The Ultimate 4 Step, DHT-Safe 

Beard Growth & Grooming Kit

Unlike beard brands that focus on 
perfumery, our products are built using 
real science for real results. 
Unlike beard brands that focus on perfumery, our products are built using real science for real results. 

SmartBeard is based in chemistry and math

not harmful perfumery. 

Our beard oil and balm contains over 90% in beard-growth loving fatty acids 

that supports the testosterone responsible for beard growth -- DHT. 

(Most beard oils and balms have less than 20% of these acids.) 

SmartBeard Beard Oil & Balm Kit

Say hello to new growth 

in as little as 30 days

Say goodbye to dry skin and rough hair instantly!

DHT-Safe for a faster growing beard

Carrier oils used in beard products can contain 

85% - 99% in natural DHT-blocking fatty acids

-- which could stunt growth and speed.  

SmartBeard oil and balm has over 90% in growth loving, DHT-Safe Fatty acids to work better with your beard's chemistry for growth. 

Holds 1000x in water for hydrated hair and skin

SmartBeard Beard Oil is the world's FIRST beard oil formulate with hero ingredient Hyaluronic Acid. Sourced from sugar, it attracts 1000x its weight in water and deposits it into the hair and skin. We use 3 different molecular types for HA for instant and long lasting hydration. 

400x more moisturizing 

than Shea Butter

SmartBeard Beard Balm styles, softens, and repair your beard hair with ultra powerful Cupuacu Butter, ceremides, and keratin proteins to close your hair's cuticle to detangle and seal moisture all day.

Used during 2020 GRAMMY Awards 

& 2020 Oscar Awards in L.A.

So, What's DHT?

Learn More About SmartBeard's 

Science, Philosophy, and Oils


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