The Manliest Sports in the World

Sports and manly men go hand-in-hand. They always have, regardless of the culture and tradition of a given country. When we say “manly sports”, what may come to mind are the games played in the arena during the time of the Gladiators.

I must point out – Manly sports do not have to be ‘games’ where men kill each other. 

True, they may refer to sports that are dangerous. In fact, most manly sports may be legal in specific countries. While considered illegal in other part of the world. Yet, I would attempt to define manly games as any game where females would look at the men players as an alpha male who could apparently take care of everything.

Many men rather spend most of the time working than engage in manly sports. In doing so, they grow old and remain as boys. Still, a grown-up man should never completely quench his boyish vitality and spirit. In fact, a little playfulness remains essential for the quest towards happiness, fun and humour.

Hence, growing up means not tidying up some self-indulgent things. To me, a man has not grown up at all if he does not engage in some manly games. Here are some of the games in my view that shape men as who they are.

The Manliest Japanese Sports

Japanese Wrestling

Specifically called sumo wrestling, this sports involves two extremely heavy men who spent their whole lives acquiring the fiery momentum of an athlete and the equilibrium of a ballet dancer.

These 500-pound brutes continuously crash together until someone winds up moving outside or down the marked circle. Can you imagine getting stuck amid these two monsters during the crash?


This Japanese sport, which is more like a commemoration event, is played every six years. It involves taking a 200-year pine tree and riding it downward the mountain side. Yes, you may die in the process if you are not too careful!

The Manliest Scottish Sports

Hammer Throw

As the name suggests, the sports requires the players to throw a 16 to 25-pound hammer 250 feet away. Now among the hurling events in the Olympics, this competition awards those who could throw the farthest. Although hammer throw is usually considered as a sport of strength, technical and skill improvements have become more crucial to achieve the greatest distance throw.

A good video on how the game is played:

Caber Toss

This Scottish manliest sport involves taking a 20-foot tall, 200-pound Larch tree to be thrown in a ring. A traditional athletic competition, it remains normally played at the Highland Games in Scotland. This sport is thought to have originated from the necessity to throw logs past narrow abysses to be able to cross them.

The manliest American Sports

Competitive Eating

Do you know that this sport went on a break for a couple of years because of deaths due to choking? Such competitions may involve eating hot dog, hamburgers, or other processed meat with or without buns.


The Manliest Sports in the World

While not strictly an American sport, it’s certainly the fastest growing sport in the US. MMA is incredibly exciting, as well as equally devastating for the fighters who are on the wrong end of a KO or submission.

This is a close as it gets to modern day gladiators battling it out in a coliseum.

The manliest Philippine Sports


Very rare could you find a Filipino who does not play basketball! In fact, a Filipino man who does not know how to play the game could be thought as a gay. In contrast, many Filipinas fall head-over-heels with men playing the game. Still, Filipino is not very good at this game, ranking 28th in the World Ranking.


boxing manly sports

Philippines have produced great boxers in the world, with Manny Pacquiao top of the list. With this sport, no one could be more aggressive than two men trying to hit one another.

It has bloodshed, lots of punching and perspiration and a great deal of whack talking amid the boxers. Do note that boxing can cause pain, injuries and even death. Still, if you become very good in the game, your way to the rich world and popularity could never be shorter.

Special Mention – Bear Wrestling

What would a list of manly sports be without including the history of bear wrestling. It’s something that would never even come into consideration today. Yet, long ago, wrestling a bear was a right of passage for children in some countries.

Oh, how easy we have it today.


Now, would you agree with me when I say that men should not stop engaging in manly sports? Sports, after all, boosts the immune system, increases happiness and provides a sense of community and belonging.

Moreover, working too much results to depression. Always remember that the manliest sports involves innovation, curiosity and exploration.

This looks at the limitations of your physique, new tangible locations, and the assessment of the imagination and creativity of your brain. Just ponder about anything fun and manly, then be a part of it!

This is the guest post from Anthony, a sports enthusiast and blogger at – where he shares his experience with outdoor sports and gym training.

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