Top 10 Shoes For Standing All Day

Top 10 Shoes for Standing All Day

If you spend your entire work day on your feet you can’t wear just any pair of shoes. Without proper support and cushioning you’ll end up with sore feet or even worse problems such as plantar fasciitis.

What makes a pair of shoes better for standing all day?

The most important thing about a pair of shoes you’re going to stand in all day is that they fit the arch of your foot properly, providing excellent support. They should also have elevated heels(the elevation should be at least ¼”) and good traction.

Shoes For Standing All Day 

1. Clarks Classic

Clarks Classic dress shoes have a classic professional look that is always in style. They are nice and wide to accommodate your feet swelling at the end of a long day.

These shoes don’t have the best traction so they aren’t great for anyone whose workplace has slippery or often wet floors but most people love them.

2. Dr. Martens 3 Eye Gibson Lace Up

If you’re looking for a high quality pair of leather shoes there’s nowhere better to look than Dr. Martens and these are their best shoes for professional. The leather is extremely durable and surprisingly breathable. Rubber soles offer excellent traction and an elevated heel encourages better posture.

All in all the Dr. Martens 3 Eye Gibson Lace Ups are some of the best shoes for standing around in all day, especially if you work somewhere with slippery floors.

3. Crocs Specialist Clog

These shoes have excellent arch support and are actually a popular choice for nurses. They are made of Croslite, a material which offers great support for the entire foot and is also easy to clean. Back straps give you a more secure fit so you can hurry from one place to the next without worrying about your shoes falling off.

4. Alegria Clog

Another popular shoe for nurses, the Alegria Clog comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. They’re also incredibly comfortable thanks to a cork-like insole which molds to the shape of your foot after you’ve worn them a few times. The outsole has great traction so these shoes can be worn in any environment.

5. Propet

Looking for something with a really professional vibe? The Propet Ramsey line for men and the Propet Taxi Pump for women are both extremely comfortable shoes that you will look and feel great in all day long. They offer a wide variety of sizes and widths to accommodate all foot shapes.

Both lines only have moderate arch support and are ideal for people with somewhat flat feet.

6. Timberland White Ledge

Timberland is one of the top professional shoe companies in the world and the Timberland White Ledge line offers the kind of quality you would expect from such a well loved brand. They are made almost entirely of high quality leather and are waterproof all the way up to the ankles. Some people may find the height uncomfortable but for most these boots are the perfect height to provide excellent support and stability.

Moisture transfer lining will keep your feet from sweating too much throughout the day and a rubber sole provides great traction.

7. ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4

Considered by many professionals to one of the best shoes available for people suffering from knee pain, the ASICS GEL-Tech Neo 4s feature GEL cushioning and a mesh interior which make these the best shoes for walking around in all day. The insole can also be removed if you need to put in your own personal orthotics. A SoLyte foam midsole softens your steps and encourages natural movements while you’re walking.

8. Dr. Comfort Therapeutic

If your feet tend to swell a lot by the end of a long work day these are the shoes you need. They are extra wide and made of stretchy fabric to accommodate swollen feet and ankles and the sleek Velcro straps make them easy to take on and off. These shoes also feature a Dr. Comfort gel insert which molds to your foot to provide the right amount of arch support.

Dr. Comfort Therapeutic shoes can also accommodate braces and are designed to help with a wide variety of serious foot problems.

9. Mephisto

These sophisticated running shoes are sleek enough to be appropriate for almost any work environment. The uppers are made entirely of high quality leather. A foam midsole offers extra support to be comfortable for walking or light running. Soft-Air technology provides extra shock absorption.

You will spend a lot on these shoes but they are highly durable and well worth the investment.

10. New Balance 1540v2

New Balance is known for creating great athletic shoes and these are no exception. The uppers are made mostly of breathable mesh fabric, making these shoes incredibly lightweight. Some synthetic materials have been added to the frame for extra structure and support. A removable foam footbed and ENCAP midsole with EVA cushioning provide all the support you need to stand, walk or run comfortably. The rubber sole also has great traction so you can safely run in any environment.

The Bottom Line

The only way to ever know for sure how a pair of shoes will feel after a long day of work is to wear them to work but you should at least get to the nearest shoe store and try some of these models on before you commit to a pair. But don’t wait—wearing a good pair of shoes can prevent all kinds of foot and leg problems.

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