How Writing Skills Can Turn You into an Alpha Male

Twenty years ago, you would be surprised to see women interested in men who read and write. The term manly was used for a muscular guy obsessed with mechanics and DIY projects around his house.

Well, the muscles may remain, but the interests have shifted towards intellect. The lack of education and communication skills does not make you an alpha any longer.

Let’s take a look at the blogosphere for a moment. If you thought it was all about women showing their daily outfits or talking about cosmetics, you were wrong.

Conduct an online research and you’ll come across blogs of men with serious knowledge and skills, as well as those that benefit from the commercial side of blogging.

All these bloggers are attracting attention with their ability to convey a clear message through their posts.

Why Should Men Possess Writing Skills?

When a man writes a powerful business report, press release, or presentation, the respect he gains in the working environment is immediately boosted. If we take a look at a list of the most famous writers in history, it will be safe to say that men win in this category.

However, when we leave actual writers aside, we face different statistics: an average woman has a better natural ability to express herself through writing than an average man. You always tried to be better than average, didn’t you?

Let’s examine the features of a real man: he is confident, masculine, positive, enthusiastic, and free-spirited. His life doesn’t lack love, sex, excitement, and adventure. All these characteristics can be expressed through writing!

You don’t have to write about your life (although that’s a nice way to gain some attraction); you can blog about an important interest you have, such as cars, cigars, hunting, travel, watches, fatherhood, or anything else that occupies your mind.

Improved writing skills will also help you promote your work. If you are offering products or services, the Internet is the best place to market them. However, if you limit this campaign to silly Facebook statuses that lack basic literacy, the reputation of your business and your own personality will suffer.

Of course, this post cannot be left without mentioning the alluring effect that words have over women. Today, texts and emails are an important part of the communication between partners. When you are trying to charm a nice lady you just met, writing a message with the right dose of humor and wit will land you a deal.

Don’t underestimate the power of words! Writing will help you make an impression, but will also turn you into a more complete person.

The Basic Rules of Writing Manly Posts

So, how should men write? Emotions are a great thing and you shouldn’t fight them, but you don’t want to write some pathetic poem about your unborn son. That’s a great way to scare women away.

You like the idea of writing and sharing your own work? Let’s see how you should polish out your style.

Be confident!

It doesn’t matter what you want to write about; you need to establish yourself as an expert. The more emotions you infuse into the text – the weaker you will appear. Be short, concise, cool-headed, sharp, and clear.

If you find the right approach, blogging and article writing can legitimize your expertise and make you an authority in the online world.

Make a difference

Let’s take an example: you decided to share your experience with women on a blog. Do you have something different to offer? The Internet is full of stories and information on any topic imaginable. If you don’t feel confident that you can be unique enough, don’t even bother publishing your work before you find your individual voice.

Be prepared: not everyone will like what you serve!

Freedom of speech is a peculiar thing: blog readers try hard to get noticed by getting into bitchy discussions even when they agree with the writer deep inside. Don’t get into this pitfall. When you feel like you should respond to a nasty comment, make sure you maintain proper level of expression. Luckily, those men who took the fights on the streets are history. A modern man is civilized and well-mannered.

Share your wisdom

Just as any other real man, you have talents, knowledge, and skills that others can benefit from. Write about them. You are allowed to be as creative as you want to, but there is one main requirement to follow: offer some value! Every blog post, email, article, or marketing post you write should enable the reader to learn something new.

Stop complaining!

You feel like you’re carrying the entire world on your shoulders? You got fired and you want to spread bitter energy all around you? You ended a serious relationship and you feel like crying? That’s sweet, but not manly enough!

Yes, the content you write should be honest. That doesn’t mean that people would love reading your complaints. Remember: you have a reputation to maintain.

This is a guest post by Tim White, diligent blogger and passionate writer for essay service essayhipster.

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