role includes putting out fires in residential or industrial buildings, which can be extremely dangerous. Along with giving demonstrations and talks on fire safety. As well as saving the odd cat stuck up a tree and other such activities of course.

It’s not a job for the faint of heart. Certainly one of the more manly jobs out there. You need to be physically and mentally strong.