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The world's most advanced
DHT-Safe beard oil and grooming collection.

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SmartBeard is radically different from other beard oils and products.

Instead of focusing on harmful fragrances or buzzword ingredients, we focused on creating a completely DHT-Safe poduct line for men who value growth over superficiality.

DHT- Safe Formulas

Non - GMO

Cold-Pressed, Unrefined Oils

Advance Active Ingridnets

SmartBeard's DHT-Safe formulas ensures
your beard grow fast and full as genetically possible.

Typical beard oils can contain up to 85% - 98% in natural
DHT-blocking components, which could affect your beard's growth.

SmartBeard's products contains less than 10% in
natural DHT-blocking components for optimal growth speed

(....without sacrificing quality, effectiveness, or fragrance.)