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The world's most advanced 

DHT-Safe beard oil.

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Science Over 

Superficial Ingredients

Unlike other beard products, our DHT-Safe formulas ensures 

your beard grow fast and full as genetically possible.

400x more moisturizing than Shea Butter

SmartBeard Beard Balm styles , softens, and repair beards with ultra powerful Cupuacu Butter, ceremides, and keratin protein to close cuticle and seal moisture all day.

Holds1000x in water for hydrated hair and skin

SmartBeard Beard Oil contains cold pressed, unrefined oils like Argon, Jojoba and Jamaican Black Castor. Exotic Ximenynic Acid and 3 distilled peppermint oil increases blood circulation for growth. Hyaluronic Acid, ceremides and infused biotin conditions, softens and hydrates hair and rids dry skin.

DHT-Safe formulas for faster beard growth

Regular oils used in beard products can contain 85% - 99% in natural DHT-blocking components 

-- which could stunt growth and speed.  

SmartBeard's DHT-Safe formulas keeps 
natural DHT-blocking components under 10%.

 (without sacrificing quality, effectiveness, or fragrance)




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What's DHT?

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 Science, Philosophy, and Oils